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08-02-2010, 17:24
here it is guys.

deathmask,black staff = 560 pts

lokhir fellheart = 250 pts

upgrade to level 2, cold one, ring of hotek = 180 pts

malus darkblade = 275 pts

1 unit of 20 corsairs
full command = 225 pts

assasian = 90 pts

3 units of 10 crossbowmen = 120pts EACH
full command

1 unit of 10 cold one knights = 380pts
full command, standerd of hag greif

20 blackguard with kouran = 405pts
full command, standerd of hag greif

war hydra = 175 pts

bolt thrower = 100pts

ok my theory with this is the hydra, bolt thrower and crossbowmen sit on the back line picking things off, anything stupid enough to attemp to take the hydra etc etc the corsairs and cold ones will attack. im going to put lokhir in the corsairs unit because of his special rule about jumping, darkblade will go with the cold ones and the sorceress will go around banging spells out left right and centre

so what do ya think guys?

Don Zeko
08-02-2010, 18:01
here it is guys.

deathmask,black staff = 560 pts...ring of hotek

Are you mad? Spending 25 points to make your 560-point mage useless is not exactly good list design.

Don Zeko
08-02-2010, 18:09
I'd add that Assassins need equipment and Temple of Khaine upgrades to be effective, so give him the rune of khaine and touch of death, or maybe rending stars, or something. The cloak of twilight complements a strong magic phase nicely, by the way.

Crossbowmen don't need full command, but they do need shields.

Corsairs fight much better with the Sea Serpent Standard, all for a measly 25 points.

Kouran's really not necessary in the Black Guard. Keep him if you insist on having 4(!) special characters, but I'd swap him for a regular champion with the Crimson Death.

You can't take the standard of Hag Graef twice in the same army, so get rid of it on the cold ones and replace with the standard of slaughter. Also, you don't need 10 cold ones plus malus, get rid of two of them.

Sorceresses should never ride cold ones, so put the level 2 on foot in a crossbowmen unit. Better yet, find some points for power dice, err, warriors and give her the sacrificial dagger - you'll be pleasantly surprised by the magic output of a level 4 with the black staff and a level 2 with the dagger.

Other than that, I'd suggest getting some dark riders or harpies by ditching one or two crossbowman units. Good luck and have fun.

09-02-2010, 03:59
Crossbowmen do like musicians, however, so they can run away from charges.

Dark Riders and Harpies are an absolute necessity. It's very hard to play Druchii effectively without them.

09-02-2010, 06:40
Dearie me, where to start...

I really don't like the idea of paying 560 points for a character on foot that has no armour. I'd take an ordinary level 4 mage on a Dark Pegasus with the Pendant and the Black Staff.

Never. Ever. Ever pay 35 points to make a sorceress level 2, and then give her the Ring of Hotek. It's a complete waste of points. In a magic heavy army, I don't think you should take it at all. Also, don't put her on a Cold One. You don't want her to get into combat, she's easy points, and she's only ld 8 so if she runs around on a Cold One and fails her stupidity test she can get left in a world of pain. Give her 2 dispel scrolls and leave her on foot, or else on a Dark Steed.

The assassin is not very good at all without some toys. Give him an additional hand weapon, Rending Stars, Manbane and the Cloak of Twilight.

Drop the full command on the crossbows for shields. Maybe a musician if you want.

The knights don't really want to be more than 6 strong, with Malus that gives them US14- put one knight in the second rank unless you're against bolt throwers/cannons. Give that unit full command, with the Standard of Slaughter and a null talisman on the champion.

20 Black Guard is an awful lot... I'd drop the special character as I don't think he's worth the points, and take 14 with full command and the Standard of Hag Graef. Invest in some harpies to shield the unit.

Try and get at least 3 units of dark riders in with repeater xbows and musicians- at 117 points, these unit are awesome. Harpies as well, Sistine_Shrapnel is right.

And a single Bolt Thrower won't do much... but a pair (or, in 3000 pts, 2 pairs) will keep dragons and 'Thirsters out of the game for a bit longer.

There does appear to one noticeable absence though- you don't have any shades. In my opinion, these chaps are up there with the best units in the game for their points cost when used correctly.They almost always get their points back, and can rip your opponents movement phase to shreds.

Finally, if you can get the points- take a Cauldron of Blood. Those Black Guard become a lot more durable with a 5+ ward save...