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31-01-2010, 17:06

Just got given Eltharian the High Elf special character and I'm interested in peoples experiences with this character.

A friend pointed out that what he gives you is a multi-role character, but that that was averse to the specialism of the High Elves. I would like to think that this is a useful attribute for a chararcter. Also, as a level two mage, should I invest the points in another Lvl 2 or more to boost him, and what magic law works well for him.

Great to hear what anyone has to say, even if you dont rate him

31-01-2010, 17:22
Eltharion is for those who want a character that does moderate magic, has a monstrous mount and great combat capability. He can take any common Lore and probably is a great choice for a 2000 point force.

31-01-2010, 17:50
I like Storm wing; when you look at him, he's is only 5 points more than a regular Griffin and he come with a ward save and 2 or 3 boosts in his statline. Plus he adds, as you say, a monstrous mount that flies and costs less than a dragon. Plus, a Prince on a dragon can only be make into a Lvl1 mage, and pays 45 points for that. Its a little bit of a shame that Eltharion can't take high magic..

31-01-2010, 17:52
Also, Condotteire, do you rate his combat ability? I looked at it and thought it was moderate, much like his casting

31-01-2010, 18:22
It's above average, and Fangsword is a sort of mini Star Lance. Plus he gets a longbow, so this is one model that is a factor in all three phases, magic, movement and shooting.

He's no Dragon Prince, but then you get the option to hold off attacking, whereas with a Dragon it tends to force the issue.

In a scenario that calls for a flexible response, I see this as a good choice and not over the top. Anything larger than 2000 points or so, and that flexibility would could be covered by other elements.

But that's really from just looking at his profile.

31-01-2010, 18:29
Eltharion is one of the better characters in my opinion.

As you point out osickx, Stormwing is an absolute bargain, and doesn't suffer from the complete lack of protection griffon usually suffer from thanks to the Helm of Saphery. More importantly however, should Eltharion get plucked from the back, Stormwing's stat upgrade to 5 wounds means that he can cancel ranks by himself.

As a combat unit they are pretty formidable, mainly due to the No Armour Save property of the Fangsword. On the charge, Eltharion is an absolute beast, especially against high save cavalry. Against regular rank and file, the combination of Stormwing's and Eltharion's attacks will give a healthy combat bonus, especially if you are cancelling ranks having charged in the flank or rear (and this is really what you'll want to be doing). Most times, a flank charge by Eltharion followed by an average round of combat will break a unit.

On the magic side, Eltharion is pretty mediocre, so you would want to support him with another Level 2. One big drawback is that he doesn't get the +1 to dispel attempts that High Mages get, and he also can't take High Magic. I find that the Lore of Light works very well with him. There are a couple of spells which give bonuses in close combat (which is where he'll be), there's the healing spell which he will probably need (see `cons' below), and there is the area of effect spell Cleansing Flare, which is devastating given that he will be in the thick of your enemy's lines. Avoid lores which are magic missile heavy as those spells can't be cast when in close combat.

Now to his drawbacks.

He's expensive, very expensive! Also, to get the best use out of him, you need to be flying off and looking for flank charges, which puts his Ld 10 way out of range for the rest of your troops, especially a problem in the early game when you'll be taking panic tests.

Also, he is relatively fragile. If you stick him in the open I can guarantee that any missle troops that can fire at him will fire at him. He may have a 5+ ward save, but that can only do so much. This is what makes him slightly tricky to use, as you'll need to find spots on the battlefield where you have LOS and range to charge enemy flanks without being completely exposed. Healing spells mitigate against this is if you draw them though (or pick them using another Level 2 with the Seerstaff).

Overall though, I love the guy! It might just be that he was one of the first models I ever got for my High Elves, but I always find him thoroughly enjoyable when I put him in my lists.

01-02-2010, 00:07
I have used him on foot and found him to be a good investment, used lore of the beasts, bears anger worked real well in the last tuns in the game, i put him in a unit of seaguard and found they complimented each other nicely and my magic phase with the othe two mages was really effective even againt them dwarfs.

Have not used him with stormwing even with the ward save they are to fradgile for me but you have the model so go for it.

01-02-2010, 00:24
I had completly forgotten that you can use him without Stormwing.

BUt if you use bears anger, doesnt that mean he cant use fangsword?

01-02-2010, 00:32
That's true.

01-02-2010, 12:32
I had completly forgotten that you can use him without Stormwing.

BUt if you use bears anger, doesnt that mean he cant use fangsword?

No he cant use the sword but the extra attacks and strength boost make up for this i think, he took out the front rank of a hammerers unit when they charged him, then he went on to wipe out the unit to the dwarf, seaguard stood there and watched, killing only one dwarf in three turns.

01-02-2010, 13:21
Well I ma going to dig my old lead version (he's that old) of Eltharion. Strip him and then paint him up. Sounds like a good investment. I had not realised that you could use him without the mount as well. Must read the HE book better.

01-02-2010, 13:29
I've got an eltharion top if anyone wants it, I used the griffon wings for my demon prince and Im going to use his legs and the rest of the griffon to make a demonic mount.