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06-02-2010, 08:06
I played the Last Stand scenario from the 6th ed BRB today. My 2000pt Dark Elves vs 4000pts of Orcs and Goblins. I didn't play so well and only got half the points needed for a win. Still and enjoyable day.

Our next game is the rematch (almost), 4000pts of Dark Elves vs 2000pts of Dwarfs. I wouldn't mind a few ideas to build my 4000pt army. I know he will be taking Thorek with his Anvil entrentched atop of a hill. My rare choices will be 4 Repeater Bolt Throwers and one Hydra. I only have one Hydra model, though proxies will be permitted.

I am thinking of spliting my army into Khanite and non-Khanite halves. The Khanite part will be led by Crone Hellebron on a Manticore. So although she won't be the army general that half of the army will benefit from her Ld10. I will still have 6 slots for specials. I'm looking at 2/3 units of Witches and 2 units of Executioners, or maybe one fully ranked up unit. They will be supported with a CoB. I only want to take up 4 of the 6 slots with this part of the army, leaving me space for a unit of Black Guard, and one of CoK's. In addition I aim to take Shadowblade and place him in the Anvil unit.

All up so far this leaves me about 2500pts for the other half of the army. I'm looking at a 4th level, and one 2nd level caster. A large unit of Black Guard led by a Dreadlord, with a BSB with the Hydra Banner. A unit large unit of Spearmen to be sacrificed. A basic unit of Crossbowmen and two basic units of corsairs with handbows. Finally a unit of CoK's and a 10 man unit of dark Riders with Shields.

Comments please.

06-02-2010, 08:09
Opps forgot to Add in my rare choices. So the above works out at 4000pts with out the Bolt Throwers and Hydra. So What should I drop to take the Hydra? The CoK's maybe. Might consider not bothering with the Bolt Throwers at all...

Also, this is not a MUST WIN game. The scenario rules are the game plays till the defenders are wiped out. If they can cause more VP's than they are worth they win. At 4000pts it is an oppourtunity to play a few special characters that otherwise never get fielded.

06-02-2010, 08:23
Youll do better typing up a proper list and posting it in the army list section but what you have here looks like a good out line

06-02-2010, 20:18
Last Stand is a fun scenario, but it is lopsided. The attackers always win in my experience.

What we do is to play 2x in a row, once as attacker then once as defender. Works well as the scenario tends to be hard on the defender.

And if the defender gets close to a draw, then it is a morale victory.

06-02-2010, 22:25
Yea thats what we are gonna do, play the reverse next up. I think it you are right that it is lopsided, but most scenario based games will probably turn out to be so. Still reversing the roles in game 2 is the evener. Its funny, we had a BIG hill taking up most of my deployment zone. I took a big stone thrower hit on turn one, then had to fight the urge to move my troops. They were meant to die after all. I would actually like to replay the game as the defender again but take a more aggresive stance and charge off the hill and take on one half of his army at a time.