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06-02-2006, 20:06
Ok guys, I'm been ripping my hair out on what legion I wanted to play, first I wanted 1000sons, then word bearers, alpha legion and then I wanted Word eaters, so I choose to just give up all of them and make my own legion, they would be a sub chapter of my first love 1000 sons, so I give to you.......

The Jackal Legions

Brief Fluff: The Jackal Legions can trace their roots back to the planet of Prospero. There they served as the standing army and guarded the planet's knowledge till the arrival of Magnus, there everything would change. They would to watch over Magnus till the fated day of the emperor's arrival. When that day finally came, they lost their role as Magnus' guardians and instead became guardians of the vast collections of knowledge collected over the years, though were forbidden to study the books and solemnly guarded it. As the great crusades raged on and the later mutations of the thousand sons were uncovered the once proud guardians of Magnus would come out of the dark libraries. Swiftly they were gifted with the abilities of the space marines yet they would soon find out why they were gifted so early: the wolves had come. There they fought to defend the city of light though to little anvil, all had seemed lost but they silently held their ground. Though strangely when the end seemed certain the legion was saved by a mysterious multicolored light and a red flash. They believe to this day it was the changer of ways and Magnus.

The Jackal Legions keep themselves separate from the thousand sons because they fear the same mutation and fate, so rarely have sorcerers of their own though many times a sorcerer from the thousand sons will accompany them to battle. They believe that it is their role to protect their bodiless brothers and their sorcerers as they cannot do so as well in their current state (in their opinion that is). The Jackal Legions are organized into eight groups that they call legions each only containing around 1000 marines and other assorted things. Only about 25% of that number is armor while the rest is usually assorted infantry. Though many times The Jackal Legions can call upon various human auxiliaries, which are similar to their imperial guard counterparts

Style of Combat:
The Jackal Legions traditionally fought shoulder to shoulder with their glaives at the ready. Over time they adopted a glaive with bolter attachment, now they prefer the usual bolter; many times with a bayonet or some sort of blade attached to it. The Jackal Legions lack tanks due to the difficulty of finding them and constructing them unlike other legions that were already fully supplied before the heresy. Throughout their history, the Legionaries fought their enemy face to face with minimum support, which is still used by laying out vast suppression fire and assaulting. Jackal Legionaries make use of Havocs greatly and regular marine infantry, though sometimes they summon daemons but only if a sorcerer has accompanied them. Though throughout the years, many other specialized troops such as their “blind fanatics” and “Walking plagues” that are often nicknamed this by imperial guardsmen have been used to devastating effect. None then less the Jackal Legions are an infantry based legion.

The Jackal Legions believe that they are the guardians of the thousand sons. They are indebted to the Changer of Ways and Magnus for saving them from their certain doom. They are the guides for sorcerers and seekers of knowledge; their goal is to spread their teachings through war or trickery, with this in mind they go do battle with those who would deny them. Like the thousand sons, the Jackal Legions constantly wish to evolve and but in contrast will destroy what seems useless in their opinion. With their zeal and undying loyalty to Magnus and the Changer of Ways they go and open the eyes of the unbelievers.

Home world:
Currently the Jackal Legions simply move from place to place sometimes establishing temples on the places in which they conqueror. Though the most visited place of the Jackals would be the imperial world of Tallarn. There they did battle with the desert people in search of the gateway opened long ago only to find nothing and move along only to attack again another time from their fleet.

Battle Cry: ? (haven't thought of one yet)

Kahara heard the sound again as his brethren pressed against the remains of their bunker, the sound of millions of feet and hooves approaching swiftly across the desert. Kahara looked at his brethren, all of them silent and unmoving, their faces covered behind their dark helmets. The thousand sons sorcerer in the corner whispered something to himself as his thralls trembled at the approach of the Tallarn. Kahara took a deep breath and peeked out to get a look at the enemy when the sorcerer stopped him, “there’s no need, victory is certain, I have foreseen it”. Kahara looked back into the dark corner, “let us hope…” he replied. Soon the sound of feet and hooves grew louder and Kahara could hear the ranting of a priest among the mass of enemy infantry. Full of zeal, Kahara muttered a prayer and jumped out into the open, bolt pistol blazing as his men followed him. Within the first seconds, bodies of horses and men piled up in front of them painting the sand red but Kahara paid no attention, he could still hear the priest ranting; it was beginning to irritate him. But his thought process was cut short as the Tallarn climbed over their dead with sharpen knife and lasgun. As Kahara braced himself, a volley of multicolored flame engulfed the first wave of enemies incinerating them instantly. Kahara nodded at the sorcerer and drew his curved power sword only to see another wave of Tallarn emerge in front of him led by the ranting priest wielding a chainsword as large as his body. Kahara grinned and walked slowly forward, if the sorcerer was right then there was nothing to fear was there?

Hideous Loon
06-02-2006, 20:46
Hmm. This is good. This is really good. I haven't seen very many DIY Chaos Marine Legions in a while. There's but one fluff inconsistency, as far as I can see. Ahriman cast his Rubric upon the Marines of the Thousand Sons right after the Heresy. What about the guardians of the Prospero knowledge? Did they not need protection also against the mutating powers of Chaos?

Apart from that, I see no mistakes. Kudos to you.

07-02-2006, 17:34
course some of them got mutated, I can explain that when I write the army list including fluff on each unit.

But my legion was only hastly formed, so some of them with still reg humans, some marines, etc. It was a complete mess before the wolves landed.

But in short one could consider my marines only "half-marine" I guess since they weren't properly outffitted though time allowed them to

07-02-2006, 21:36
What army list are you using, LaTD? Could you post a sample army list? I'd like to see what they field. Cool fluff though...