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09-02-2010, 09:05
395: lv4 Supreme Sorceress (dark pegasus, focus familiar, 3x powerstones)
185: lv2 Sorceress (sacrificial dagger, dispel scroll)
204: Master BSB (cold one, lance, shield, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, hydra banner)

100: 10 RxB's
100: 10 RxB's
180: 20 Warriors (FC, shields, warbanner) [lv2 here]
166: Assassin (2xhand weapons, manbane, rune of khaine, cloak of twilight)
55: 5 Harpies
55: 5 Harpies

209: 7 Cold One Knights (champion) [BSB here]
112: 7 Shades
112: 7 Shades

100: RBT
100: RBT
175: Warhydra

09-02-2010, 09:34
You need more warriors for power dice.

Drop a COK, and upgrade one to a champion with a null talisman.

I'd swap a power stone for a second scroll as well.

Can't help but think that the standard Pendant BSB would do better, he can still joi the unit to give it more punch, or can do a whole lot more on his own than the one you've got at the moment.

09-02-2010, 11:56
do you know just how many attacks the cold one knight unit can deal out with the hydra banner in it?

(its a lot)

09-02-2010, 13:27
Yep, I can add 2 to every model in the front rank.

09-02-2010, 13:49
By tying in your BSB to you CoK unit though you are making the list very one trick. You've only got one fighty hero and he can only really go in one unit. It means you will be very vulnerable to having that unit drawn off, or shot to bits. I also think that 2 units of shades and 2 units of harpies is a lot which are going to have similar-ish roles on the battlefield.

If you are going magic heavy, (which you are!) I think you need to really go magic heavy all out. I think the focus familiar on a pegasus mounted sorceress is probably redundant - you can use the pegasus to get the spells in range. Maybe go for the darkstar cloak or something instead that is going to ramp up the power of your spell casting. Agree with the other poster, maybe swap the dagger for another scroll.

My main comment though would be that I look at the list and it is not immediately apparent what the tactics are, so I would say you certainly need to have in mind exactly what each unit is there for and what your general battle plan is.

Don Zeko
09-02-2010, 18:49
If I were you, I'd turn this into my tournament army. Ok, just kidding, but I think that my list operates on a similar basic plan, but does so more efficiently. So here's what I'd change.
1. give your high sorceress the black staff, and maybe a dispel scroll. It's hard to overstate how good that item is.
2. swap your hydra banner BSB for a cauldron of blood. The cauldron will buff that unit almost as much as the hydra banner on the first turn of combat, but it can also protect the unit from shooting, buff it in subsequent rounds of combat, and can switch to other units if the COK are taken out.
3. You've got enough shooting. get rid of a crossbowman unit and replace it with some dark riders. Get rid of one of those shade units, a harpy unit, and one of the Knights in your Cold One Knights and add another 6 CoK w/champ, musician, and null talisman.
4. Give your crossbowmen shields
5. Give your assassin the cloak of twilight

09-02-2010, 19:02
can a cauldron of blood ever a join a unit? ( joining a unit of WE's for ex.) Don Zeko's addo ons seem like a great alternative, i set my sorceress and assassin the same way, and like the additional CoK. But why shields on the crossbowmen? thats always seemed like a waste of pts to me..

Don Zeko
09-02-2010, 19:24
Crossbowmen w/shields get a 4+ save in close combat, meaning they're often tough enough to beat light units in combat. I figure that's worth 10 points.