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11-02-2010, 15:44
Krazyface sets his sights on the stars

After a fun night of drinking and brawling with his orc buddies, Warboss Krazyface stumbled out of the bar planning to jump in his chariot and fumble his way home, however to his horror he was just in time to see a High Elve pull up to the bar in his star dragon.

The tip of the dragon’s tail scratched the wheel of the chariot and the next second the chariot, boar and all, exploded over the parking lot.

“Hey!!! Waatch wat you’re do’in ya stupid panzy elve!”

The High Elve prince gave the savage orc a sneer before hoping off his dragon to land gracefully on the ground.

“Don’t blame me, you should know better than to take a chariot in today’s current metagame.”

Krazyface gave the prince a confused sideways glance, “Medagame?... Wat?”

“Don’t’ bother your small orc brain with it, now run off and go round up another boar before you anger me more.”

Not one to bend to pressure the warboss walked right up to the prince, and pushed him into the mud.

“How… dare… you?!?! Do you not know who I am? Do you not know what I’m capable of?”

“Um… sum panzy elve in da mud, and you kan cry like a girl un run home to ya momma?”

Standing up and wiping off the mud as best he could, the High Elve prince took off a glove and slapped the warboss across the face with it, “You sir are challenged to a duel.”

Krazyface just smiled, “Bring it…”

So yesterday I watched a great game between Seabo and a WoC player, thinking I wouldn’t get a game in, when one of the old HE players came over wanting to play against me.

He had been playing 40k for a while but with some help from the other local HE player he soon had a new 2250 list and was ready to take on my orcs.

My list:

(Krazyface) Savage orc warboss w/ great axe, armor of gork, amulet of protectyness, battle brew
(Bigrokk) Black orc bigboss BSB w/ spirit totem, heavy armor, boar
(Lil Smashy) Goblin shaman w/ 2 scrolls, wolf chariot
(Welpsly) Night goblin shaman w/ staff of sneaky stealing

24 savage orcs w/ spears, banner, musician
25 boyz w/ shield, banner, musician
25 boyz w/ shield, banner, musician
25 boyz w/ shield, banner
25 boyz w/ shield, banner
28 night goblins w/ nets, banner, musician
5 wolf riders w/ bows, spears, musician
5 wolf riders w/ bows, spears, musician

Orc chariot
Orc chariot
2 spear chukkas
2 spear chukkas

Doom diver

His list: (ish)

Prince w/ lance, dragon armor, shield, ring of fury, star dragon
Lvl 2 mage (high elve lore) w/ 2 scrolls
Lvl 2 mage (shadow lore) who knew a third spell

10 archers
10 archers

20 phoenix guard w/ FC, banner of sorcery
15 sword masters w/ FC, banner of move through difficult terrain
15 sword masters w/ FC
Lion chariot
Lion chariot


The board was 6X4 and he had some linear terrain on the left side of his deployment zone and a building on the right, I had a woods on the left side of my deployment zone and a tower surrounded by linear terrain on the right, and there was a ruin on the left flank.

He deployed from left to right: RBT, archers behind linear terrain, sword masters sword masters w/ mage, lion chariot, phoenix guard w/ mage, lion chariot, archers in the building and the dragon was behind it.

I deployed from left to right: wolves, orcs, shaman chariot, night goblins w/ BSB, shaman, doom diver and spear chukka in the woods, orcs w/ warboss, troll w/ chariot behind, savage orcs (6 wide) w/ a chukka behind them, chariot, orcs, wolves, 2 chukkas behind linear terrain, and orcs on the other side of the tower.

Battle brew gave the warboss stupidity and he won first turn.

Pre-Game Thoughts:

Bloody star dragon… obviously a big part of the game was going to revolve around it but luckily I have a good number of warmachines to deal with it.

The terrain kind of broke up my formation but since I had been the one to set it up for the previous game it was hard for me to complain. That being said the plan was simple: rush the RBT (BSB might also charge in) and then use chariots or set up flank charges to deal with the sword masters. If I could use the troll to set up a flank charge on the phoenix guard then I would but otherwise I would ignore them. Apart from that I just hoped I could deal with the dragon before it ate too much of my army…

Turn 1 HE:

No movement. Magic is a bust. Shooting kills 2 night goblins and an orc. In a way I was glad that he was playing defensively, keeping the dragon behind the building, but at the same time I knew that I would be setup for a terror bomb if I rushed up too quickly.

Turn 1 Orcs:

Warboss’s unit squabbles and the savage orcs rush forward. Stupidity is passed. Left wolves run up to be on the left side of the ruins while the shaman chariot, outer left orcs, and the night goblins move up. The troll runs up while the rest of my line (except the warboss’s unit) moves up to match the savage orcs. The right wolves run behind my line (to go where I need them later) and the far right orcs move up a bit too (if the star dragon went after this lone unit I would be very happy). My magic (which I actually tried to use throughout the game) never did anything so I won’t mention it again. In the shooting phase the doom diver misfires and can’t shoot next turn, and the spear chukkas take 2 wounds off his left lion chariot.

Turn 2 HE:

The main three blocks move up with the chariots shift to the right of the phoenix guard, and the star dragon flies up to be in front of my inner right orcs. Magic phase is shut down. In the shooting phase he does a wound to the wolf chariot, and kills an orc with archers, and then his dragon breath kills another orc and I pass panic.

Turn 2 Orcs:

Terror tests are passed. I declare my Waaagh! And the left wolves run up, the right wolves explode leaving me with two (panic passed), the BSB has to kill a night goblin to keep them in line, the warboss’s unit moves up 1, the inner right orcs move slightly closer to the dragon, and the outer right orcs move towards the linear terrain in an attempt to get closer to the dragon. Stupidity is passed.

This forced me to change my plans as I was hoping to rush the savage orcs into the phoenix guard along with a chariot, but since they didn’t move up they wouldn’t be in range.

I declare a charge with both the left wolves and the shaman chariot into the RBT (hedging my bets since elves cause fear in goblins) but amazingly both units pass… however since the wolves moved in first and the crew lined up with them the chariot hit the flank and swung around, hitting the linear terrain as they did so… destroying the chariot… doh!!! The two regular chariots combo charge his right swordmasters.

The outer left orcs and the night goblins move up to tag team the left swords men while the warboss’s unit also moved up towards them (planning to flee with the unit he charged and then flanking them. The troll moved up to redirect the phoenix guard towards his dragon while the savage orcs reform to be ready to flank them. The inner right orcs just wait to die and the outer right orcs turn and wheel to get around the linear terrain.

In the shooting phase I do three wounds to the star dragon. In combat the RBT crew wiff their attacks and I wipe them out. I then overrun with both units, hoping the shaman would get out of the wolves way so they could hit the archer’s flank, but the shaman only moves 3 inches and blocks the overrun of the wolves (doh!). The chariots kill a mighty 7 swordmasters with impact hits and then when the unit champ and mage wiff their attacks I kill them and run down the unit. This panics the other sword masters who run in front of the linear terrain.

At this point I was feeling really good about the battle. I had taken out a main unit, had already knocked off almost half the dragon’s wounds, and with the swordmasters fleeing I was ready to swarm him… however… in my mind I also though lion chariots were movement 7…

Turn 3 HE:

The lion chariots dual charge the savage orcs (they were just in range), the phoenix guard charge the troll, and the dragon charged the orcs in front of him who fail terror and are run down. (Looking back they had already taken a terror test and so should have just failed a fear test.) The swordmasters rally and the left archers turn and wheel to face the goblins. Magic phase is shut down and in the shooting phase he kills 2 of the left wolves (who pass panic) and an orc. In combat the lion chariots roll poorly for impact hit and after all his attacks are done he killed only eight models, the remaining 4 attacks back and do a wound to the already wounded chariot and I hold (losing frenzy). The phoenix guard only do a wound to the troll, he wounds the mage, and I get run down as the phoenix guard run into the side of the chariot.

Turn 3 Orcs:

Animosity does nothing and stupidity is passed. Seeing as how things were going my way I decide to be more aggressive and charge the outer left orcs and the BSB (out from the night goblins) into his swordmasters. Then the left wolves move to his flank while the shaman moves out of the archers LOS, the chariots turn around to face the rear of the phoenix guard while the warboss’s unit turns to see it’s flank, and the far right orcs move towards center. In the shooting phase the doom diver misfires again and can’t shoot next turn again, but the spear chukkas not only kill the star dragon but then also hit the prince on foot and do a wound. In combat the lion chariots kill only 2 savage orcs and I do a wound to each lion chariot (killing the wounded one) and the last one runs off to stop just before the building while I pass a leadership test to not chase (if I did I would have ran into the phoenix guard’s front). The swordmasters kill only 3 orcs (woohoo!) and then I kill the unit champ and 2 more from the BSB, but he holds (damn!).

Turn 4 HE:

Prince charges the spearchukak that was behind my lines (fear is passed) and the phoenix guard charge my savage orcs who flee and get away. The lion chariot rallies. In the magic phase his phoenix guard now causes terror, and in the shooting phase his archers that turned to see my shaman fail to wound him but the other ones kill an orc. In combat the sword masters kill some orcs, the BSB kills some back, and it’s a draw. The prince kills 2 crew and the third gets away when he breaks.

Turn 4 Orcs:

Animosity makes the night goblins squabble and I pass stupidity. Now I had planned to smash the phoenix guard, but now that they caused terror I didn’t want to take the chance of failed tests so instead I try to charge the left chariot into the lion chariot, but failed my fear test, while the warboss’s unit tried to flank but the wheel was too much and it was a failed charge. The savage orcs and crew rally and face his prince. The wolves run around and the chariotless shaman makes a break for the ruins. The left chariot turns to face the swordmasters and the far right orcs move up. In the shooting phase I kill prince (woohoo!) but fail to destroy his chariot. In the combat phase the swordmasters chop their way to another draw.

Turn 5 HE:

The lion chariot charges into my warbosses unit, making sure not to touch my warboss who is on the edge of the unit, and the phoenix guard try to charge my savage orcs but are out of range. In the magic phase he wants to leave terror on so he doesn’t cast anything, and I dispel the remains in play with my dice. In the shooting phase the shaman is shot down before he reached the ruins and the archers in the building wipe out the left wolves. In combat the swordmasters go on a killing spree and chop down seven orcs (leaving 5), the BSB then kills one back and both of my units break but thankfully get away. The lion chariot kills a few orcs but I win combat and he holds.

Turn 5 Orcs:

Animosity does nothing. The left chariot charges into the flank of the sword masters, the BSB fails to rally and runs into the woods. I move the wolves to redirect the phoenix guard away from the savage orcs and then the savage orcs, right chariot and far right orcs all look to swarm him. I also move the warboss into contact with his lion chariot. In the shooting phase the doom diver misfires AGAIN and can’t shoot next turn AGAIN, and I kill a couple of phoenix guard (he still has full ranks though). In combat the warboss smashes his lion chariot and my chariot kills all but 4 swordmasters but they somehow hold (these are really stubborn swordmasters).

Turn 6 HE:

Looking at not less than five units about to charge them the phoenix guard reform to face my warboss and hope for the best. In the magic phase I manage to just barely keep him from making them cause terror, and just as both of us are day dreaming about how this last mega-combat is going to go… the game is called…

The guy who owns the house we play at told us it was 10:30 pm and since he had to work the next day the game was called and over right then and there…

Very disappointing…

But it was obvious to both of us that even if I didn’t charge the phoenix guard that it would be a win for me, sooo…

Victory to the Orcs!!!

His fellow orcs cheered as Warboss Krazyface beat the High Elve prince into a pulp, tossing his bruised body back into the mud, and then grabbing the star dragon by the horns he pulled it to the ground so he could hop on and fly back home.

It wasn’t his chariot, but it would have to do…

Post-Game Thoughts:

In general I think it went very well, and had I not been so foolish with the charge range of the lion chariots it could have been a lot better. Then again I was lucky to have killed the star dragon after only two rounds of shooting.

The doom diver and the shaman chariot were a bit disappointing but really the wolf chariot blowing up was my mistake and warmachines are renowned for having the odd ‘bad day’.

Those left swordmen made a mess of my orcs, but once again I had that coming as I shouldn’t have been so aggressive and should have waited to setup a flank charge, but the orcy in me got the better of me :p

Thanks for reading!

11-02-2010, 16:16
It sounded like your opponent under used his star dragon. High elf lists with star dragons win or lose depending on how successfully agressive they can be with them.

Turn 4 you state you killed the prince. Did you also kill the dragon in the same phase?

11-02-2010, 16:19
Dragon died turn 3, prince died turn 4.

11-02-2010, 17:25
Gratz on the win Malorian. Sounded like a good game and to bad you had to call it

11-02-2010, 20:05
Grats on a really nice win Mal, was as always a very fun read :D

12-02-2010, 01:05
I love Krazyface...
Hate him and seriously want to pound his ugly mug in but still love him :D

warlord hack'a
12-02-2010, 12:47
nice read and congrats on the win. I simply do not get why people buy expensive CC units, and then not get them into CC asap.

He had very little he could do to take out your warmachines, so on turn 1 he should have manouvered his dragon already, or he should have given you first turn.. He basically wasted his dragon by not going for a flank asap, he should have tried to charge paralel to your battle line, not full frontal into one orc unit, leaving it free to be shot again the next turn..

Phoenix guard apparently are horrible, I guess due to their wardsave? I though swordmasters were the worst (from the enemies perspective)?

12-02-2010, 13:37
If you ask me the best out of the three main elite units are the white lions.

Phoenix guard are defensive but can't really do much in combat, swordmasters are killy can die and break easily, and white lions pack a punch while still having a good save against shooting and are evewn stubborn. At on top of that the moving through woods for free thing for gravy and it's an easy choice for me.

I think he really should have given me first turn if he was going for the terror bomb tactic, but then again I'm generally against taking big expensive monsters anyway. Had all those points been put into getting more of those elite blocks and supporting units it would been a much tougher fight.

Gork or Possibly Mork
12-02-2010, 14:35
"High Elve pull up to the bar in his star dragon."

lol your fluff is the best. The way you put a modern twist and use social situations that we can relate to is hilarious and very enjoyable to read.

He should have been more carful where he parked that hot rod. Krazyface's boltthrower team keyed his dragon and his insurance didn't cover it. lol

Hrokka `Eadsplitter
12-02-2010, 14:56
Ha, best fluff i've ever read :D Congrats on the win

14-02-2010, 20:23
always glad to see your orks getting their playtime, Mal, congrats on a solid game (even with mistakes).

Shadow Lord
18-02-2010, 13:23
A bit late to reply and I'm not a WHF player (more of a 40K kinda dude) but I couldn't resist reading this awesome batrep that started with "An Orc walks out of a bar..." :D
Excellent batrep, nice win and I hope to read more about Krazyface!