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07-02-2010, 20:21
I'm trying to get feedback on this 2k tournament list ,so please be as honest as possible...


(focus of mystery, focused rumination, becalming cogitation, cupped hands, bane head, dispel scroll, BSB)


Skink Priest: 435
(Lvl 2, EotG, war drums, plaque of tepok)

Scar vet: 124
(LA, Shields, GW, jaguar charm)


x12 saurus warriors: 150
(musician, spears)

x10 skink skirmishers: 70

x10 skink skirmishers: 70


x16 temple guard: 270
(standard bearer)

x5 chameleon skinks: 60

x3 terradons: 90

x3 terradons: 90


x1 salamander: 80
(extra handler)

x1 salamander: 75

total: 1999

The only thing I would like to do is add another hammer unit, but I don't see how that could be done, if anyone has suggestions on how to accomplish this or if that is even a good idea, please do tell.

08-02-2010, 03:59
drop EOTG, take 5 more TG ad full command and a second block of saurus and add some to your spear block. thats all i see that could give you a hammer, the up is you have more bodies and a saurian stat line is nothing to laugh at, the down is you lose an EOTG, but with a slann AND skink one isnt really needed in a 2k list just yet. just my 2 cents i hope it helps some :)

08-02-2010, 17:04
Sorry, disagree with At'ataxa entirely. Which happens a lot :D

For competitive play, i'd say drop the non-TG saurus entirely. Get another unit of skinks. The competitive 2k list revolves around 3 mini-deathstars, with lots of support. More on that later...

Chameleon skinks... just no. Terradons hunt machines/march block far more efficiently - and you already have 6 of them, which is more than minimum. Trust me, 6-7 support units (3xskinks, 2xterries, 2xsallies in this case) is more than enough.

TG unit is great. I'd think about adding a warbanner in there if you have spare points at the end, as SCR7 with their statlines is just plain fun times.

Scar vet is a bit odd. Yes, you do have the magic sufficient to push through jaguar charm as a suprise, but i generally find its just not worth it - again, terradons can perform the job of hunting lone mages/assassinating/warmachines very well, for cheaper, with other jobs too. Either drop him or convert him to being a help for the TG - i'd suggest dropping.

EotG could possibly go with scroll over war drums? Not a big deal, i just never find war drums does very much for me. If you do this, replace the slann's scroll with a power stone (it really does help). Otherwise, i love the slann, its basically my build :D

Now, as i said earlier, 3 mini-deathstars. TG, EotG and another steg-hero. I usually go with warspear-chief - he provides the crazy punch you want. Yes, it becomes a tight squeeze, but i think its possible. At 2.25k i manage a list similar to this with the above changes, but with a unit of saurus cav and a scar vet to run with them too (only 1 unit of terries tho).

For reference,

Slann Mage Priest with BSB, Warbanner, Cupped Hands of the Old Ones, Bane Head and a Power Stone. Disciplines of Becalming Cogitation, Focus of Mystery and Focused Rumination = 505

Skink Priest with Lv2 Upgrade, Plaque of Tepok and a Dispel Scroll. Mounted on an Engine of the Gods = 430

Skink Chief with Stegadon Warspear. Mounted on an Ancient Stegadon = 380

Saurus Scar Veteran with Piranha Blade, Enchanted Shield and light armour. Mounted on a Cold One = 160

10 Skink Skirmishers with blowpipes = 70
10 Skink Skirmishers with blowpipes = 70
10 Skink Skirmishers with blowpipes = 70

3 Terradons = 90

18 Temple Guard with Standard Bearer and Musician = 309

Salamander with extra handler = 80
Salamander with extra handler = 80

Total = 2244

Incidentally, i'd use 4 terradons (and 2 less TG), but i don't have the model yet

Personally, i find the list is brutal - i don't actually use it at tournaments anymore, only for fully fledged power battles with friends. At 2k, you could use similar, but without the cav and a few other changes i'd think.

08-02-2010, 20:35
Wow, thanks for the really in depth reply Gaargod!

A quick comment about your 2250 list, I see no saurus cav...lol.

Anyways, back on track.

As per your insight on the three mini deathstars, I greatly appreciate the advice. When I was play testing this list my opponents called out right away that all my points were in my TG and EoTG. This allowed them to focus in on these 2 units and generally ignore my others, especially the saurus warriors. I have just finished painting them, but I may have to leave them at home for this one but I still don't know.

If I were to add another expensive unit such as the TG or EoTG, I woud probably opt for a 2nd EoTG. The double burning alignment is just too good to pass up as this is what I run at 2250. But at around 400 points it becomes hard to achieve.

If I drop the saurus hero, I gain 125 points. That and dropping the chameleons, I gain 185 points. If I consolidate my 2 terradon units into one unit of 4, that's 245 points. Losing one salamander, I come to 320. I still have about 100 points to go and I have just lost about half of my support units.

For this reason, I might just want to add a unit of 5 cold one riders or 4 kroxigors. These units are much cheaper and allow for a good counter charge when something hits the front of my temple guard.

And if I kept my saurus warriors I could even pair one hammer with the TG and one hammer with the saurus warriors as as long as they don't get charged by the baddest thing in the opposing army, they should hold.

As for your comment about my saurus hero, I slightly agree. I have 2 units for warmachine hunting and I don't really need that hero for much else other than chariot popping but is that really worth 124 points?

If I keep him however and I just run 1 unit of 4 terradons, he becomes much more important as if the terradons fail, I don't have much to fly up and take out enemy gunners and war machines.

If I do this and drop the chameleons and 1 salamander, I come up to 196 points which can get me the cold one cav. I would only need to drop the war drums to have access to 4 krox.