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08-02-2010, 01:17
so i just decided to start a dwarf army this is more or less a shopping list for models i need to buy but i have started off with a battalion and a box of miners, so without further adieu my list.

Dwarf Lord-256
-Great Weapon
-MR of Swiftness, Rune of Cleaving, Rune of Shielding
-Oath Stone

-Bsb~MR of Valaya

Rune Smith-149
-Spelleater Rune, Rune of Spell Breaking
-Great Weapon

Rune Smith-149
-Rune of Spellbreaking, Rune of Warding
-great weapon

Dwarf Warriors-410
-2 units of 20 w/ full command and shields

-1 unit of 10

-1 unit of 20w/ full command and shields

-20 hammerers w/ full command, rune of stoicism and battle

-20 miners w/ full command and steam drill

-1 cannon w/ engineer and brace of pistol

Bolt Thrower-130
-2 bolt throwers w/ engineer and brace of pistol

Organ Gun-140
-1 Organ Gun w/ engineer and brace of pistol

my friends say that it is pretty rounded, what do you guys think? its not meant to be a competitive army, just one of my side armies i can have fun with.

08-02-2010, 07:06
Hi, I think this army is certainly interesting, it seems quite like a few of my army's with some subtle variations. However your army is illegal in one or two places so let me just clear up exactly where.

#1. Your Dwarf Lord has a Great Weapon with the Master Rune of Swiftness. In order to inscribe runes upon a Great Weapon you must have the Master Rune of Kragg the Grim, as it is a Master Rune, you may not take another Master Rune along with it.

A different combination you might be interested in, is

Dwarf Lord
- Great Weapon inscribed with Master Rune of Kragg the Grim & Rune of Might;
- Gromril Armour inscribed with a Rune of Shielding & Rune of Stone;
- Also has an Oath Stone;
Total: 250 Points

The combination of a Rune of Might & Master Rune of Krag the Grimm enables you to always wound on a 2+. Against opponents less than Toughness 5, you have strength 6, which lets you wound on a 2+. Against opponents of T5 or higher, you double your strength to 8, unless you run into something with Toughness 7 (unlikely at best) you will be wounding on a 2+. This will also let you one-hit-wonder Chariots, something that will get Tomb King players awfully riled up.

#2. Your Organ Gun may not take an Engineer, it does not appear to be allowed in the current incarnation of the Dwarf Army list. You may still attach a Master Engineer to the machine, though to my knowledge he doesn't provide any benefits to the machine unless you entrench it.

#3. This isn't an illegality, more of a quibble. In my personal experience Miners are best used in units of 10 to March Block opposing units, and to destroy War Machines. Since they will more often than-not come on from your opponents table edge, smaller units are more prudent because a larger one is liable to not earn its points back. I can see the appeal of a larger unit, but I personally prefer them in smaller blocks.

Two smaller units are also more likely to appear earlier, since you get two rolls instead of one, and smaller units can also take out two ranged units / War Machines at a time.

08-02-2010, 22:08
i thought you could only take 3 runes, weather that be a M.R. and 2 runes or just 3 runes?

08-02-2010, 22:29
take kragg on the lord with greaweapon give him 2 runes of fury for 6st6attacks its gross.

i would drop the miners i find that iron breakers do well for me with a rune of battle its a great combat res unit.

09-02-2010, 06:46
i thought you could only take 3 runes, weather that be a M.R. and 2 runes or just 3 runes?

Every Character is assumed to have the relevant item in their possession. Each of them has a: Weapon, piece of Armour & Talisman (Ring etc.)

You may take three Runes, on each of these items. You may only take ONE Master Rune per item. But you may have more than one Master Rune per Character, provided they are on different items.

You may for example take the Master Rune of Gromril & the Master Rune of Spite. They are both Master Runes, but one is inscribed on armour and the other on talismans.

Hope this helped.

10-02-2010, 01:45
it did actually, thanks a lot :) i'll get to working on a few changes.

10-02-2010, 15:25
Against opponents of T5 or higher, you double your strength to 8, unless you run into something with Toughness 7 (unlikely at best) you will be wounding on a 2+.

Actually, in the Dwarf FAQ it mentions an issue regarding a Rune of Might combined with the Rune of Cleaving (+1 strength).

The answer was to first add the +1 strength (which equals strength 5), then doubling that (which equals strength 10).

I could only assume that +2 strength would be greater than +1 strength, so ideally it would make the Lord (or Thane) have a strength of 12!

... but, sadly, everything maxes out at 10.

Still, that's a "at least -3 to armor save - I don't care WHO you are". Pretty nice stuff.

(... of a -7 if you're toughness 5... or 6... - take that you Steam Tank!)

10-02-2010, 15:50
I also personally like to have my Dwarf units at their best, rather than have a few more units that, for me, feel like they are just below par.

I hate strength 3, personally, so I never have any combat units in my army with less than strength 4 (Ironbreakers). Because I take a Lord, I can have one more unit of Longbeards than Warriors - so I just take a lone unit of Longbeards. Coupled with a unit of Ironbreakers and Hammerers (for the Lord), I find that the three top Dwarven combat units are tough nails to crack. Sure, Warriors are also good, and Rangers if one knows how to maneuver them well, but as for the "stay put (or truffle-shuffle) and brace for impact", I find that these three are well in respect.

Another thing to point out - banners. I personally revolve around combat resolution - if all else fails, beat them with combat res. It's the Empire way - no?

I love stubborn, and passing break tests when I clearly shouldn't - that way my opponent gets frustrated with their tactics and won't know how to counter to easily (or sometimes, won't know what to do at all!).

The Hammerers are - with the Lord in the unit (as general) - Stubborn and Immune to Fear and Terror (I forget if they're stubborn by themselves or if just with the Lord - but it doesn't matter). I believe Valaya makes the unit Immune to Fear and Terror? Then I'm hoping you're putting your BSB away from your Lord - and most likely into your Longbeards. What I personally do, is this.

Lord on Shieldbearers with Hammerers: Rune of Battle and "roll 1 d6 for break test" rune
Thane on Oath Stone with Ironbreakers: Rune of "stubborn on a 4+" and "roll 1 d6 for break test"
BSB and Runesmith with Longbeards: (combined between BSB and Longbeard banners) Rune of "5+ ward for BSB", Slowness, Battle, "roll 1d6", and "stubborn on a 4+"

With these combinations, each unit is, or can potentially be, stubborn for a turn, as well as pass a break test on 1d6 if need be (which, if they need a 6 or more - it's an auto pass for that one turn). Especially when - not if, always when - you need a unit to hold for a turn, here's where you can do it with no problem at all. Including when you want a unit to hold a charge from Khorne Knights, or Blood Knights, or any kind of Knights, or a Bloodthirster, or from Skulltaker, or whatever - only to counter charge in your next turn. They'll think they can steam roll you, but in actuality you've prepared for their loss without them knowing.

My strategy (and army list) was developed after playing against Bretonnians and finding it hard to survive a 2-1 charge (two of his units charging one of mine). But with this configuration I rendered almost all of his charges useless - to the point that the Bret. player had only the option to challenge my characters or to try going 3-1 charges, just to kill off enough men (which would hardly ever happen).

Plus, the addition of the Slowness rune on the Longbeards was a nice trump card. I never take Warriors - just one unit of Longbeards, Ironbreakers, and Hammerers. With those three units, the Longbeards seem to the weakest unit (Hammerers are stubborn and immune to stuff, Ironbreakers have great WS, good tougness, and a 2+ save). Therefore, it seemed natural that people would want to charge my Longbeards sooner than anything else. So, when giving my Longbeards great weapons in addition to shields, I simply played into their strategy, and waited for the opportunity to have charging Dwarves with W5, S6 attacks coming at them.

Per your current list, I think it's completely possible. You have two units of Warriors - you could very well simply take one of them and make it an Ironbreaker unit (up to 20) and leave the rest to be Warriors. Heck, make a 20-man Ironbreaker unit and have the rest of the Warriors be a flanking force for when you get charged. They have shileds, so their job would be survivability so that you could still get a flank bonus - but more so, negate their ranks - against whomever had the wishful thinking of charging you.

Hope my thoughts help generate good strategies -: )

11-02-2010, 03:08
they did, thanks alot guys for all the helpful hints and tips.