View Full Version : High Elf Lion Chariot Theme army 1000 Points

11-02-2010, 18:06
Hi I am just wondering what you think of this army, how it could be improved and tactics.

Korhill 140

12 Archers 132

15 Spearmen with full command 160

Mage Level 2, staff of saffery, Dispell scroll 185

Lion Chariot of Chrace 140

Lion Chariot of Chrace 140

Repeater Bolt thrower 100

11-02-2010, 18:10
I'd seriously drop the mage. At 1000 you won't see much magic to use the DD or scroll, and the pool 2 DD of your opponent is all they need to stop the worst of your magic.

Dropping him would allow you to get a unit of white lions, which of course would fit the theme better :)

I'd also think about using 2 eagles instead of the RBT. Again I think it fits the theme better plus you can use them to hunt warmachines and setup charge for your other units.

11-02-2010, 19:28
Got to agree with Mal, definately drop the mage and swapping for the eagles. I would consider droppin the spearmen unit, you only need 1 core anway.
With those points get Korhil a chariot, allowing him to break ranks, and giving the impression of a true chariot horde and also white lions: you should have enough for 14 naked or 12 with lion banner if you loose 2 archers.

11-02-2010, 20:17
Interesting list, but at 1k it's trying too much. Drop the range units (mage/archers) to go after more cc, the suggestions above being very solid. The RBT can stay if you want as I feel that they fit with any HE army, but the Eagles are an interesting and cheaper idea, you should certainly have more fun with them the RBT if you're tactically minded towards cc.

13-02-2010, 05:13
i love this idea and going to build something similar