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10-02-2010, 11:02

I had a battle against my old time nemesis and his lizardmen (if someone remembers the tournament report), and this time we took several pictures and actually wrote a BR.


Itīs in portuguese, but it should be understandable from the pictures and report organization (by phases: charge, movement etc.), as also many warhammer terms donīt have a proper portuguese translation and, hence, are in English.

If there is interest, I could translate some parts too. The problem is only that the corresponding pictures to the text would have to be perused at the other link.

By the way, it was again a Lizardmen victory.

10-02-2010, 11:31
Im sure it is a great battlereport. Often is when someone is willing to post his defeat. But your link leads me to a portuguese (?) forum that needs my login. While your effort deserves that I create an account and log in to said forum, I would think that posting the battlereport here or providing a better link would bring more response.

..and good thing youre not the average dark elf boredomhammer player. Keep at that.

10-02-2010, 21:31
Yeah, I realise that simply putting a link to a forum in portuguese (but Brazilian), and one that requires registration too, is not particarly effective... Iīm sorry for that actually, but I wasnīt able to put the images here. I donīt know if it is forum policy, or just me being not very internet capable:D If I learn how to adress that, I should actually write a report in English and post it here with the pictures.

Iīm really sorry that Dark Elves got such a bad reputation our days. It always had been an army that required some quite good gameplay, with good manouvering and decision making. I still think that it is so, but unfortunatelly the new book also makes some boring powergame list building possible. I still favor MSU, agressive combined weapons Dark Elves though, as thatīs what theyīve been done for and it also gives some very good gaming experience for both players.

Having said that, I donīt see the other new armies being that different... just take a look at that Lizardmen list I played against: 2 engines of the gods and Slann, 10 Power Dice + up to 6 more (+1 dice in every magic attempt). Dark Elves donīt have US10, terror causing, stubborn cold blooded units that hit like a brick wagon and make some very powerful magic too. The Hydra is weaker and canīt be taken as mount.
So, DE have BG, with 2 WS5 S4 hatred attacks? Saurus are cheaper and have 2 WS4 S4 attacks + the same in the second rank and they are not T3 5+ save and cold blooded, which almost equals unbreakable.

Or the last empire army I faced, with 2 Steamtanks and 2 cannons, unbreakable Greatswords and Knights. Thatīs 3 unbreakable units, +2 that cause terror and have 10! wounds on T6 with +1 saves.

Or WoC, with far better troops than DE, Kholek, items that cause S8! hits even when charged (got smashed by that once after I made a combined charge with COK in the enemy flank) etc. etc.
Thereīre quite a lot of units that win against BG (the so-called uber unit) on a one-on-one basis easily, like Chaos Warriors, Saurus, Ironbreakers, Knights etc.

But sorry, itīs not the place for that discussion.
In my humble and personal oppinion, the whole system needs a revision to make the game closer to historical wargaming with some spice in the form of magic/monsters and characters, but still to be won and lost on the basis of troops, movement and decision making, not combos and strange special units (just had a very tough game agaisnt skaven, with Bell, the other Censor thing, abomination and Wheel of Doom and tons of special rules. it ended in a draw).


10-02-2010, 22:06
I wasnīt able to put the images here. I donīt know if it is forum policy, or just me being not very internet capable:D If I learn how to adress that, I should actually write a report in English and post it here with the pictures.

It's not you.

For some silly reason they block them in battle report threads while allowing them on project/painting threads.

10-02-2010, 22:16
Well, I guess Iīll have to beg you guys to register in our forum than!:p

Come on, itīs not that hard! I wasted several important hours of my life writing it!
But in ernest though, not allowing the posting of pictures in the BR section doesnīt make very much sense.