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07-02-2010, 05:37
I had a game against Warriors of Chaos with my Orcs and Goblins the other day. The list I was using was this:

Blorc Warboss, Pig, H-armour, Ulag's Akrit Axe, Enchant. Shield, Warboss Umm's Best 'at, Iron Gnashes
Blorc Big Boss, BSB, H-armour, Spirit Totem
Goblin Big Boss, Wolf Chariot, L-rmour, Shield, One Hit Wunda, Bauble
Night Gob. Shaman, LvL 2, M-cap Mushrooms, Dispel Scroll

2 X 25 Boyz, Shields, Musician, Banner
2 X 10 Savage Orcs, 2 Hand Weapons, Musician
21 N-Gobs, command, 2 Fanatics
2 X 5 Wolf Riders, Spears, Bows, Musician
2 X 5 Spider Riders, bows, Musician

2 Bolt Throwers
Rock Lobber
Boar Chariot, extra orc
Wolf Chariot, extra gobbo

2 X Pump Wagon

My opponents list looked something like this:

Chaos Lord, Killing Blow weapon, Runefang Shield, on steed
Slaanesh Sorc lvl 1 on Steed of Slaanesh
Chaos Sorc lvl 1 on steed, took fire spells

2 blocks of 15-18ish warriors of chaos, command
20 marauders, command
2 X 5 wolves

5 Knights, mark of tzeentch


I will post up diagrams later, until then please enjoy the text version ;)

Pre-Game thoughtsThe terrain was set up in a very bad way for me. The center was clear but narrow. Two long forests were placed on each side no more than 15 inches apart, and the flanks were of the same size as the center ground. A single hill was on my side dead center in back. I also had a hard time setting up all my stuff. On my side, and had the boar chariot that was in front of a forest and didnt have the possibility to support properly, the giant was behind one of my blocks due to lack of space, and I had a group of savage orcs that ended up on the side on the left because of lack of space. Not a great table for a horde army.... I was happy to put down pump wagons for the first time though.

The units were deployed a little like this...

-----------------(Forest)-------------------------------- (Forest)-------------------
Wolf--Spiders---Boyz---Chariot boss--S-Boyz--Pump--Boyz--bChariot---Pump--Wolf---
--W-Chariot--S-Boyz-Giant--(H-Lobber-Chukker-Chukker-H)-----------Spiders --------

Chaos won first turn, and he decided to take the first turn, to avoid giving me a chance to use my warmachines before he moves.

Turn 1 – Chaos

He moved up his center troops, warriors, marauders, warriors forward, doing some dancing to get them all to fit in the center. The knights decided to try and go through the left woods to avoid my warmachines and make place for his rank and file. The hell cannon passed it's leadership test, and the dogs on both flanks, facing my wolves and spiders inched forward, trying to stay out of the 18 inch charge range of my wolf riders. The cannon misfired and caused a misfire on all mages on the table, and my mage avoided near death and only suffered 1 wound from the result, while his mages got nothing. I won't mention magic, as only a foot of gork was cast throughout the entire game, and it rolled poorly.

Turn 1 – Orcs and Goblins

The left wolves got a”well show em” animosity result and inched forward 5 inches towards his dogs, the left savage orcs bickered, the the left spiders bickered, and so did my right block of warriors, but my general quelled the animosity by killing two boyz. The wolf riders on the left were now in charge range thanks to animosity, and chargedhis dogs. The center pump wagon moved forward 6 inches, and the one on the left flank darted forward 11 inches toward the dogs on the right, and I set up a triangle with the wolf riders, the pump wagon, and the spider riders on the right to trap the dogs out of a charge position. Shooting killed a knight and 2 warriors. The wolf riders on the left killed 3 dogs and lost 1 of their numbers, but the dogs passed their leadership test...

Turn 2 – Chaos

The only charge declared was the Slaanesh Mage decided to charge out of his unit into my boar chariot on the right, and set off the fanatics, that were shot through my generals unit, due to the mad muchrooms, only 2 boyz fell, and the mage took 5 wounds, hitting 1 fanatic and stopping the charge over it, but amazingly enough saved all but 1 wound. Everything else just inched forward, trying to remain out of charge range of my big blocks. The knights moved full speed through the woods. In close combat, the Slaanesh mage dealt 1 to the chariot, and then was killed by the orc charioteers. The wolf riders on the right managed to wipe out the dogs.

Turn 2 – Orcs and Goblins

I decide to call my WAAAAGH to get the charge in on his blocks just out of range, especially the Generals block that I want into his block in order to beat his chaos lord on static CR with help from my general. Unfortunately, the unit only moves 1 inch forward. I then decide to have my general charge the warriors out of his unit, assisted with the chariot charging the same unit. The center Savage orcs are luckier than the general, and surge forward in charge range of the marauders, and have a combined charge with the center pump wagon. The suicidal goblin big boss tries to charge the knights part sticking out of the woods, but fails his fear test. The right wolves charge up his right dogs. My BSB in his unit of boys with shields backs off a bit, seeing that the knights are getting closer, and the wolf riders on the left reposition to be on the side of his knights, and trying to go around the woods part on my end, as his fire mage was in charge range on his side, and march blocking the wolves away. The lobber kills 2 warriors on the left. The battle with the savage orcs, pump wagon, and marauders goes well, with 7 marauders dead, but the champion comes back and kills two savage orcs, and wins the combat by 1. The savage orcs flee, but the pump wagon stays with stubborn! The general's battle is an equal failure. The general doesn't scratch the chaos lord in a duel, but the same is true for the Chaos Lord. The support-chariot only manages to kill 2 knights, and takes 1 wound back. The general flees, but the chariot stays in combat...The wolf riders on the right kill 3 wolves, and no wounds are returned. The dogs stay, due to the proximity of the general.

Turn 3 – Chaos

No charges are declared. The Knights inch backwards in the woods, determined to stay stuck there for the entire battle. The Chaos Lord shuffles around to be able to hit the chariot. The left warriors come forward a little bit, and the cannon also comes closer to the action. The Chaos Lord unsurprisingly destroys the orc chariot, the pump wagon loses combat with the marauders and get run down, and his right dogs are anhialated.

Turn 3 – Orcs and Goblins

During animosity, the left wolf riders roll a “well show 'em” result again, surging forward 5 inches, with just barely puts them in contact with the chaos knights' flank >.< The BSB unit that went back 4 inches last turn also rolle a “we'll show 'e” result, and went forward 5 inches as well. To avoid the knights have the chance to over run the wolf riders out of the woods and into my left flank, I also decide to send out my chariot goblin big boss and my giant after them. The chariot riding big boss fails his fear test again, and stays frozen there, but the giant makes it into combat. The savage orcs in the center continue to flee, and panics a bolt thrower crew who run off the board, but the general rallies successfully. Shooting is a bust, and in hand to hand the wolf riders do nothing, the giant swings with a club and kills 1 knight. The knights then hit back, killing two riders and putting 2 wounds in the giant. The wolf riders flee, through the spider riders, panicking them as well, but the stubborn giant stays in combat.


Post Game Thoughts - The game ended here, mostly due to the store we were playing at closing. The game ended in a tie, had it gone longer, who knows how it might have ended. I was a little bit dissapointed with my performance. I felt that I could have used my numbers better. Losing with orcs and goblins to warriors of chaos on static combat resolution is just sad. I should have been more patient with my warboss, I was mostly afraid that his Lord would charge out of unit first, and then could dictate the battle, although I doubt he would have gotten through my static combat resolution. The Giant charge was not the best idea either, I was hoping for either a result of 1 or 2 with him, where he could have stopped the knights in their tracks, but them hitting before the giant would have probably resulted in me losing out on that battle. I really did enjoy the fanatics move though, 50 points almost killed a 150 point model, and made him think twice about getting too close. Pump Wagons were also an interesting experience, they were so random, they completely broke up my opponent's strategy when they went forward ahead of all my troops, and had the possibility next turn of charging any of his blocks. He actually moved the marauders more forward to prevent this from happening, and gave my savage orcs a good chance of combining the charge without the need of a 6 on animosity. The way they disrupt the battle lines and puts the opponent on edge is priceless.

08-02-2010, 12:08
Shame you had to cut it short, would have been good to see how it panned out.

I had an interesting game vs WoC with my greenskins in a store recently, I got really lucky with my giant vs a 600-odd point block of chaos warriors with a BSB and sorcerer in them, rolled a yell and bawl and they ran off into a unit of night gobbos (even with the reroll and a standard that meant any doubles or a roll of 1 was insane courage)!
I also got lucky one-shotting his sorcerer Lord with a chukka!

Looks like you had a few frustrations with animosity and failed fear tests.

08-02-2010, 13:12
that chaos army was really, really weak.

but orcs and gobbos will struggle even against the weakest of chaos armies. the reason is simple: our best troops (orcs) are actually very similar to their mediocre troops (marauders).

08-02-2010, 13:46
I actually think WoC is a great match up for orcs and goblins. Their cheap and numerous war machines really cut into the chaos's elite, and then what's left can be swarmed.

I assume when Storak says the list is weak it's because it didn't have 4 units of knights in it, which is tough for anyone to fight.

Thanks for the report kaubin, and hopefully next time you will be able to finish.

warlord hack'a
08-02-2010, 14:56
yep, not getting further than turn 3 must be frustrating. And indeed, do not be so suicidal next time, keep your general safely in your unit! Als, next time you fight an enemy with blocks of elite in the center and no shooting nearby, try deploying one or two units of fast cav opposite them, these units are hell for enemy infantry as you can marchblokc, chargeblock and bait and flee at leasure.

08-02-2010, 15:56
Thanks for all the comments :D

This would have been a good match up I think. I made a lot of errors thinking back, and it makes this write up all the better for me. I should have been using my numbers, instead of trying to be the one to get the jump on the enemy units. Thinking back, I was way too concerned about getting the charge off before my opponent than getting in good charges.

Thanks for the reminder on the fast-cavalry comment warlord. I could have done so much with my spiders, who basically just trailed off behind my wolves.

I did have frustrations about not being able to send my suicide chariot due to fear, as I really like seeing this guy in action against knights.

After a few games I don't feel that greenskins are underpowered as much as just harder to play than my Dark Elves. Learning to use the numbers is a lot harder than just pointing your units at the enemy, but I feel that when I master that, the sheer numbers will be enough to take down any elite army.

08-02-2010, 16:13
I think WoC Vs On'G's is a good fight actually :) Orcs do dispel dice quite well, have lots of 35 pt bolt throwers and fast cav.
I like marauders but a marauder with l.armour and shield is the same pts as an orc boy with l.armour shield and choppa.

08-02-2010, 16:21
nice rep, get a rematch and start earlier so you can finish it next time :)

O&G are indeed harder to play well than most armies, even with competent generalship animosity may screw up the best laid plans.

09-02-2010, 12:10
As long as I avoid warriors in a head on fight I usually do OK, unless I can get them in the flank I just avoid them!

I love playing with O&G because they're fun and random, but sometimes it seems to be an endless frustration of best laid plans being ruined by failed psychology and animosity.