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11-02-2010, 17:01
so here's a list i've devised and will be using in an upcoming game this sunday. Its somewhat friendly but with a pretty competitive edge to it. So let me know what you all think and where it can be improved. Its a 2250 level.

Skaven List

Hero Choices

Grey Seer Burnarlitch
Screaming Bell
Staff of Sorcery
Power Stone
Dispel Scroll
D3+1 Warp Tokens
Total Cost: 535

Plague Priest Rictis
Plague Censure
2 Power Stones
Level 2
Total Cost: 191

Engineer Skreeis
Warp Condenser
Dispel Scroll
Level 2
Warp Musket
Total Cost: 155

Eshin Assassin Vitik
Warp Stars
Total Cost: 170


20 Clan Rats
Musician and Standard
shields and spears
Ratling gun
Total Cost:167

20 Clan Rats
Musician and standard
Shields and Hand Weapons
Ratling Guns
Total Cost: 157

15 Storm Vermin
Fang leader with Warp Musket
Ratling Gun
Storm Banner
Total Cost: 195

24 Giant Rats
Pack Master
Total Cost: 79


10 Jezzails
Total Cost: 210

6 Plague Censure Bearers
Plague Chanter
Total Cost: 109

15 Plague Monks
Bringer of the word
Musician and standard
Total Cost: 130


Doom Wheel
Cost: 150

12-02-2010, 03:55
no help? no suggestions?

12-02-2010, 05:39
Just like the othere skaven listes that are floating around on the firsts page here, you are spending way to many points on heros and special and not enough on troops

You should drop 2 charaters, slice the jezzails down to two unites of 3 with sharpshotters.

Then you need atleast 4 unites of 25 clan rats with shields and hand weapons don't bothere with spears they are not worth it. To support the clan rats you will need 4 unites of atleast 20 slaves.

15 storm vermin is not worth it take atleast 25 or drop them, the same goes for the monks. Plague censers are good keep them maybe bye anothere small unit.

Hope it helps

12-02-2010, 13:32
It does help, thank you. I'll look at thelist and consult my pile o' clan rats to see how many i have