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08-02-2010, 10:43
one of the new beastmen spells

reading about it made me wonder if you were to roll a 6 on both the Strength and Attack bonus, while having cast it on a hero. Would the hero lose the wounds(in this case die) before or after he do his attacks?

Another question
Is 4 horn as a wiz able to exchange his spell to number 1 or does he really have to use the randomly gainwed one for that turn?(which means both a roll of 5 and 6 are impossible to cast -_- )
I assume however that he in his wiz turns also generate a Dispel dice which is always welcomed

08-02-2010, 11:41
You lose a wound on one or more rolls of six. So, if you roll a six for strength and for attacks, you'll still only take one wound.

08-02-2010, 14:25
thanks good it wasn't as twin edged as i thought

but the main thing was do i lose the wound before or after attacking?

I assume it is before in which case if the model only had 1 wound left they die and so won't attack correct?

or they attack and die afterwards?

08-02-2010, 14:40
The effects of the spell are immediate so the wound will be suffered in the magic phase.

08-02-2010, 17:24
The effects of the spell are immediate so the wound will be suffered in the magic phase.

thanks that removes that scenario

but the core of the question is still left

Immediate aka right away makes me think the wound is lost the moment it says so, but the way i've gotten answers still hold open the doubt that a shaman affected by this could finish casting a spell or 2 before losing the wound.

So to put it down to a yes no question

is the model declared dead right away or at the end of the magic phase?

08-02-2010, 17:27
from reading it I would say right away, as you'd resolve the wound as soon as he rolled the 6.

08-02-2010, 19:02
I can't see how there's any ambiguity - if you cast a fireball at someone and they take a wound, they die straight away, not at the end of the phase.

Same deal - cast the spell, resolve the effects.

08-02-2010, 22:09
should be all the confirmation needed
thanks everyone

09-02-2010, 04:22
It's a dreadful spell. It can't even be cast into combat except on the caster. so he has to risk both a miscast and then a wound on himself all while in combat too.

If it could be cast on a mino hero in combat, it would be a quite nice spell...f