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31-01-2010, 23:03
Ok I almost find it silly to ask because I understood burning alignment to work differently but I have heard of people playing it like this. I have just started collecting Lizardmen but have never played with them yet (I always paint first then play). So..

I assume that Buring Alignment is sort of a spell. You activate it at the start of your magic phase, it does damage, the effect ends. Simple, or so I thought.

Now my main opponent says that the Lizardmen opponents that he recently played against (in tournaments I think) played that Buring Alignment was an affect that lasted until the next magic phase. This would be the same as the other 2 effects, the ward save and the -1 to cast from a lore of choice. This would mean when burning alignment was activated and for example a 7 was rolled every enemy unit within 7" would take d6 hits. Then during the opponents movement phase if someone wanted to charge the EoTG they would also take d6 hits. The reasoning being they now entered the 7" area that the "still active" burning alignment covers. Theoretically this would mean that any enemy unit that entered that 7" zone would take damage not just those that charged the EoTG.

My questions are:
1) Who plays with which interpretation?
2) Is this just one (or more) WAAC player that is abusing the rules to make his EoTG harder to charge?
3) Why has this never been mentioned in these forums? Why was this not FAQ'ed
4) Am I an idiot that is missing the obvious?


31-01-2010, 23:29
Nothing indicates that this effect of D6 hits is ongoing other than the initial burst. Otherwise all the units would take multiple D6 hits.

Its a WAAC idiot trying to find a loophole where there is none.

It hasn't been mentioned because no one is desperate enough to even attempt such a ridiculous thing

You didn't miss anything.

01-02-2010, 01:17
It may be impossible to disprove by strict RAW that it is not an ongoing effect, but this is a permissive rules set, where you need to be able to demonstrate you can do something, not just prove there is no rule against it...

It's clearly daft. Ignore.

Ultimate Life Form
01-02-2010, 07:44
I see where your opponent comes from. The EotG section just says that it can be activated during your Magic Phase, nothing else. While the Arcane Configuration specifies how long its effect last, the other functions don't.

Now we have the Portent of Warding, which confers a Ward Save against shooting. Now would you argue that this effect also works only during his Magic Phase? Probably not, as it would be really silly to have a Ward against shooting that works only in his own Magic Phase. But RAW, there is no indication that the duration would extend beyond that in any way.

The Burning alignment is the same in that it doesn't specify a duration, so one *could* come to believe that it's a perpetual effect as well. However that leaves me with one big question: Where does it specify when the hits are taken? If we assume it's a perpetual effect and works the same way as Portent of Warding, all enemy units within the bubble would have to continuously take hits until they are destroyed, not only when they move there, which is clearly an interpretation that was purely made up and has no indication in the rules whatsoever. Tell him that. Since this is obviously a very silly idea, I'm inclined to think that it's not supposed to work that way.

Also note that Portent of Warding has been FAQ'd to be a continuous effect, while Burning Alignment, hardly surprising, was not.