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Your Mum Rang
05-02-2006, 18:37
Okay... before I jump into this I'll post my list and also my observations about the Cult troops.

2000pts list:

-Exalted Champ w/Great Weapon + Shield (Would ahve to become an Aspiring Champ)
- 2 Scroll Caddy Sorcerors
- 2 x 6 Knights
- 2 x 22 Marauders (16 Flails 16 HW + Shield)
- 2 x 10 Marauders with Flails (Flank-chargers)
- 5 Marauder Horsemen (I would have to lose them and seeing as I aint bought any yet I am able to!)
- 6 Mounted Daemonettes
- 9 Furies
- 2 Spawns of Slaanesh

Here are my observations of the Cult list:

- You MUST have Devoted and these are really good. They have high WS and also half the WS of the opponent. They are lightly armoured and so are best used as flank chargers (like the Marauders in my current list) probably in 2 ranks of 6.

- The Anointed is a great character and can also add a level 2 wizard to your army for 80pts which aint bad. He can be tooled up quite nicely also but it's quite tempting to go OTT with him (Power Fist and Strike First)
- Dark Riders and Shades are great fast troops and march-blockers respectively.
- Some crossbowmen could help but I think aren't that needed.

For my army I'll probably:
- Combine the Marauders into 2 units of 25 and 1 of 12. The big units hold charges and the smaller squad teams up with Devoted to flank charge.
- Add an Anointed and another Sorceress so I have 4 lvl 2's in the army and hopefully some decent magic. Alternatively I could keep 2 lvl 2's with 4 scrolls between them.

I also need to consider the fact that I don't have enough rare spots to have 2 squads of Knights. Would one squad of 12 Knights be too big?

Any other thoughts?

05-02-2006, 18:52
yes, 12 knights are huge! I would MAXIMUM put around 10 but i suggest 8, Keep the exaulted with the GW and give him Gaze of the cods, put an annointed and 3x scorceresses with 3x Dscrolls. I personally would ditch the annointed(too much points) and add a unit of coldone knights.

Your Mum Rang
05-02-2006, 19:04
Sadly I cannot have the Exalted as he is not allowed in the army list. Hmmm.... I don't wanna lose the Knights from my 2000pts list but I don't want to have models I won't use. Hmm...

05-02-2006, 19:08
Use the aspiring champ (i forget that exalted is unusable) the aspiring champ should be 0-1 in cult of S army right?

Your Mum Rang
05-02-2006, 19:11
Yeah spot on. I would def keep him. Probably have him and then another 4 Sorceresses along with a few bound items.