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This is the fluff for my LaTD army, tell me what you think...

Index Hereticus
The Aventine Shadow Crusades (Alpha Legion Cell A3.93//)

Recently, due to the actions of Interrogator Fenius(cros.ref.//feniusreport/), it has been revealed that the planet Aventium(cros.ref.//easternfringe/) had been a base of operations for the traitorous Alpha Legion for sometime. Almost the entire population became targets of their deceitful machinations. He has indoctrinated them in his “ Cult of the One Emperor”, convincing them that if the Emperor is allowed to live he will become a Chaos God, the Carrion Lord. But even more distressing is the fact that many have left planet-side with the Alpha Legion. Some four million human inhabitants (including a very large PDF force), plus some three point six million mutants were simply missing. It has since been discerned that, led by the dread Lord Alphonis, they have embarked on a crusade directed at Holy Terra itself. Measures have been taken to make this eventuality impossible, but the crusade is very hard to track, hence the term ‘shadow crusade’. It seems to take the form of many heads, separate forces working independently, but with complementary objectives.

Physical Characteristics
The soldiers of the Aventine PDF wear jet-black ceramite plate with deep-blue fatigues. Their entire uniform reflects an eerie green in the light. The typical man of Aventium has dark hair and a hawkish visage. Many of the men make extensive use of combat stimulants known as MkIV ultra-inductors. Originally they used these to stay awake for hours on end behind enemy lines, but now it is thought various mind-control substances have been added to the sluice.
Alongside the PDF forces a rabble of Aventine peasantry usually gathers. These individuals are the zealous fanatics of the “Cult of the One Emperor”. These groups carry such titles as “The Pilgrims of Lo” and “The Luscian Disciples”. They generally garb themselves in hardened leathers and are armed with various agricultural tools, plus crude pistols (often family heirlooms). These are the only human elements of the Crusades but there are other elements.
The mutants of Aventium were not discovered until late M.39. Until that time they lived in relative peace deep within the planets impenetrable polar swamps and jungles. It has been concluded by Gentitor Cyrdon that the Aventine mutants are a slightly degenerated form of Homo Sapien Variatus, and not Chaos influenced in the least (apart from their association with Alphonis, of course). According to Fenius’ findings Alphonis initially landed on the Pole and made these wily mutants the first converts to his new faith. These mutants make up the vast majority of his forces. It is believed there were over three-point-six million mutants on Aventium before the Crusade was mobilized. When Interrogator Fenius arrived on Aventium, there were none (cros.ref.//feniusreport/). There are two species of mutants, the jungle-dwelling Anquing and the swamp-dwelling Baharu. Both species have cloven hooves, large curling horns, and a mat of dirty, tangled hair. The Baharu are the larger of the two kinds, being muscle bound and quick to anger. The Anquing on the other hand are slight but still resilient and have been found to use armour and weapons scavenged from the battlefield.

The Aventine system lies to the Galactic southeast of Macragge at the trailing tip of the galaxy’s arm. There are four planets in the system: Aventium Primus, Aventium Secundus, Liola, and Brugmansia. Liola is a desolate ice world, home only to deep promethium deposits. Brungmasia on the other hand is a vibrant jungle death world. Settlers from Aventium Primus once tried to settle there, but conditions were too rough and now all that remains is ruins. Aventium Secundus is a dead world, and nothing stirs there. Thus Aventium Primus is the only inhabited world in the system, a feudal agricultural world. It has four main landmasses. The jungles and swamps of Achim-La at the South Pole, the ash wastes of Lasala at the North Pole, and the continent of Lo accented by the Luscian Chain along the equator. The vast majority of inhabitants live on the rolling plains of Lo, farming as they have since the planets founding. There is a small upper-class, however, who live in the relatively small hives which dot the landscape. Istalia, Lorvel, and Quarrel on Lo, with the solitary hive of Corvus being located at the head of the Chain. The PDF is trained in the desolation in the North of Lo, known as Lerna. There they learn their reknowned stealth capabilities.

First Contact
The Imperium is familiar enough with the Aventine PDF, they fought for the Emperors cause until recently. The forces of the Baharu and the Anquing were only first faced in battle a short time ago, when the Crusade made its first strike on the penal colony known as Griseuex, in the system of the same name. A force of Baharu identified as the Korvash Tulum stormed the colony and slaughtered all the Arbites there. It is said they accused the Arbites of heresy as they killed them. They liberated and took all seventeen thousand prisoners with them (presumably to bolster their forces). This was the first indication that the population of Aventium was cooperating with Alphonis and his so-called “Faithful”. The marines of Alpha Legion cell A3.93 have been plaguing the Ultima Segmentum since the end of the Heresy, most notably in the infamous Bhravan Heresies (cros.ref.//bhravanheresies/).

Combat Capabilities
The Aventine PDF fight with the prowess of any Guard force in the Imperium. Their stealth capabilities are remarkably enhanced by the cocktail of combat drugs with they inject at regular intervals. Their tactics have become more advanced recently, most likely due to the influence of the Alpha Legion. Every squad of infantry is assigned a Cyber Mastiff as standard practice. Not only are they a fearsome prospect at close quarters but the men won’t run in their presence, for fear of being run down by these frightening creations.
The Cultists of the One Emperor fight with astounding skill, their charge being especially deadly. Most carry some sort of bladed stave and a crude pistol. There are also those who have taken the role of sappers. Using homemade bombs and explosives these units have proved their skill, blowing away Imperial fortifications with ease.

The Aventine soldieries have all the vehicles and equipment of any other Guard army. Thus their forces have a full compliment of Battle Tanks, Chimaeras, Sentinels, and various other armour. It is also known they possess at least one squadron of Valkyrie landers. Even now, their crusade seems well supplied. It is believed that this is due to a large number of supply caches, hidden on Alphonis’ planned routes many years earlier.
The most feared technology possessed by the Crusade is in the mind of an individual known as Genitor Crassus. It seems he has unlocked the secrets of Progenation and thus can create Space Marines to keep Alphonis’ forces fully stocked. According to recently unearthed records, Crassus was Chief Apothecary of the Second Grand Company of the Alpha Legion before the Heresy. It seems some certain Aventine forces purposely seek out Space Marine battle groups in order to reap more geneseed. It is believed there are approximately fifty marines under Alphonis’ command, but this number is always growing.
The only thing known of their naval assets, the so-called “Shadow Fleet” is that the capitol ship is a Repulsive Grand Cruiser known as “The Emperor’s Wrath”, and it has only been encountered on one occasion.

Threat Index & Imperial Policy
The forces of Alphonis should be feared, and rightly so, they are an elite formation. But what is more dangerous than their battle prowess is their lies and misinformation. The Cult of the One Emperor has gained supporters on over a dozen Imperial worlds on the Eastern fringe. Thankfully they were dispatched before anything like what happened on Aventium occurred. However, who knows on how many planets seeds of heresy have been planted.
Thus suspected cult activity, even supposedly pro-Imperial cults, should be thoroughly searched for signs of Alphonis’ dogma.
When encountered Aventine forces should first be reported and then annihilated, saving a small number for interrogation.


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ohhh.....this is nice, my guard happen to come from the Eastern Fringe, though they fight for the Tau.

but anywho off topic....

It't nice to have more latd out there, very crisp fluff, I didn't know the alpha legion went that far. So are you building an army based off this?

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See the other link in my sig, thats the army list thread, thanks for the comments. Yeah, the Alpha Legion were pretty big in the Eastern areas, their last major offensive was against the Ultramarines in that area. Does everything in the piece seem plausible and cohesive with official fluff?


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Reported Composition of the
Aventine Shadow Crusades

All heads have fully operational and separate naval assets,
Which are not detailed here.
These four are the only known heads, although others almost surely exist.

First Head-The Royal House of Lord Alphonis

Lord Emperor Alphonis
Operative Marach
The Bohemian Guard
The Shieldbearers of Avenbrook (aprox. 800 men)
Sub Cell A3.93.4//
De Insaniatas (aprox. 1700 mutants)
The Korvash Tulum (aprox. 1200 mutants)
Aventine PDF 1st Regiment (aprox. 1,000 men)
With supporting vehicles

Second Head-Strike force Scalus

Captain Scalus
Librarian Amenodon
Sub Cell A3.93.5-10//
-Fifty Space Marines
-with supporting vehicles

Third Head-Genestock Obtainment Force

Genitor Crassus
The Bloodied Hook Tribe (aprox. 2,500 mutants)
De Negra Myrmydones (aprox. 2,100 mutants)
Les Triplee Sorores (aprox. 3,600 mutants)
The Pilgrims of Lo (aprox. 1,800 men)
The Lesalan Disciples (aprox. 2,100 men)
Aventine PDF Regiments 3rd-6th (aprox. 3,000 men)
Valkyrie Lander Squadron

Fourth Head- Ultramar Garrison

Captian Kurtz
Captain Uvenis
The Oathbreakers (aprox. 1,300 men)
The Broken Faith Coven (aprox. 900 men)
Order of the Chalice (aprox. 300 men)
Doomspeakers (aprox. 2,000 men)
The Kalaratri Sakya (aprox. 500 mutants)
De Luno Despairdo (aprox. 1,800 mutants)
Aventine PDF` 2nd Regiment (aprox. 1,000 men)