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31-01-2010, 22:31
Exactly as it says on the tin:


(the top five are still needing Green Stuff but the bottom ones are complete - two pics of the same four minis ;) ).

They are made by adding Pig Iron Production's 'Inner Guard' heads to Hasslefree Miniature's Grymn.

I haven't decided what I am going to do with them yet...but I'll be buying more heads and expanding the force soon.

I have plans for a land crawler...maybe I'll use it for these guys...who knows?

01-02-2010, 01:19

Very cool!

Some kind of homage to the Land Train of yesteryear would be nice too...

01-02-2010, 11:13
One of the best attempts at squ... erm, space dwarfs I've seen recently! Great, simple conversion which really just looks "right". Looking forward to updates!



02-02-2010, 18:22
Interesting. Like the left ones squa... squint. very realistic.

03-02-2010, 00:50
I've finished converting the top five and have started painting them. I have also found a tenth one to convert and have got as far as pinning the new head on...just the Green Stuff work to go.

That will be all of them until I get a few more Pig Iron head sprues...which I definitely will :).

07-02-2010, 19:16
That's ten down:


Now all I need to do is wait for some more heads to turn up.

Spectral Dragon
08-02-2010, 05:41
The Squa......... erm, Drueger seem a mite normal in complexion to me, more like a hobbit than a dwarf, aren't they supposed to be wide shouldered for their size?

Details aside, however, I love these models and the way you painted them, awesome work.

14-02-2010, 20:40
I've started putting together the next batch and have also started to convert a few characters:


I also plan on adding some guides for the troops underground:


15-02-2010, 14:53
Awesome concept! I really like these.:D For some reason they strike me as kinda Tau-ish, mind you Squats were always pretty gun-line. The characters are neat, what are you proxying these tunnellers as?


15-02-2010, 15:13
They'll most likely proxy as Grymn ;)...(I have just got some dice ordered so I can use them for playing Void1.1 - there are fan-made rules for Grymn in that system).

Failing that, they'd normally end up as IG.

15-02-2010, 15:57
They'll most likely proxy as Grymn ;)...(I have just got some dice ordered so I can use them for playing Void1.1 - there are fan-made rules for Grymn in that system).

Failing that, they'd normally end up as IG.

Sweet, I've never tried Void1.1. That being said I think they'd make 'nice' tau fire-warriors.Tau Battle-suits would give you an option to really push your character greenstuff concept, instead of just calling it an ogryn for the IG. Slap a jumppack on it and some fore-arm weapon mounts. The impression I get is that it's lumbering, maybe keep the necron legs but extend the thighs to absorb landing impact. It jumps....lands....unloads 'HIROSHIMA' firepower...jumps again. Sort of a grasshopper of death? Do the Grymns make use of robots or battlesuits in Void1.1?


15-02-2010, 17:24
...except that these are tunnel fighters and wouldn't really need jet-packs in tunnels ;).

I hear where you are coming from though...however, the Tau are a bit poor in close combat and these are supposed to be pretty good...

I haven't really looked too much into the rules for Grymn in Void1.1 but I have them downloaded on my PC. I reckon I could probably get away with just using the stats for some of the Syntha droids as 'add ons' for my army...it'll be just friendly battles so a bit of mix and match won't be a problem as long as I pay the points for them.

15-02-2010, 17:57
You can use jetpacks when the tunnels are in zero-gee.

Really enjoy the tech look of these guys. Compliments the neutral colours beautifully, making it all feel very bleak.

fiore hellheart
15-02-2010, 18:18
I was expecting traditional squats but these are excellent.

15-02-2010, 19:20
You can use jet-packs when the tunnels are in zero-gee.

Good point...I hadn't even considered zero-gee...

Asteroid miners get some trouble from natural predators and these guys get sent in to sort them out...

The trouble is that they all have an awkward hump on their backs so fitting jump packs would be a right pain...

The colours were chosen to keep them gritty...and make them simple to paint (because I am being lazy :D ).

16-02-2010, 11:56
Thats excellent. I love these minis. Always wanted to get me some. I am very convinced now.

Eagerly I await that big thing to be finished. With the sculpting fu you apparently have it should tie in perfectly with the rest.


16-02-2010, 18:14
Proxy as space marine scouts? Seems to me like an OK fit :)


17-02-2010, 08:17
From what I have been told, the Grymn are usually proxied as either Imperial Guard or Space Marine Scouts. It all depends on what sort of army you want to go for due to the limitations on transport for scouts...and the limited number of Powered armour Grymn (there is currently just one) available.

If using them for IG then I would suggest Storm-troopers or veterans because of the amount of armour. The boxy guns could be Hell-guns and there is a lighter SMG that would make acceptable autoguns. Alternatively, as scouts the boxy guns could proxy as bolters.

18-02-2010, 00:11
these guys look awsome! I can't wait to see what you end up doing for the characters, specualy the big guy :-P

Lost Egg
18-02-2010, 08:31
Awesome little force you have here Inso. Your conversions are very cool and I look forward to seeing more. That robo chappie is one mean looking ****.

I just had a look on the Hasslefree website and they have a Grymn pilot, are you going to add him and the flyer when they finish it?

Have you seen these two?


18-02-2010, 09:25
I think Inso already got them, as well as a few other grymn armies, he's nuts when it comes to Grymn. His blog's well worth looking though at some very nice conversions on it.

18-02-2010, 16:23
Awesome little force you have here Inso. Your conversions are very cool and I look forward to seeing more. That robo chappie is one mean looking ****.

I just had a look on the Hasslefree website and they have a Grymn pilot, are you going to add him and the flyer when they finish it?

Have you seen these two?


Thanks for the links and I think they are pretty cool :).

I am quite friendly with Hasslefree and as a result, I occasionally get sent a few special bits and pieces. I already have one of the fliers but had to build some undercarriage for it (as one hasn't been finished yet):


I have been sent all of the currently complete parts for the walker too...no pix I'm afraid...they need work...and a test cast of powered armour:


I still have lots of work to finish that too.

The Old Grymn in the hover chair is one I am going to wait and reserve judgment on as I'm not convinced by it at the moment. If you want to have a look at some Grymn, have a look here:


And check out all the albums on the left of the page.

I think that half of the reason I started converting the Tunnel Fighters was that I just have so many Grymn, I wanted a small change...:D

19-02-2010, 00:02
Those model sculpted are really good, I think you are going to inspire mine

Lost Egg
19-02-2010, 09:00
That powered armour is very cool. Your flyer looks different to the one on the WIP page.


19-02-2010, 09:39
Agh! Sorry about the flier mix up...I forgot about the old grav-bike. I didn't click the link and thought it was going to take me to the flier I pictured.

It is very unlikely that the grav-bike will get finished. As far as I understand, it was shelved and the flier I posted was going to replace it. Kev at Hasslefree is slowly working on undercarriage and weapons for the flier but he isn't someone to be rushed so we'll see it when we see it.

The powered armour is still very WIP. I was sent a few basic parts to see what I could come up with. At some point I'll finish it and send it back so that Kev can possibly get some ideas for his finished design. The same goes for the walker...but I'm a bit like Kev and find it difficult to keep on track for any long period of time so it will be done when it is done.

I know this is a bit off topic but I am pretty proud of the fact that I have a miniature that I converted, on sale over at HF:



On sale:


Just thought I'd share that :) .

Lost Egg
20-02-2010, 10:13
I like it Inso. I think you should do more human troopers so I can buy them, lol.


20-02-2010, 14:00
is that flier on there site forsale i so want some..... ace looking squad you done really got imagination.

20-02-2010, 17:57
The flier that Hairy Norseman linked to will not likely get finished or sold. The one pictured above, will be sold eventually but there is still work to be done on the undercarriage and weapons...so it may still be a while I'm afraid.

I'm glad you like the squad...I have another 13 on the go at the moment :) .

20-02-2010, 18:12
aha damn i so want some of them fliers you posted......just got ot wait then.......

21-02-2010, 20:03
More finished, more started and the boss is starting to get his threads sorted out too:


The robot has had a bit of work too but no pix at the moment...sorry :(.

there's more on my blog (see my signature).

24-02-2010, 14:47
Another 6:


24-02-2010, 14:56
Looking incredible! I especially like the heavy weapons trooper. Now base them and take a pic of the whole lot together! :)


04-03-2010, 19:29

More progress with 6 troopers with shotguns...and a bit more work on the robot:


07-03-2010, 16:10
6 more finished:


09-03-2010, 21:18
...and for those who like Grymn...check out another project:


All sorts of stuff is there :) .

14-03-2010, 20:55
I've finished another six tunnel fighters:


Here's a group shot of all of them so far (35):


...and the next batch with some additional equipment (yet to be attacked with the converting hammer :) ):


I have also been thinking about the vehicles and I am going to be building them in a modular way so that the one vehicle can swap rear bodies for various transportation options...more on this when I have something to show off :).

Lost Egg
15-03-2010, 09:18
Looking good. One thing I noticed in the group shot is that they all look very similar, are their any squad markings?

I love the little epic landraider!


15-03-2010, 11:44
At the moment, they aren't even divided into squads but I am in the process of doing that. Once I have decided on what is going where, I will be adding some squad markings for them. The markings are likely to just be a coloured shoulder/knee pad or maybe a coloured helmet stripe. The good thing is that there are plenty of armour plates to colour up if I choose to.

I have been playing about with squad sizes and it is likely to end up as:

2xHeavy/Special Weapon

For a squad size of 9.

Each squad will also have some robotic support elements (the epic landraider is involved in that) and a transport vehicle.

15-03-2010, 20:52
I've often looked at the Grymn models and not really had any idea what I would do with them, but I love most of the models, particularly ones like the heavy weapons who just ooze character.

Never been much of a dwarf kinda guy, 15 years of Greenskins will do that, but I may actually put some money aside to get a few Grymn if only just to appease my shiney thing addiction for a wee while.

Your army is brilliant, I can't help but think the rather squat walkers from Critical Mass might make good additions for those wider tunnels...or converting up with grinders/cutting lasers as tunneling mechs.

They are about the same size as a Space Marine Dreadnought, made for 15mm hence the wee crewman on top.

16-03-2010, 01:49
@NeXus6 - Great minds think alike :) ! I have been looking at those mechs with a view to using them for my Grymn...but not the tunnel fighters though...I am keeping them mechanised in transports rather than walkers. I reckon those Mechs would work pretty well with my Temperate Grymn as sentinels maybe...these:


If I was going to go down the walker route for my tunnel fighters I'd probably use some of these (I currently have 22 of them but plan to use them in my Urban army):


I am quite a fan of walking robots so I have amassed a small collection including 3 of these:


and one or two kits:


I just view walkers as more of an open playing-field sort of vehicle...good idea though :) .

16-03-2010, 02:26

I'm a huge fan of Robots/Mechs/Power suits too, though my collection is fairly small at the moment the list of things I want to get is steadily growing.

I'm not too sure about the flat helmet of that red robot but the rest of it, particularly the detail in that shot from the back is fantastic.

In that last link I recognise the shape of the Mechwarrior Longbows at the back but the others less so, maybe a couple of Awesomes without the arm plates. Anyway those smaller 4 at the front center look brilliant.

16-03-2010, 11:55
Great work, very impressive sculpts.

21-03-2010, 16:31
More tunnel fighters:


And if you visit:


You'll find out why one of the troops have blue bits on and further updates to the Epic tank ;).

22-03-2010, 20:12
Everything looks great this far, especially looking forward to seeing that robot done!

Keep up the great work,

24-03-2010, 11:19
Good squa- tunnel fighters. Your started characters come with great attitude.

As for those Hasslefree goodies, the flyer could either be used as a Valkyrie (stratching the criteria a bit, since it won't be able to transport stuff) or better up as a Sentinel. But what would the crafty Grymn walker be? A Leman Russ or Hellhound maybe? The elder in hoverchair can fit in anywhere, such as Psyker or army general or mission objective or artillery officer.

24-03-2010, 22:18
Wow! You got some sculpting skills! :D

24-03-2010, 23:02
Thank you.

If I was going to use the Grymn Flier I would probably borrow rules for the Tau Piranha for it. The Walker could use either Sentinel or XV suit rules. It would all depend on whether they fitted in with the theme...and of course whether your opponent was in the mood for being friendly or not :).

As this army is a tunnel fighters one, Fliers and tall mechs aren't on the shopping list.

I wouldn't ever use psykers for the Grymn...it is just wrong on so many levels (not a dig at anyone, it is just that I don't think their background would allow it).

My other blog has a few details on general Grymn background (click the 'background' tag to find out):


28-03-2010, 20:52
I've managed to paint the last three of my remaining Tunnel Fighters:


Two of whom were used to finish this squad:


I have some more troops on the way so there will hopefully be more coming very soon :) .

04-04-2010, 20:11
Not tunnel fighters but...

...once upon a time, I made this:


It was a bit of a comedy sculpt that someone suggested and I thought it would be cool...so I sculpted it and sent it off to the guy as a gift. Next thing I know moves were afoot, deals were made and work happened...and this turned up on my doorstep:


I don't have any details as to where it will be sold yet, or how much...but it even has my tagline on the basing tag...how cool is that (especially since it is my very first full-sculpt put into the metal :) ).

I just thought I'd share :) .

04-04-2010, 21:27
Here is the latest tunnel fighter. He is one of the commander's local guides:


I've also got all of the tunnel fighters I need to complete the basic troop squads. I've converted and undercoated the next six and will be getting on with them very soon...and just have 4 more to convert to get all of the squads finished :) .

I have been putting putty on the robot and commander as well...but not enough to show off...

...more to come :) .

Lost Egg
05-04-2010, 08:48
Lovely diver sculpt but surely he needs a giant squid to battle.:p

Nice little cave bear guide too, I'm looking forward to seeing the commander and the robot finished.:cool:


05-04-2010, 23:02
The bear is good, and the diver is great. Pure excellency. :)

21-04-2010, 20:23
All 54 of the basic troops are now finished:


Bigger pic:


Now it's on to the rest of the bits and pieces :) .

Overlord Krycis
22-04-2010, 01:15

If I was going to go down the walker route for my tunnel fighters I'd probably use some of these (I currently have 22 of them but plan to use them in my Urban army):

Where did you get/what are these models?
I have 4 of them in poor states of repair (2 are used as bits to convert some obliterators) and I haven't seen them ANYWHERE whatsoever.
Want more for conversion ideas :D

22-04-2010, 07:52
The walkers are from the Warzone game (which is now out of production). They are Vulkan battlesuits from the Bauhaus faction.

I have got all mine from E-bay and asking around on forums...oh, I also bought a few boxes from Prince August before they ran out.

They are now quite difficult to get hold of and rarely turn up on E-bay (and when they do I usually bid on them so be prepared for a bidding war ;) ).

Overlord Krycis
22-04-2010, 09:05
Awesome thx Inso.
I actually started a Squ...erm...Demiurg army due to the Grymn models.
Bravo sir.
p.s. your sculpts for HF are amazing too....

25-04-2010, 21:01
I have now finished the commander:


...and a little something I picked up at Salute:


I still need to base these but they will be the communication robots for each of the squads (I also have two spare...just in case I make a few new squads ;)).

Lost Egg
26-04-2010, 15:51
The commander looks very good. I like the cool little bots too.


29-04-2010, 00:49
Thanks...the bots are now based and have been joined by a friend:


30-04-2010, 01:10
I think you need a boring machine.

30-04-2010, 03:56
I've been lurking since you've started this thread, but just had to come out and ask if that white and red bot is inspired by or in fact is the same robot we see in that old Disney movie the Black hole?

Stunning work you have here btw and congrats on your first full sculpt in metal!


30-04-2010, 04:09
I had the same thought, easternheretic!

01-05-2010, 01:08
I think it is most certainly a 'NOT' Vincent from the film the Black Hole...it was originally made by a company called Doppelganger US so I guess they used to copy stuff (judging by the company name).

Thanks for the kind words too :) .

Next up (and almost finished being converted) are three dog handlers with alien K-9s :) .

03-05-2010, 17:38
Tooth Doggies...all finished:


Lost Egg
04-05-2010, 15:47
Those guys are cute!


06-05-2010, 07:41
I think you need a boring machine.

Or five... or six... ;)

09-05-2010, 20:50
I've decided against using the panda and 'cartoon' robot conversion for the command squad...they just didn't fit in with the uniformity of the rest of the troops...so I've started to convert the Grymn required for the squad:


The guy in the middle is a bodyguard and the four others have 'experimental' weapons (a plasma rifle and Dante gun). I will be adding three more bodyguards once I have the miniatures.

Next are a few assault walkers (with the commander for scale):


They are Vulkan Battlesuits from the now OOP Warzone range...there will be another three at some point :) .

Hope you like them :) .

13-05-2010, 21:41
I've finished the latest batch of troops...I just need three more to finish the unit now:


23-05-2010, 11:21
Command squad complete:


31-05-2010, 19:01
I have decided to keep on building this army...so that means there will need to be more troops. As a result, I have painted up the last 2 comms robots:


The one on the right needed a bit of surgery because it had a deformed gun...it will act as the command comms.

13-06-2010, 09:56
I started a second group of Clankers last week...well, they are now finished:


I have also started on the transports but have only got as far as assembling track links. The transports will be something different and will be individual to the tunnel fighters...I just have to gear myself up to making 11 of them...

13-06-2010, 16:06
I have been trying for an hour to take a decent army pic and this is the best I can come up with...and even then it is a case of choosing which one you like the best out of a bad bunch :( :



They are links because they are big pix :).

Looking at them, you have the close combat stuff on the right (3 squads of 10), The infantry in the middle (3 squads of 10), the support elements on the left (2 squads of 3 Clankers and a squad of 3 scouts with Tooth-doggies) and the command squad across the front.

I hope you like the pic :) .

13-06-2010, 17:04
Those Clankers look very very nice! Very characterful.

This army looks awesome.

Great stuff and thanks for sharing!


24-09-2010, 13:15
The latest finished squad; a drone squad with a Grymn controller:


The lady in all her glory:


And the next basic squad (WIP):


I have a medical unit on the go as well at the moment...but I need to order a few bits before I can finish that one...

29-09-2010, 14:49
The latest finished 'basic' squad...Pink Squad :) :


Only another two basic squads and a close combat squad and it's on to the weirder units again :) ...sappers, logistics, field police, engineers...

29-09-2010, 19:31
brilliant log, i used to love squats. you have some cool miniatures included here, lots of character. The hello kitty laptop is a funny touch too. great work so far

29-09-2010, 19:37
That's amazing!

30-09-2010, 00:24
These are just really nice. Lovely log.

04-11-2010, 05:42
inspiration rears it's ugly head once again.

I blame you if i spend the next few days being dwarfey.

04-11-2010, 12:20
there are awesome models! great conversations too!

05-11-2010, 09:11
This looks amazing Inso. Im watching the progress with excitement.

05-11-2010, 20:05
I'm glad you like these but I'm afraid I may have to allow them up to the surface...

...I think that they would look perfectly at home in a post apocalyptic, urban environment and have decided to commit the ultimate weapon to the fore...

...big robots :) ...

I am planning to add a mech to each of the basic squads and the command squad. I already have the command mech and one other...and have another five coming through the post as we speak...with another four to follow soon :) .

As soon as I have some progress, I'll flash up a few pix :) .

07-11-2010, 21:28
The first paint-in-progress mech:


08-11-2010, 02:31
Very Forbidden Planet.

09-11-2010, 21:32




10-11-2010, 01:33
The legs look quite 'Transformers', but I can't identify the upper half.

where did you get them from?

10-11-2010, 09:52
They are AT Votoms kits:


I got them from here:


Just search for 'votoms' :) .

They are taller than a dreadnought and only cost 5-00 each...

14-11-2010, 20:46
A touch more work done...


Neither of them are remotely finished but I wanted to 'un-pink' them as quickly as possible...they look so much better when they are in a darker colour :).

Lots more 'stuff' on my blog too (Inso's World).

No detailed stuff...just gluing and big-brush stuff still...but I have a holiday from work coming up and that will enable me to chill out and hopefully get my hobby-head back on...

17-11-2010, 11:19
An infantry version is next...


21-11-2010, 22:21
Three mechs are now finished to a pre-washed standard:


Still more to do on them...but I'm just glad to get them all base-coated :) .

27-11-2010, 21:35
Fun project - like it.

28-11-2010, 07:59
Are they going to be 'count-as' anything, or this a pure modelling army?

28-11-2010, 09:10
I haven't decided yet...

...I have just gone completely 'free-form' on this army. I see things I like and add them as I see fit.

I don't think there is an army that would suit this as a counts as for WH40k...

...I could mix and match by having the squads represented as IG Storm-troopers (with the comms droids as a standard Storm-trooper from that squad), The mechs could be represented by Wraithlord stats, the Clankers...maybe Tau battlesuits (with no flight capability?)...no idea about the K-9 units or the drones...or the medic teams and mech repair teams and equipment...

...they'll all look very nice together when they are done though...;)

28-11-2010, 21:26
more slow progress...


28-11-2010, 21:45
I love this army, so much character

25-12-2010, 19:15
Thanks :)...

...here's the latest squad:


And the green mech in the previous post is now base-coated:


I reckon I'm going to try another squad of troops next...

27-12-2010, 01:52
I've only just realised that each mecha has a pilot!

oh, they just got even better.

28-12-2010, 23:13
An OGrymn who will be a character in the army:


29-12-2010, 02:20
He fell in a cauldron of nutrient mix as a baby?

29-12-2010, 07:48
A fantastic army, keep up the good work.

29-12-2010, 16:56
He fell in a cauldron of nutrient mix as a baby?

All OGrymn are rare, genetic throwbacks...Grymn were bio-engineered and every once in a while there is a mutation that accelerates growth. The OGrymn are revered in Grymn society and are treated like a gift from the Father.

As a result, it would be very rare to see more than one or two in an army...

30-12-2010, 13:12
The army so far:


30-12-2010, 22:29

18-04-2011, 17:20
I have finished all of the basic squads and just have 6 medics to finish converting and that will be all of the troops done for the army. Here is a link to all the finished units in 'easy view' images:


Just mecha and transports to go :) .

19-04-2011, 00:18
Great stuff!

Looking forward to the mecha!

04-05-2011, 22:04
Well...now that the forum is back, I can post the last of the troop units...my medics:


...and as a result of all the bank-holidays, I have had enough time to assemble the rest of the mechs. Here are all 11 of them with the army commander at the front to add a sense of scale:


I am working hard to get them all base-coated at the moment, with one of them done and one under-coated (out of the unpainted ones you see in the pic)...

...because I have been focusing on this project for so long, I will be putting the transport on hold so that I can have a change with other projects...but they are only on hold, not completely shelved.

05-05-2011, 06:24
Those medics with the stretcher are golden. how can i 'homage it'?

The mechs look suitably terrifying en-masse. I can just see them scouring canyon walls, dwarfing the grym and scaffolds around them as small trucks rattle past on rails.

06-05-2011, 20:02
So much for putting the transports on hold...what does this one look like...OK?:


Abraham Danglebreech
06-05-2011, 20:28
These guys have so much character, which is quite an achievement considering their faces are covered up. The medics are great. Nice painting, particularly the green screen on the scanner.

The transport looks good so far. For some reason I can't quite put my finger on, I don't think the side view is as successful as the front.

07-05-2011, 02:34
I've got one of those chassis. Except it's a tank.
Grendel? Old Squat PC.

07-05-2011, 05:33
Where's the door?

07-05-2011, 11:20
The door as at the back...the one side not pictured ;) .

Yep it is a Kryomek 'Sand Carrier' from Scotia Grendel. I have changed the turret for one from Old Crow Production's 6mm range.

08-05-2011, 20:20
Well, I have finished painting the APC and it is now part of the first complete mech unit:


Troops, transport and support...job's a good-un :) .

There are more pix and lots of different troops, vehicles, mechs and even a few marines over at my blog:


Feel free to pop over :) .

10-05-2011, 03:12
Thanks...the bots are now based and have been joined by a friend:


What is the white one? I remember it from a cartoon from when I was a kid.


Bloody fantastic work with the conversions and scratch building. I like the look of the guns you are building way more than the conventional 40k armaments.

10-05-2011, 20:30
The white one is 'Old Bob' from the film 'The Black Hole'...it is available from Black Cat Bases in the UK:


09-06-2011, 17:53
4 APCs painted:


...another three on the way from Scotia Grendel :) .

Still ticking along...

10-06-2011, 01:25
i like those apc's more and more as i see them. Espcially with that colour scheme, looks very command and conquer tiberium sun.

11-06-2011, 22:23
man this army has soooooo much character :D

12-06-2011, 11:27
Cheers :) .

Here's another painted mech...only 9 more to go :D :


12-06-2011, 13:27
@ShotgunFacelift: For some reasons Ive got this picture infront of my eyes :D


18-06-2011, 18:09
The miniature is a 'NOT' Vincent from the film Black Hole:


...mind you, I can see a lot of likeness to that cartoon pic.

19-06-2011, 12:55
Two more mechs are finished:


That means all of the close-combat variants are done:


Next will be the first of the standard infantry mechs...and it is sat on the table getting the wash done as we speak :).

4 down, 7 to go :D .

26-06-2011, 17:58

27-06-2011, 02:05
creeeping forward - are they going to get a display base with a thunderbirds stlye hanger for the mechs?

28-06-2011, 15:11
I'm not sure that I would have the space for that...we are talking 11 APCs, 11 Mechs, over 120 troops and a bunch of Clankers...I have already had to make space on a second shelf for the army and it isn't finished yet...

...It would certainly be cool to have a mech hangar though...

On a side note, the next mech is finished except for the base...so I have begun work on the third basic mech now...

as you say, creeeeping forward :D .

02-07-2011, 23:11
Two more...


...and the next three APCs have just been washed in the sink ready for preparing them for assembly :) .

18-07-2011, 21:30
The next three APCs (with missile launchers) and a WIP conversion of a shaman type big-guy:


19-07-2011, 05:40
funky ass mother bringing the wrath of the ancesoters down on your sorry head!

19-07-2011, 12:43
Yep :) .

He is going to have a heavy gauntlet with a gem in the palm (a bit like Iron Man) and his staff will be a plain rod that glows from where the hand is. It acts like a conduit for the earth-energy that the Shaman controls. The armoured parts will be brass and the blobs on the side of the helmet will have the same glow as the rod and the palm.

The pet will be albino or have special markings to differentiate it from the other K9s in the army.

The three APCs will be painted in the same squad colours as the last three mechs :) ...undercoating today (now that I have plugged most of the air-bubbles).

24-07-2011, 12:09
I have paused on the sculpting a bit this week...but have managed to finish the three APCs:


03-12-2011, 14:43
Has it really been 5 months?

Well...I have finished all of the APCs now and here they are in all their raindow coloured glory:


Four of them have cannon turrets for the assault units they join and the rest have missile turrets with a more tactical theme.

I have also been looking at transport for a few of the specialist units and have dug out a couple of vehicles...one from Fenris Games and the other from Ground Zero Games. It is at times like this I am glad I have rather random buying habits:


The one on the left I have allocated to my drone unit because it is large enough to house all of the drones and still have space in the back for a small workshop. The smaller vehicle is perfect for six K9s and three handlers and for all intents and purposes, quite resembles a police dog unit vehicle. I have managed to find some decent wheels for the vehicle because the ones that came with it were very poorly cast.

Still ticking along :) .

04-12-2011, 19:51
The assembled vehicles with an additional member to add to the drone squad as a driver / assistant:


22-12-2011, 22:15
All eleven of the mechs are now finished:


23-12-2011, 13:11



26-12-2011, 15:51
It's an army swarming with giant robots. What's not to like? The group shot is awesome, Inso, well done on getting them all finished!

28-12-2011, 14:17
Cheers :) . Now all the basic units are done, I am getting on with the specialist units and the first to get it's transport is the K9 unit:


29-12-2011, 01:49
the k9s are yummy, but the vehicle is a little bland. No details on the wheels?

29-12-2011, 09:58
Bland is OK when you have to cover up a mess underneath...and there are some pretty plain hubcaps out there. Glad you like the K9s though :).

15-01-2012, 18:21
Finished drone squad and transport:


ALL of the licence plates will be re-painted and decals will be used to replace the woeful markings that are there at the moment. I will get other decals to mark all of the vehicles with insignia and warnings.

15-01-2012, 18:33
This is a nice little army you have there.

16-01-2012, 02:49
I like that transport

16-01-2012, 19:04
Cheers :) . The vehicle is from here:


They have an e-bay store and the vehicles are here:


10-11-2012, 20:52
It has been such a long time but I have started to blow the dust off this topic and start the final stage... The Clanker units. I have decided that I will keep the Clanker units to the same organisation as the other troop units so each squad has ten members instead of the original three... so here are the first two assembled and converted units:


Here is the third unit in kit form (a Christmas assembly task):


And in the mean time, I decided to finish converting and painting the mystic:


I am now working on finishing the special unit that contains:

The Mystic
Another OGrymn (with a chain gun)
Comms robot
Heavy walker
Grymn with pulsegun
5x Grymn with shotgun

I have the transport in kit form too... so this little project is back on the go again :)

10-11-2012, 22:52
Are you going to use these for 40k?

11-11-2012, 21:11
I don't game but these could be used for 40k... it would take a bit of thought but the troops are arranged in squads of ten so Imperial would work (either marines [scouts] or IG).

Here's the latest conversion...


11-11-2012, 23:31
Gamings all the fun! IG for sure with space marine allies me thinks!!!

13-11-2012, 16:50
I forgot about allies...

Main troops could be IG (with Chimera transports)
Clanker units could be Terminators (with a few tweaks for weapons)
Mechs could be dreadnoughts (although how you would fit eleven into an army would be interesting...unless they counted as Sentinels instead - although I wouldn't be happy with that)
I'd have to think hard about the special units...

Food for thought if I was going to go gaming with them :)

I just enjoy the painting/sculpting/army building thing and spend any gaming time doing that. I post up stuff to share ideas :)

25-11-2012, 20:25
The special unit:


Just a vehicle and it is complete.

More here:


27-11-2012, 04:38
hah! I did not realise the mystic was a big 'un!

Kinda puts paid to the big but stupid thing ogryns have going.

27-11-2012, 07:30
These are not at all like Ogryn... they are called OGrymn and are revered in Grymn society because they are very rare genetic throwbacks that start out like a standard Grymnling but grow really quickly and to massive size. They are extremely clever and have a natural ability for leadership. Every Grymn home has an annex with a large door and a comfortable bench with a table so that if they are blessed by a visit, they can play host in comfort.

The Mystic was converted from the same miniature as the chain-gunner :D

13-01-2013, 18:18
The first of the Clanker units is now finished:


The second unit is base-coated ready for the wash stage and the last one has been primed. I am really getting near to the end now :)

14-01-2013, 11:14
How much space does this army take up now? You've got a lot of big units.

14-01-2013, 19:31
Once I have finished it, I expect it to take up around four miniatures cases (five at a push) but I only have a case with the troops in at the moment... the rest is in my cupboard.

16-01-2013, 13:54
The next WIP unit:


20-01-2013, 19:12
The finished unit:


21-08-2013, 21:16
The final Clanker unit complete:


22-08-2013, 16:16
You could always run the walkers as Armored Sentinels. The AV12 is the same as a dreadnought and you can take 9 in a standard force org chart.

If you aren't a fan of that, You can take 6 dreadnoughts in a space marine army if you take a Master of the Forge. If you play at or above 2000 points, you could take 12 due to double force org.

24-08-2013, 20:54
A WIP for the penultimate vehicle; a field ambulance/operating theatre:


25-08-2013, 18:53
The primed suspect:


28-08-2013, 08:53
oooh. Snazzzy!

01-09-2013, 15:35
Cheers :)

I have now finished painting the medical vehicle (apart from the number plates and varnish):


The number plates will be done when I dig all of the vehicles out to sort the mess I made of the plates last time :) .

I also have a WIP of the command vehicle... I have done so much :) :


02-09-2013, 07:35
I absolutely adore the B.O.B. robot!!!

You need a Maximillian!

08-09-2013, 11:18
Here's a further WIP of the command vehicle:


Lots more STUFF here (including information about why it is so big and magnetism...):


08-09-2013, 12:24
that's huge!

08-09-2013, 13:13
It has to be when it is designed for carrying ogre sized troops :).

It will also make a nice 'focal point' for the army and it is quite fitting that it is the very last piece of the army too.