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29-01-2010, 23:45
hello everyone. i've decided to take a crack at a new list for my dark elves. this is what i've come up with.

Dread lord, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, shield, armour of eternal servitude, Pendant of khaeleth, soulrender-235

Master, Battle standard, crimson death, armour of darkenss-155
Sorceress, 2 scrolls-150

19 corsairs, command, sea serpent standard-240
19 spearmen, shields, command, banner of murder-173
10 corsairs, handbows-100

20 black guard, command, standard of hag graef, ring of hotek-355
11 shades, blood shade, great weapons-236

2 bolt throwers-200

dispel dice-3+2scrolls

so my plan, not too sure how it will work without playtesting and all, is to put lokhir in with the corsairs. he'll get 5-8 attacks on average with his blades and all. they'll be screened by the other corsairs, as that is a commonly talked about good tactic, so i figured i'd try it. the sorcerers is going in with the spearmen. i figured that they are a good body guard, kind of. but they're going to be put next to the hydra, which is next to the corsairs, which are next to the black guard. but the other two characters are going to go in the black guard, obviously, and make them the deathstar of this list. the bolt throwers are going to chill on a hill. and attempt to shoot stuff down. even though they usually have poopy aim with me. and the shades are just going to do the usual business and rape stuff. so how does it look?

30-01-2010, 17:27
I can see what your trying to do. However the army is character heavy, and I personally wouldnt spend nearly a third of my points on characters. Your two main characters are both high in points, and are not very mobile, so could be avoided and waste there potential. So I would probably consider dropping the master as you seem to like Lokhir.

Also I would consider reducing the black guard to 15, and reduce the shade unit to say 6-8 and no champion. This is because they are very expensive units, and reducing them to this size shouldnt reduce there effectiveness.
You could then with the spare points get a couple of dark rider units with musician to add some speed to the army, and the ability to bait and flee. I would also consider getting your dreadlord mounted on a dark steed, as this would increase the amount of damage he can cause during the battle as he would be more mobile.

Also have you got two lots of armour on the dreadlord or is it a typo?

Hope that helps.

30-01-2010, 18:04
I'd drop the BSB, don't think he's that necessary. That way, you can give the Dreadlord Crimson Death. Also, the Armour of Eternal Servitude is heavy armour, so you can drop the mundane to save a few points.

Without the BSB, you can get a unit of dark riders with xbows and a musician in there (117pts), this'll give you another option for taking out war machines as well as for dragging around frenzied troops or re-directing charges. If you can free up enough points, take 2 units.

I think you should also consder taking an assassin (with manbane and rune of khaine, or rune of khaine and killing blow) in the spearmen block- even with static combat res 5 they are still very squishy T3, and an assassin will be able to take some of the hurt off them. On a slightly nasty note (don't do this often or against friends... or at all really...), when you get your models out of your case get a couple of assassins out even if there aren't any in your army. Gives your opponentpause for thought before charging those infantry blocks...

I find that Bloodshades tend to be a bit of a waste of points compared to just taking another Shade. Seeing as you've not used up many special slots, you could split the shades into 2 units of 6 (if you replace the Bloodshade with an ordinary Shade, or else piut a couple more in for units of 8), this avoids accusations of Shadestar filth and means you can shoot at 2 units or combine their fire. Also means that your opponent has to get rid of 2 units of shades.

Black Guard don't really need to be many more than 15 in number, you'll never deploy them in more than 2 ranks.

Also, if you only want the small unit of corsairs for screening, why not go with harpies? you can flee them through your own troops and not cause panic, and for 110pts you can get 2 uits of 5. They're great for harassing lone mages, war machines (except Dwarfs, High Elves are very iffy as well) or even just claiming/contesting table quarters (provided tey're US5 or above of course).

Just a few thoughts.

30-01-2010, 21:52
yeah, that was a typo, thanks for pointing that out. but i've tried making units of 15 black guard, but they just get roflstomped all over the place. at my local GW, no one plays games for pickup really, just to like, win. so that's why they're 20. also, the BSB always does awesome and rapes. i might just drop the sorceress, as i don't really like, use magic in any army unless it's my vampires. but i might drop that, add another spearmen, drop 5 shades and the unit champ, and add 2 assassins. just for kicks.

03-02-2010, 22:37
ok since im also looking into darkelf i made a 2250 list, that is inspired by yours, could be an improvement for you.

I think the charriots will make this work much better while stil keeping the theme.

Dread lord, sea dragon cloak, shield, armour of eternal servitude, Pendant of khaeleth, soulrender-234

Master, Battle standard, crimson death, armour of darkenss-155
Sorceress, 2 scrolls-150
Assassin - extra handweapon, rending stars(shades unit) 126

20 spearmen, shields, command-155
20 spearmen, shields, command, banner of murder-180
5 dark riders, xbows-110
6 harpies-66
6 harpies-66

Cold one chariot-100
Cold one chariot-100
17 black guard, command, standard of hag graef, ring of hotek-296
8 shades, extra handweapons-136

2 bolt throwers-200

dispel dice-3+2scrolls

04-02-2010, 11:19
Swap the AHWs on the Shades for Great Weapons- they're much better off shooting at something than risking CC, where they can be attacked back, unless they have Great Weapons.

Also, those Dark Riders really ought to have a musician in order to get the best out of them.

To get the most ought of the assassin's rending stars, he really needs manbane.

To free up the points for this I'd drop 3 Black Guard, maybe 5 (I'm assuming both the fighty characters will be going in there?), and also drop the magic banner on the spears- they're best off being used as a counter charge on anything that the BG don't munch, and with the static res they bring they won't need the armour piercing benefit.

I know Black Guard are very vulnerable to shooting, but I'd still drop this many becasue with the dark riders, shades, assassin, harpies and RBTs you should be able to get rid of the worst of the shooting threats, and the BG can simply hide until it's safe to come out. By only haveing them 7 wide (12 + 2 character), they are also still pretty manoueverable compared to if they were 9 wide. Makes it easier to screen them behind harpies as we.

Still looks to be a pretty solid and competative list, but you'll still have people whinge about the ASF Black Guard and the unkillable Lord. But, people whinge about everything.

Just my thoughts

04-02-2010, 15:03
yeah good points, could drop a few BG:s

The plan was to use BSB with spearmen and thus get 2 chars with str6 and armor piercing, also people cant kill him while fighting the BG:s.

Not totally sure of assassin loadout, might want to use him in the BSB:s spearmen unit aswell in some battles.

I prefer to have 2-3 fighting capable units.