View Full Version : 1050 Orcs Without Goblins Foundation List

Grobzokk Sniktoof
07-02-2010, 19:01
210pts 30 Boyz: Musican(5), Boss(15), Standard(10), Shields(30)
150pts 20 Boyz: Musican(5), Boss(15), Standard(10), Spear(20)
150pts 20 Boyz: Musican(5), Boss(15), Standard(10), Shields(20)

168pts Black Orcs: Standard(12), Boss(20), Musican(6)
85pts Chariot: Extra crew(5)
85pts Chariot: Extra crew(5)

205pts Giant

Total: 1053pts

07-02-2010, 21:12
A few pointers

1) No characters - so it's not even a stand-along legal list, you need some big boss to oversee the horde
2) 1050ts? Thats a really strange number, it should be tailored to 1000pts
3) Extra crew on chariots - I'm a big fan of chariots, when the mood takes me I run 4 boar chariots, 2 wolf chariots, and 2 pump wagons - but I never seen the worth in buying extra crew - they kill enough without the extra str 4 attack, and I'd rather buy more boyz for either the core units or warmachine bullies.

At this points level I'd look at

1) Swapping out the blackorcs for a big boss to give you a general.
2) Drop extra crew on chariots (besides, it's a pain to squeeze an extra guy onto the chariot model, it barely holds 2!)
3) Run 2 units of 25 boyz with shields, FC, rather than a unit of 30 and 20 - you need to keep your static combat res for as long as possible.
4) Boyz with spears - lots of people vote NO for the spears, I love them - why? Against undead they are wonderful, you can't break the undead ever on a charge, so extra attacks the following round of combat are glorious. Also, v's other armies...low ini on orcs means you wont be fighting 1st so spears make sense - though the h/w & shield combo for a 4+ armour save is always nice.....
5) Giant - if your just looking to build an orc boyz core it isnt' needed. If your running this as a 1000pt list then keep him. Otherwise swap him out for Black Orcs OR make all 3 units of boyz 30 strong - 30 is magic number for ORc Boyz

Hope this helps

08-02-2010, 16:46
Typically you want to tailor your lists to increments of 500 since that's what people have in mind when building lists, although where I game 2,250 pts is the standard for Fantasy.

10-02-2010, 19:38
1) I think that giant is not a good choice as he can be easily killed by cannons, rbt, etc.
2) You can take shaman(better-two), because 2 big boxes of orks can give them dices. Also Waagh magic can move your slow army into the battle.
3) It is really difficult to deploy 4 boxes of orks, it is better to have 2 boyz+black.
4) You can try boar savages, keeping them with chariot and blocking their LOS.