View Full Version : What do other Greenskins player take to battle.

01-02-2010, 14:25
Well Im new to warseer and i would like to get all the greenskin players to weigh in on a good list set up.

we play at

Now this is for those that know the points but anyone should feel free to give your 2 cents if you want. ;)

once i get some list posted ill put my list up. so as not to taint others list.

This is all my Greenskins
total mini count 295
orc core 61
orc boyz c/s 16
orc boyz 2/c 16
orc boyz bow 20
muse 3
stand 2
leader 2
shaman 2

blk orc spec 41
blk orc 33
muse 2
stand 2
leader 3
grimgor 1

night/gob core 144
night w/bow 34
night w/spear 85
muse 6
stand 6
leader 8
shaman 2
net 3
fanatics 3

spider riders core 21
spider s/s 14
muse 2
stand 2
leader 2
warboss 1

wolf riders core 10
wolf s/s 7
muse 1
stand 1
leader 1

orc boar boyz 5
boar s/s 2
muse 1
stand 1
leader 1

other troops 14
205 giant rare 1
80 orc boar chariot spec 1
70 rock lobber spec 1
70 spear chukka spec 2
ogres rare 6 f/c
120 stone trolls rare 2

thanks all

02-02-2010, 00:11
I think you need a better poll - the choices are too limited.

I take a Night goblin army, not because they're the best but because I like the models.

The best units in the book, IMO, is a tossup between spear chukkas and snotlings.
The former is important for perforating large terror causers (the bane of any O&G army), but the latter is the single best charge redirector in the list, and possibly even in the game. In any case, both units should be in every O&G players list.