View Full Version : Skyre V Pest - looking for advice

08-02-2010, 08:24
Title pretty much says it all. I'm going up against a pest skaven list with my skyre themed one.
I have (in a nutshell): Screaming bell, bsb, 2x warlock eng. 2x clan rats (30 ea.) with warpfire throwers, rat ogres, giant rats, PWGs, 4x slaves (20 ea.) storm vermin (pushing bell), doom wheel and a warplightening cannon.
I expect to be coming up against something like: 1-2 plague f's, plagueclaw catapult, A-Bomb, and assorted plague monk, slave, giant rats and censer bearer goodness.

Does anyone have any tips for dealing with plague furnaces and the a-bomb?

I plan to do alot of frenzy-baiting with my slaves and giant rats while sending the doom wheel after the a-bomb (shooting it, not combat) and gunning for the furnace with my PWGs and Cannon.