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07-02-2010, 19:31
hey, i have just made a list out of a load of models i juct got and was wondering what people thought, there is a magic list and a combat list, thoughts? what would you change to make it competitive?

MAGIC HEAVY!!!! ( a sit at the back and shoot list which can adapt to combat when fighting gets close )

- teclis

- Level 2
- seerstaph, powerstone/dispel scroll

- Level 2
- ring of fury, silver wand

- 12 Archers

- 12 Archers

- 15 Seaguard ( full command, shields )

- 15 Seaguard ( full command shields )

- 10 White lions ( full command )

- Bolt thrower
- Bolt thrower
- Bolt thrower
- Great Eagle

COMBAT LIST!! ( charge forwards and mash :))

- Caradryan
- Korhil
- Noble ( dragon armour, White sword, shield, Talisman of loec )

- 20 Spearmen ( full command )
- 20 Spearmen ( full command )

- 10 White lions ( full command - lion standard )

- 5 Dragon princes ( mus, standard - banner of ellyrion - amulet of fire)
- 5 Dragon princes ( mus, standard - standard of balance - amulet of light )

- Lion Chariot
- Lion chariot
- Lion chariot

- Great eagle

so what are your thoughts?

08-02-2010, 17:28
Help call recived.

Charecters - DON'T TAKE TECLIS, he's a pile of poo. In 2k, Take a lord on horse, Korhil OR Carydan and 2 chariot mages (did you see what Timsteve did to my army - enough said). That gives you a bit of everything.

Core - Blocks of 15 spearmen are nails, and archers back them up well. I don't like sea guard, they can only do one thing at a time. I'd rather take a unit of each.

Special - 21 white lions (ranks of 7 - ace!). 2 Lion chariots and 6 dragon princes. Your packin enough elite units to bring down black guard!

Rare - Eagle + 2 bolt throwers, which is pretty standard

Have fun!

11-02-2010, 14:43
I'm not a big fan of teclis, I've run the math on his IF chance and when I've tested him in magic heavy lists I find my level 2's having to face most of the enemies dispel dice. as well for the first list, Seaguard may be good, but without flank breakers they wont be able to stand up to elite infantry, especially only at 15 strong. I don't care for massed str 3 shooting from longbows but if it works for you go ahead. Finally I don't see the reason for 3 RBT's it thing two and two eagles would serve you much better.

As for the second list, if your dead set on not taking a lord choice and want korhil and caradryn together then mount korhil in a lion chariot. Theres a US 5 chariot, korhil has a 2+ save in there and it frees up a special slot. As well I'd buff out the white lion unit if possible, perhaps by dropping a chariot. All in all I much prefer the second one.


11-02-2010, 20:23
If you do take Telcis he should be either your only mage, or coupled with another archmage with the book or a lvl 1 scroll caddy. His power is in ignoring dd, which means they'll hit your back up mages.

That said list 1 has too much core and not enough specials, while list 2 is pretty cool, but the characters feel off, you probably don't need to spend the extra points on those special characters and just build your own nobles (i'd at least drop car as he's not that great unless you're trying to use him in a death star sort of unit), with the extra points take another Eagle or two, they rock.