View Full Version : Brass Cleaver + Jagged Dagger + Chariot ?

11-02-2010, 13:23
Is it viable to use a Great Bray-Shaman, place him in a Chariot, give him Brass Cleaver and Jagged Dagger? Would it enable him to have great amount of Dice each turn?

If it is then give Great Bray-Shaman some gifts like extra attack and armour piercing and you're on the way to do some serious damage.

Leth Shyish'phak
11-02-2010, 15:56
I can't see why not with the Cleaver and the extra attack gift. The only requirement is that the model is killed by the bearer.

Although, I don't think that the chariot would give bonus dice, since in every other army book when it says "the bearer" it means the character and not his mount.