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the godfather
30-01-2010, 10:46

wizard lord, level 4, shroud of magnus 260pts


warrior priest, amour of meteoric iron, great weapon 119pts

empire captain, army stardard, banner of duty, full plate 93pts


20 spearmen, 20 shields, full command
detachment 10 swordsmen 170pts

10 handgunners, marksman with hochland long rife
detachments 10 handgunners 195pts

10 handgunners, marksman with hochland long rife
detachments 10 handgunners 195pts

10 huntsman 100pts

5 knights, full command 155pts


20 greatswords, full command
detachment 10 swordsman
detachment 10 archers 370pts

5 outriders, champion 121pts

great cannon 100pts


hellblaster volly gun 110pts

30-01-2010, 11:54
Very much a gunline. Looks slightly boring to play against. Still i would recommend another cannon. Never leave home without a brace of cannons.

Also im not one for wizards as lords. The ld9 is important to Empire. The BSB can be mounted to get a better save.

The spearman unit should be larger. An unsupported knight unit, even with full command, wont do much. Make it a vanilla knight unit instead, 5 knights and a musician. That way you wont have to worry about losing the banner - or single characters challenging. These units are nice for baiting and flank charges. Even when charging an infantry unit in the front they can expect to survive and make your opponent overrun into bad positions.

13-02-2010, 21:09
ur handgunner detachments are illegal i believe as a detachments maximum size is to be below half of tghe parent unit

Kill Krazy
14-02-2010, 07:22
i would reccommend 2 units 5 for the detachments on the handgunners.

For your swordsmen detachments reduce them to 9. 3x3 ranked up is the best way to field combat detachtments as it keeps them compact and manouverable.

I highly reccommend swapping the spearmean for 25 swordsmen.They are a much better unit.Also 25 is a much better number as empire rely on combat res to win , which means the more numbers the better this theory is helped as swordsmen will live longer and will remain at high numbers for longer.

14-02-2010, 14:40
This list is almost directly out of this month's white dwarf battle report to a T. You've only changed the handgunner units, a detachment, and the volley gun instead of the rocket battery.

I'd agree with what everyone else has said. You are playing a pretty heavy gunline. Admitedly you don't have 2 cannons, but 40 handgunners? Really?

I think the main problem this army will face(as with any gunline) is that if anything actually makes it to your lines, your smoked. You have 3 combat units, and lets face it, those knights are not going to be able to do much of anythin unless they get a flank charge, so the full command is pretty worthless. As for the spearmen, and even the Greatswords, any other armie's troops such as black guard, chaos knights, warriors, etc will stomp all over them.

I also reccomend dropping the wizard lord(get someone with LD9 in there), and getting a second cannon. You could fill out your hero slots with another warrio priest for the extra DD, or a scroll caddy.

Just my 2 cents