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02-02-2010, 22:19

I'm a pretty new Skaven player (grand total of 7 matches only 1 2k match though) and I thought I would track my progress with them in a series of battle reports aainst the various people I play.
Most of my matches I play on tuesday nights at Durham GW, come down if you want a match (though I doubt anyone actually lives in Durham)

Tonight I played 3 matches - 2 1500pt games with the same list and then a 2k game, unfortunately I didnt take notes as I only thought of this afterwards but in future I will make sure to take proper notes and do proper battel reports

Game 1 - 1500pts High Elves vs Skaven

My list:
Plague Priest - Lvl 2, furnace, flail
w/ 27 Plague Monks - full command, storm banner
Chieftan BSB - warpstone armour, enchanted shield

25 Clanrats - shield, f/c, warpfire thrower
2 x 20 Slaves
15 Rats with 3 Packmasters
7 Censer Bearers
8 Censer Bearers
Hellpit Abomination

This list was kind of thrown together with what I had with me, hence the 15 Censer Bearers, not too overpowered in my opinion as they are only T4 1W no armour.

High Elf list (from memory):
Mage - level 2 (knew 3 spells)
BSB Noble - battle standard (+D6 combat res one) mounted

18 Seaguard - f/c
6 Silver Helms - f/c
Bolt Thrower

3 x 5 Shadow Warriors

This seems very small to me and I commented on this when it was set out but it did apparently add up to 1500pts or there abouts

From my perspective, Hills in the left corners, one long hill takes up the right edge with 2 stands of trees in the middle 1 foot in from each side.
2 units of slaves, clanrats, plague monks then hellpit deployed in one long line across the 4' by 4' board, one unit of each of my censer bearers takes each flank, giant rats take the left flank
High Elf Deployment, bolt thrower takes the far left hill, then the seaguard and then the silver helms, all the shadow warriors scout in the trees.

High elves get turn 1 with a roll of 6 (+1)
Turn 1:
Storm banner activated
Shadow Warriors jumped out of woods so can shoot
Magic out of range
Shooting kills a grand total of 2 Clanrats

Skaven Turn 1:
Everything advances, Hellpit goes 8" keeping just behind the line, The warpfire thrower moves over to the left hand side to deal with one unit of the shadow warriors, the line gets slightly squeezed as I start to go between trees leaving the slaves behind.
Magic is ineffectual for most of the game (got spells 1 and 2 from Plague)

High Elves Turn 2:
Storm Banner keeps going,
Shadow Warriors do a bit more shooting killing another couple of clanrats
Everythign pretty much stays still

Skaven Turn 2:
Stormbanner still going
Hellpit ambles up another 8" whilst the rest of the line goes up aswell
A frenzy charge from one unit of censer bearers sees one unit of shadow warriors get charged but reduce the unit by 2 on the stand and shoot (stupid elves) whilst the giant rats charge another, causing them to flee as well.
Magic not in range yet
In the combat 2 shadow warriors die due to the fumes and a censer bearer is also sacrificed to the cause, the shadow warriors cut down another one and then the plague monks kill only a single warrior, the shadow warriors show their true colours and flee from the battle a grand total of 5" the Skaven, evidently fueled on something more than fumes chase them down witrh a 11"

High Elves turn 3:
The stormbanner ends
The silver helms with 3 censer bearers on their flank choose to toally ignore them, their is a small amount of shuffling about whilst the fleeing unit of shadow warriors rallies.
There are a few more shooting kills but nothing major

Skaven turn 3:
The Hellpit charges a mighty 14" forward, directly into a unit of shadow warriors who decide to run for their lives instead of standing, with them just escaping the hellpit whilst the 3 censer bearers charge the silver helms in the side.
On the left flank the other censer bearers charge forward into the remaining shadow warriors and cause them to flee and over run into the bolt thrower crew (just)
the rest of my army moved forward, I very stupidly position the plague monks behind the hellpit and rule them out of the game for a few turns, the clanrats move up opposite the seaguard, the warpfire marches up to support.
Magic fails to do a single wound to anything
In combat the censer bearers are beaten by combat res and flee, after doing only a single wound (and 2 to themselves in the process)

High elves turn 4:
The silver helms sally forward 2" into the Abomination
The seagaurd reform and increses their number of ranks.
The mage gets curse of arrow attraction off on my clanrats and 10 die in a volley from the enemy.
In combat the silver helms do a couple of wounds and lose a couple in return due to the hellpit, however they win with the battle standard.

From here my memory is a bit hazy but basically the clanrats charge in then run away from the seaguard and theen rally later on, the silver helms are wiped out and the hellpit is free to flank charge the seaguard with the plague monks/furnace in the front and censer bearers in the back resulting in a very very dead unit of seaguard

Result: Massacre to Skaven, not sure I even lost any VP's except the plague priest at some point.

To follow:

Skaven vs Lizardmen


02-02-2010, 22:38
Match 2: 1500 pts Skaven vs Lizardmen

My list:
Same as in match 1

Lizardmen list from memory:
Skink Chief on Stegadon - 2D6 impact hits item
Skink Priest on Engine of the gods

15 Saurus - f/c
18 Saurus - f/c
2 x 10 Skinks with blowpipes

Im not sure on exact turns with this one so I'll write a more general report

Table set up same as in last game, deployment also the same except 1 unit of slaves moved from the left to the right side.
Both stegs set up with the salamanders to my right, the 2 units of saurus made a solid line in the middle with the skinks just in front of them

I got first turn and obviously didnt activate the banner, more about this later.

The abomination evidently had too many drugs before the game started and rocketed forward a massive 16" on the first turn.
The rest of the line ran forwards as quickly as possible.
The censer bearers on the right ran up the flank and the other unit held close to the right side of the censer bearers.
the giant rats ran up the left hand flank

The skinks then ran forward and with 20 blowpipes and the giant blowpipe the abomination was very quickly poisoned to death (after which I remembered that I had the storm banner which I should of activated this turn and prevented a horrible death, I also relaised that I forgot to bring him back from the dead :( )

The giant rats charged one unit of skinks which held whilst everything else ran forwards to try and close the gap between the armies, the giant rats did well but the 2 skinks left that wern't killed held on a double 1.

Unfortunately I had mispositioned all of my units in my second turn, one unit of censer bearers got charged by the 2D6 impact hits steg whilst the other steg went to deal with the censer bearers that were running down the left flank, the salamander spouted fire all over the clanrats and killed 4 but they held. The giant rats killed the skinks and stood about looking lost. The steg smashed apart the censer bearers but the skink crew did lose 3 of their number to the fumes in the process, the steg ending up behind my lines.

This turn I managed to pull of a good manouver and my giant rats charged a saurus unit in the front and the plague unit charged a group of skirmishers making sure I was aligned to the flank of said saurus, the remaining censer bearers charged into the skink priest determined to avenge their brethren.
the plague priest managed to reduce the T of the saurus unit by 1 on an irrestistable force, the skinks were quickly overrun and my plague furnace went into the saurus and proceeded to also destroy them in a turn with the help of the giant rats. The censer bearers on the right flank killed 3 of the crew and the skink priest in combination of fumes and combat, the steg then decided it had had enough and ran away only to be chased down by the censer bearers.

The match was pretty much a clear up operation from here, with just a single steg with chieftan left at the end, which was held up for 2 turns by mighty mighty slaves, including a double 1 roll to stay, however they failed the second time needed a 2.

Result: Win for skaven


next match: 2k vs Empire to be posted tomorrow

03-02-2010, 21:56
Keep the reports coming :)

Any chance of some pictures?

03-02-2010, 23:06
Yesssss friend-friend. Keep the reports coming so other generals can learn-learn from them. I await the next report with great pleasure. Good luck on the butchering of the man-things!

04-02-2010, 09:07
Hi, next report coming very soon
Unfortunatly don't have pictures for the first 2 and the next one but after that I should have pictures for the next ones


04-02-2010, 10:27
Next Report!

2k Skaven vs Empire

This time I have a picture of deployment - apolagies now for the poor quality first time doing it like this so it was a bit hard.

My army:
Grey Seer - Screaming Bell - Skalm, shadow magnet trinket, 2x Power Stones
Plague Priest - Plague Furnace, lvl 2
BSB - Enchanted Shield, Warpstone Armour

24 Clanrats - HW&S, F/C, Warpfire thrower
2 x 20 Slaves
14 Giant rats, 3 Packmasters

27 Plague Monks - F/C, storm banner
7 censer Bearers

Hellpit Abomination
Plague Claw Catapult

Empire Army:
Archlector on war altar- single str10 attack weapon
Warrior Priest (went with swordmens)
Mounted Warrior Priest, doomfire ring
BSB - Single Spell from lore of fire thing 9went with spearmen)

20 Spearmen, full command(S1)
-10 free company detachment
-5 Archer Detachment
20 Swordmen, full command(S2)
-10 free company detachment
-5 Archer Detachment
10 Huntsmen
10 Crossbowmen

6 Inner Circle Knights- f/c, warbanner
2 x Cannon



The grey box is a building, grey lines are walls and the green circle is some trees I forgot about
The brown squiggles are hills (imaging 3 hilled and 3 flat GW gaming boards)

I got choice of sides and picked the 2 hilled side (wary of all the artillery) and then deployed behind the buiilding as much as possible from the artillery at least for the first turn
Spells: The empire got flaming sword in the magic item,
grey Seer got spells 2,3 and 5 and changed 1 for spell 13
Plague Priest got spells 1 and 6

Empire First Turn:
Storm Banner activated,
Movement was practically none, the whole battle line shuffled round to face me slightly more, whilst the 2 units of 5 archers moved forwards to inevitably set up frenzied charges in turn 2 and then flee.
the huntsmen marched out of the wood towards my Plague Claw Catapult.
In the shooting phase 1 cannon isnt allowed to fire whilst the 2nd one and the mortar are.
The mortar gets a shot to land directly between my Plague Monks and my Clanrats but it drifts slightly off target and in the end only kills 4 plague monks, the cannon gets a shot off that lands on the front corner off my furnace but then rolls a misfire and the cannon can't shoot this turn or next. Various prayers go off that I'm not too bothered about as they will be gone long before I reach his lines anyway

Skaven First Turn:
Storm banner keeps going,
Advance!!!! My whole battle line advances, the hellpit goes 9" towards the inner circle knights, whilst everything else goes forward, angling slightly away from the building, one group of slaves (S1) jumps into the building whilst the other group hangs back, letting the giant Rats have enough room to get inbetween the wall and the Plague Monks.
Rolled a 6 on the Screaming Bell so I could roll all failed leadership checks of which I had none to take.
Rest of my magic phase was uneventful nothing got off without being dispelled.
In shooting my plague claw landed ontop of the huntsmen but scattered off slighty only killing 1 of them, my warpfire thrower then decided to lend a hand hoping for a high roll to toast some of them but it wasn't meant to be, it promptly misfired and caught on fire. Fortunately the crew were well enough trained to run away from the grey seer and explode harmlessly in the open space.

Empire Turn 2:
Storm banner ends :(
no charges this turn, but the archers move up to pull out frenzied charges from the monks and the censer bearers in my turn, shooting this turn is move eventful though for the empire player, the mortar once again hits the plague monks and kills another 6 (almost made its points back now) and the cannon that is available to fire this turn overshoots but lands on an unfortunate clanrats grinding him into the dirt.
The hellblaser gets to shoot this turn and unleashed 18 shots across the field at my censer bearers but at -3 to hit (skirmishers, long range, soft cover) and so only manages to kill 2.
the crossbowmen are still out of range up on the hill.
Magic is uneventful and nothing gets off or is of no consiquence.

Skaven Turn 2:
Charges the giant rats charge the archers that are making the plague monks do a frenzy charge aswell who decide to flee. We decided that they should flee away from my giant rats as they are charging first, but are caught and run down, with the plague monks moving as a failed charge to the run down location, is this correct???
Also the censer bearers charge the other archers who flee, leaving me in no mans land between the walls and building.
The rest of my army moves up the hellpit ambling forward another 8" or so towards the knights, whilst the bell hangs back to ring out some death
The slaves in the building jump out of the other side to stand on the flank of the enemy (but they are only slaves anyway)
In the magic phase I ring out with 2 dice and get the same result as last time.
the grey seer decides to warp lightning the huntsmen and kills 2 of them not quite enough for a break test. No other magic got off successfully.
In the shooting phase the plague claw catapult fired straight across the table to only misfire and be repositioned over some of my cneser bearers but failed to kill any.

Empire turn 3:
Charges! The knights probably can't fit between the trees and the giant rats to hit the hellpit so go after the rats instead who valiantly flee away through the plague monks who take the charge instead. A detachment of free company also charge the slaves who hold.
the rest of movement sees the archers who were fleeing rally and the rest of the empire force move up closer to my army, all the action centring around the builing and walls.
In the magic phase I fail to stop cleansiong flair from the war altar and a few plague monks die along with some giant rats. Also the knight unit that is against my plague furnace becomes unbreakable.
Shooting sees not much happen, the mortar misfires and cant fire for this turn, whilst one of the cannons misses. However the other cannon having nearly exploded on turn 1 shoots at my hellpit and catches the back corner of its base, after a failed regen save I take 4 wounds leaving me on 2. The hellblaster fires at my cneser bearers again does 10 shots then explodes in spectacular fashion, however 2 censer bearers bite the dust leaving 3 left.

In combat 2 of the knights drop before they have a chance to strike, but in return the rest all fueled on mby hatred and drop not only my plague priest and a few wounds off the furnace but a few plague monks as well, I kill one with my few return attacks but they are unbreakable so hold.
On the other flank the slaves lose one of their number but kill a free company in return, winning the combat by 3 but the free company hold on the leadership of the general.

Skaven turn 3:
The hellpit runs forward only 6" to place himself in front of a 21 strong unit of swordsmen and warrior priest and to his flank a unit of 10 free company, whilst the censer bearers charge the flank of the war altar.
The rest of my movement sees the giant rats rally and the screaming bell edge forward a few inches.
The magic phase here was the major turning point in the game in my opinion. The horner rat was smiling down on my forces as the bell rung out with an 11, dealing D3 wounds to all the T7 things on the board, 3 rolls of 6, 5 and 6 later 2 cannons and a mortar are lying in the dirt, twisted and crumpled beyond recognition, the grey seer on top then tried to cast scorch using 2 dice and a warpstone token (I started with 3) but it was dispelled. then I tried warplightning on the huntsmen again who were close to my catapult and knowing that I had 2 dice left it was let through and another 4 bit the dust. Then the most impressive piece of magic, i went for Curst of the horned rat on the unit of swordsmen threating my hellpit and using 7 dice (including 2 power stones and a warpstone token) I managed to get it off on a 30 but irresistable as well. Although only 12 fell and were slain as they mutated.
In combat my slaves once again won the combat but the free company held. The censer bearers did 1 wound on the archlector but also did one to themselves with the fumes, the one remaining bearer did one more wound leaving the arch lector on just 1 but then was killed, an enraging horse biting his head off.
In the plague monk combat the knights and monks both lost a few to the fumes and then in combat a few more on each side died, the device was swung and more hits done but still a standard bearer and the warrior priest were left.


05-02-2010, 09:56
Will the Empire hold out!? Skaven are treacherous foes these days.

05-02-2010, 18:56
Redben lives in durham as an aside :)

07-02-2010, 03:15
NOOO A cliffhanger!

07-02-2010, 19:21
Ouch. That's very unfriendly scaven army. Especially for high elf. In fact, i think that in the 1st battle the abomination had a good chance to kill every single elf all on her own.

I think abomination should not be used, unless against deamons. It's like bug using.

07-02-2010, 19:47
oooh, cliffhanger :)

Good reports so far :)