View Full Version : 2k Tomb Kings-all advice appreciated

Rik Valdis
07-02-2006, 14:49
OK, here is the idea I have at the moment for a Khemri force, I would appreciate it if you guys would rip it to shreds.

303- King in Chariot with crown of kings, spear of Antarhak, LA, enchanted shield
160-priest (hierophant) with cloak of the dunes and hieratic jar (I figure tis best to have the jar at the end of the magic phase)
140- priest with dispel scroll
140- priest with dispel scroll
169- 16 skellies, HW, LA, SH, FC
169- 16 skellies, HW, LA, SH, FC
170- 3 chariots, FC
195- 3 chariots, FC, banner of the undying legion/warbanner
85- scorpion
85- scorpion
144- 6 carrion (or 2 times 3 carrion, I'm not sure)
110- Catapault with skulls of the foe


I would appreciate any advice I could be given (on the list/gameplay/whatever).

Thanks in advance.

07-02-2006, 20:00
Id make the skel blocks bigger, As they are not astong unit they will need the oyutnumber bonus, Also i believe tomb kings can not raise past their Starting unit size.

Mad Makz
07-02-2006, 23:42
Definitely need bigger Skeleton blocks if going the infantry route. Also I'd consider making the Chariots just one unit of 5. (Or dropping the full command on the second unit and making the primary unit a unit of four and keeping the other as a harrasing/flanking unit).

The reason being that a unit of 3 chariots with full command isn't really going to do enough damage in combat once you factor in loses from shooting and magic without a character, and it is too difficult to co-ordinate multiple incantations as they can dispel one leaving your main unit in the cold. Better to be trying to get an important incantation on a specific unit off more than once, so they really will have a tough time avoiding it.

6 Carrion is probably overkill, drop them down to 3 and use the points to up the skellie units.

I'd consider swapping one of the Liche Priests for a Tomb Prince to give your Skeleton blocks some more fighting power. With the Crown of the Kings on your Tomb King you should be making it more difficult to stop your chariots (combined with the flying Heirophant and the Hieratic Jar) and your other incantations aren't going to be that useful with the skeletons (except on maybe the SSC or tomb scorpion). One tactic I have considered in this regard is deploying the Tomb Prince with the SSC to use his "My Will be Done" on it to fire, and then later on in the game (turn 3 or so) moving him into a unit of nearby Skeletons (he can only move 4" but that means you just need part of the skeleton unit within 4", and then he'll move to the front rank when he joins the unit)

07-02-2006, 23:46
Fubuki is correct about the skellies & the raising - I'd strongly recommend blocks of at least twenty to guarantee they'll hold for a turn even in the face of massive crummbling.

2x3 Carrion is easily the better choice. A six-bird unit is much harder to manouvre, and doesn't have the option of charging from two directions at once! (or charging separate targets, for that matter. :p )

You've got a bit of a tactical conundrum there - half your list is designed to be static (Skellies, Catapult), while the other half is about advancing into combat range (Chariots, Carrion). I'd recommend either strenghtening the shooting subtheme, as shooting is only good when there's a lot of it (say by giving ten or twelve skellies bows; this also gives you the models to bulk the HW&S block up to twenty), or ditching it entirely for more combat models (Ushabti are nice!).

Congratulations, incidentally, on being the first new TK player in months to correctly spell "Scorpion"! :D

08-02-2006, 08:27
With regards to the Carrion there's no need for 6. You can't get all that many in combat against most units, especially against war machines etc. that carrion want to combat. You could go 2 units of 3, but I'd suggest dropping the unit down to 4. This gives you points to spend elsewhere (like some more skellies). The primary role for them is war machine hunting, and 4 lets you outnumber most crew. You've got two scorpions who can also be used in the same role anyway.

I'm with Flypaper in suggesting your army is a bit unfocused. The skellies will be left behind and the chariots may end up a bit isolated. (plus I think TK chariots are awful, but that's just me).