View Full Version : Attempted 2k Competitive lizardmen

07-02-2010, 11:01
So after along time contemplating ive decided to go back to building 2k army lista Im a competitive player at heart so thats what ill aim for

So here it is please be honest

Slaan mage priest 325pts
Focus of mystery
focused rumination

Skink priest 405pts
Level 2
Engine of the gods
Plaque of tepok

Saurus scar-veteran 121pts
light armour
great weapon
Charm of the jaguar warrior

18 Saurus 216pts
18 Saurus 216pts

10 Skinks 50pts
10 Skinks 50pts

10 Skink skirmishers 70pts
10 Skink skirmishers 70pts
10 Skink skirmishers 70pts

14 Temple guard 238pts
revered guardian

5 Chameleon skinks 60pts

3 Terradons 90pts

the total comes to 1963pts

so i have 37pts to spend but what on can you help?

Guard of Itza
07-02-2010, 13:30
Start off with dropping the chameleon skinks. Now you have 97 pints to spend, start off with a shield for the scar vet and then perhaps an extra terradon unit. You have most of the elements of a good list, perhaps a dispel scroll level one priest to stop one dangerous spell and be a good place to cast from the slann.