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High speed low drag
09-02-2010, 16:48
Hi guys and gals, was looking for some advice on my list for a 1500pt goblin only list which has:

1 night goblin great shaman
2 night goblin shamans

2 units of 40 night goblin archers
3 units of 40 night goblin srears with 3 fanatics in each

2 goblin doom divers

any comments and avice would be good, thanks

10-02-2010, 17:12

Welcome to the all Goblin horde! It's fun times, belive me!

1) Doom Diver - can't take 2, only 1 in a 1500pt army, so lose one.
2) Great Shaman - Can't take him in 1500pt game

You need to look at the small section that appears before the army list stuff, it shows you how many characters and types you can take at different points levels. I noticed you called them HQ so obv your a 40k player mainly, and it's a common mistake to make.

3) 40 archers? nah man! units of 20 with 1 fanatic and a musician, 40 is crap beyond belief!
4) 40 spears? Drop 10 from each unit and add netters to both units, you need netters for the 2 main combat units!

Here an idea of how you can max out the lists - this is what I run for just 1000pts

NG Big Boss, martogs best basha, brimstone bauble, Giant squig, LA/Shield
NG level 2 shaman, mushrooms, staff of baduum

30 NG Spears, FC, netters, 1 fanatic
20 NG archers, musician, 1 fanatic
5 Wolf Riders, bows, musician
5 Spider riders, bows, musician
5 Spider riders, bows, musician

2 spear chuckas
5 squig hoppers

2 pump wagons

Thats only 1000pts! If I had 500pts more...it would be SICK! You need to have units to cover al parts of your game, fast cav are a must, 2 solid blocks of infantary, and then support in form of special choices/rares.

Good luck and let me know if you have more questions