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01-02-2010, 16:30
Not played fantasy for a while, but fed up with 40k , so pulling out a different army.
For 1999 pts, and somewhat model limited.
Scar vet, mirror pool shield, light armour, great weapon- 128 he's slow anyway, so might as well be slow and hit at S7... or would sword of always strike first and a cheap shield be better?
Skink preist- level 2, cube of darkness - 140
Skink preist - level 2, dispel scroll, curse charm of tepok, engine of the gods-435
21 sarus Full command, hand weapons and shield-261
21 sarus Full command, hand weapons and shield-261
21 sarus with spears, full command -282
16 skink skirmishers, blowpipes, brave. x 3 -354
//1861 pts so far.

Ideas to round off.
Make sarus hero BSB, make spear block bigger
BSB, block of javelin skinks
Chameleon skinks to go after war machines?

I have no models available for rare choices, do have some sarus cav.

Rough plan. Use the deeply unfashionable blocks of infantry to hit hard, with engine of the gods central and piling in as needed. Skinks mainly harrasment and to guard flanks, march block etc.

Aim to shut down enemy magic if possible, then play it by feel based on spells drawn and enemy.

Comments and improvements please.

01-02-2010, 17:47
I believe that 18 saurus with spears will be more effective than 21 without spear but I don't know so much about Lizzies.

If you want to shut down the magic face you could drop the lvl2 skink for something else & let the skink on EotG take Diadem of Power.

Take a unit or two with chameleon skinks & split the skirmishers in the list to 2x10 instead. Scar Veteran with g. wpn, Carnosaur Pendant & Amulet of Itzl have worked for me but just used it once. I like to field a Scar Vet on Cold One with Sword of Battle & Maiming shield for the pure number of attacks but it's not necessary.

Try to get a unit with Cold One cavalry if you got the models, they can be quite handy:)