View Full Version : 2250 Friendly Khorne Daemons

30-01-2010, 19:22
BloodThirster- 515
Armour of Khorne, Axe of Khorne, Spellbreaker

HoK- 175
BsB, Unholy Victory

HoK- 150

HoK- 135
Armour of Khorne, Soul Hunger

19x Bloodletters- 252
Banner, Musician

19x Bloodletters- 252
Banner Musician

15x Bloodletters- 204
Banner, Musician

14x Bloodletters- 192
Banner, Musician

5x Flesh Hounds- 175

5x Flesh Hounds- 175
Total- 2225

I think this list is fairly strong. Any thoughts?

30-01-2010, 20:02
As all daemon lists it is strong list but having said that it is nice that the thirster doesnt have obsidian armour since this makes it possible for several armies to kill him. You also avoided to put in some flamers and stayed to a mono good army. If you want to tune it down a bit more and maybe be even more fluffy use crushers instead of hounds since you will get less hitting power for your points.

30-01-2010, 20:06
I love Crusher models but I cant afford to buy them. Hounds are real cheap(I use chaos hounds).

Woot- 900 posts!

30-01-2010, 20:59
I love Crusher models but I cant afford to buy them.

I've heard some ideas from others about using converted Ogre Kingdoms Ironguts to represent Bloodcrushers. I think that can work out pretty well and shouldn't pose much of a confusion-problem in an all-Khorne army either. :)

31-01-2010, 03:02
I wouldn't consider your list that friendly really... BT, 3 x mini-deathstar, 2 x hounds.

Then again, it's very small, contains no harpies and isn't optimally geared. Thus, if you want your army to remain cheap (money-wise), this may work well for you.

31-01-2010, 03:28
hey bud, i tired doing what your doing

1) Dropped firestorm blades for other gifts
2) Thrister was given more random gifts
3) No endless war icon, just skull totem
4) huge core unit blocks

but the army still kicked ass

So the most friendly list i made for khorne was something like

deamon prince
3 large core units, FC, skull totems
5 hounds
3 crushers
6 furies

I belive it was 2250 on the dot - and its a fun army to use as you really have to tax your brain to make it work

With yours id look at swapping the thirster for a prince for REALLY friendly khorne lists!

hope it helps

31-01-2010, 13:45
Actually I was thinking of making Flesh Hound Riders to use as bloodscrushers. Would anybody have a problem with such a conversion?

31-01-2010, 18:42
I dont see why not - but you'd have to really beef them out somehow as the jugger model is just ridicusly huge! And make sure you do somehow convert them up so no one moans it's just dogs with riders - but me personally I wouldn't care whats what, so long as its based on the right base sizes