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07-02-2010, 17:23

Truegor Gallagor, Beastlord of the Battlebray herd
Heavy armour, shield
Crown of Horns
Ramhorn Helm
Total: 244pts, he will go with the Bestigors

Dhakar Beastmaster
BSB, heavy armour, additional handweapon, the beast banner.
Total: 273, he will go with the warhounds, beasts he himself trained since they where but little abominational versions of puppies.

Tushul, the dark one
Level 2
Staff of sorcery
Total: 150pts, walks where he wants but most probobly with the gors

Rhakee, shaman of khorne
Jagged dagger
The steel-claws
Total: 120pts Walks with the warrunners to get into the thick of battle quickly. Either he takes the wild lore and bestial surge or lore of beasts and bears anger.

The Warrunners
Gor herd
shields and full command
Total:225pts This unit is an ungor elite unit that counts as gors (beacouse of superior training). Their blue warpaint helps to mark them out.

Gor herd
21 gors
additional handweapons
Total: 165pts

Ungor Herd
30 Ungors

Ungor Herd
30 Ungors

Dhakars hounds
10 warhounds
poisoned attacks and scaly skin
total: 100pts, with Dhakar with them they will be frenzied and have S4, not too bad.


Gallagors Gordians (maybe too bad a pun, consider guardians)
24 Bestigors
Gnarled hide
Total: 358pts, with stubborn ld9 they won't run too easily (own experience proves differently as my hammerers flee more often than my dwarf warriors) and they become a good guard unit for my general.

If anyone wonderred the army hails from Drakwald, a part of the empire I have always liked.

The SkaerKrow
08-02-2010, 15:28
Are Chaos Hounds frenzied with a Gorebull? I don't have the book on hand, but if the addition of Frenzy is predicated upon the unit originally having Primal Fury, Chaos Hounds would receive no benefit.

08-02-2010, 15:40
It's says "Any unit accompanied by a frenzied Doombull or Gorebull is also subject to frenzy, but not to the Primal Fury rule."