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Guard of Itza
11-02-2010, 22:40
So my local Shop is having a tournament and I was hoping to bring my Lizardmen (captain repetition strikes again). I am aware that this is not the most maximized list and would like to keep it from being over the top crazy. Essentially lets avoid saying ancient steg spam but still improve the list as much as possible. Almost all of the battles will be pitched battle but supposedly core units will be valuable.


Salnn Mage –Priest: Two Disciplines of the Ancients, Battle Standard, War Banner, Cube of Darkness, Bane Head 415


Suarus Scar Veteran: Light Armor, Charm of The Jaguar Warrior, Great Weapon, Enchanted Shield 136

Skink Priest: Level Two, Ancient Stegadon With Engine of The Gods,
Plaque Of Tepok 405

Skink Preist: Level Two 100


18 Saurus Warriors: Spears, Musician, Standard Bearer 234

18 Saurus Warriors: Spears, Musician, Standard Bearer 234

10 Sink Skirmishers 70

10 Sink Skirmishers 70


Stegadon 235

16 Temple Guard: Full Command 281

4 Terradons 120


Salamander Hunting Pack 75

Salamander Hunting Pack 75

Plan is to have a core of saurus blocks with some ancient steg protection. One flank will be the steg and some cohorts while the other flank will be salamanders and terradons. As much as possible will be covered by the skirmishers. The slann will most likely take lore of metal every round so bane head is for sniping out standard bearers. In this gaming circle you can choose the disciplines at the beginning of the battle but I will almost always choose Mystery and Rumination.

Let the sorely needed advice flow.

Edit: Made the champion switch and now would only consider taking the skink priest for a cohort unit and an extra salamander (maybe razordon and add the sallies together because I am short on time).

11-02-2010, 23:54
Honestly, it's a great build. I'm not a huge fan of Skink blocks and if I had any advice at all it would be to dump them and maybe try and find points for blowpipe skirmishers. That's not a game breaker by any means.

Also, I really like an extra handler on my Salamanders. Keeps enough handlers around till at least turn two, guaranteed.

Any thoughts on the two disciplines you'll be taking?

Guard of Itza
12-02-2010, 00:29
If there was a point to spare I would have preferred skirmishers to but at the moment it is just not there in a way I can see. Same with salamanders handlers with not enough points.

As I said you can switch disciplines between games with my groups interpretation. I stated though most of the time I will use Focus of Mystery and Focused Rumination.

12-02-2010, 00:31
Ten Skink Cohorts: Musician 56

OK this unit is almost a waste of points unless your think ppl will ignore them or your going to uses them as missle screeners/charge baiters. Other than that list looks pretty good.

Guard of Itza
12-02-2010, 00:53
OK this unit is almost a waste of points unless your think ppl will ignore them or your going to uses them as missle screeners/charge baiters. Other than that list looks pretty good.

No they are my main combat block. If they break in combat my whole battle plan falls to pieces.

Sorry for the sarcasm but what did you think I was using them for? They are exclusively screens and baits. If they are ignored they can earn there points back with a rear charge or a twelve inch charge on a warmachine crew or lone wizard (Rare but it can and sometimes does happen). If they are targeted at all then I am benefitting from my army taking that damage. They are fifty six points of incredible tactical flexibility.

12-02-2010, 02:49
heh, ok sorry but personaly I'd go with onther unit of skirmisher as they have some more flexibility that a rank up unit lacks

12-02-2010, 03:43
Well, I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest where you can get the 24 points you'd need for the two handlers and making that Cohort block into skirmishers. Brace yourself.

Lose the Champions from your Saurus Blocks.

I know they can be very handy. I know they can absorb a challenge and allow your unit a fighting chance in the rest of the Close Combat phase. I know they'll give you two more attacks total in a unit that definitely will be seeing hand-to-hand combat.

But let's look at it like this. 20 more poisoned shots. Twice the width to screen with. And oh so good, those stand and shoot charge reactions on a throw away unit making a charging unit panic. If your opponents are anything like mine, they actually hate those Skirmishing Skinks! They go out of their way to avoid them with an "important" unit. They'll actually waste time trying to kill them because they are so annoying. Plus, Salamanders will exist to fight another day despite your lousy rolling (if you're like me, luck is what kills you in this game, not the other player).

I know it might be hard to drop those champions. In the end I think what you get for doing it will outweigh what the champions could do.

Just a line of reasoning to maybe think over.

Guard of Itza
12-02-2010, 10:45
That is actually the best place to find the points and I never noticed. The only reason that In a way I want the cohorts is that they can negate ranks. Otherwise I am making excuses because I would have to build and paint them before the end of the moth and I still need to finish the terradons. Thank you Stegadeath.

12-02-2010, 14:53
I'm with Stegadeth, drop the champs as they simply aren't worth the points, not on saurus blocks. Only time I run a champ is if I have a character in that unit, it is 12 points to ensure my character gets to fight for a turn.

If at all possible I suggest dropping a salamander pack for a razordon pack, having their flexibility and ability to simply destroy any unit that wants to charge them is amazing.

I know it might be a bit of a stretch, but I personally think the 2nd skink priest is a bit overkill. I run a list almost identical and the EotG+slann has always been plenty of magic, put the dispel on the engine and then you have enough points for another skirmisher unit plus some for extra handlers.

Just some thoughts...

Guard of Itza
13-02-2010, 10:51
I think you are sorely over estimating the power of a razordon. They can only hold as a charge reaction and can sometimes get off a stand and shoot. I would hardly say the ability to destroy and unit that wants to charge. The other priest is not for extra dispel or power dice. He is there for the slann to cast through if by some means my slann unit ends up not facing a target that it wants to.

14-02-2010, 05:53
Understandable with the priest, facing can cause issues I find that it rarely does since I have the steg priest around. I am only going off my personal experience with razordons, and I typically only put them in position to be charged by light cav or skirmishers. I have never not been able to stand and shoot, and they usually destroy what charges them. Thursday night they put 24 shots into a unit of Wild Ryders, and that was the end of them.

I do like the list, hope it serves you well.

Guard of Itza
14-02-2010, 12:39
24 shots would mean that I would need at least two to get that manny. Salamanders are incredible all the time. and I am not getting rid of both of them if any of them at all. Razordons can take out a skirmish or light cav unit but I do not think any of my opponents will make that mistake. Salamanders are great for taking off armor saves on expensive non daemon models and causes panic in non immune to psychology cheap models. I know the other priest is there but I usually have them running near to each other so they often end up facing the same way.

Thank you for the input though. I guess it is just one of those elements that comes down to personal taste.

14-02-2010, 14:39
The great thing about the Skink Priest on foot is he is treated as skirmisher. 360 degree Line of Sight. If he is channeling for the Slann, look out!

15-02-2010, 00:27
Agreed on the skirmisher, and I actually run a pack of 2 salamanders and one of 2 razordons. Because I simply couldn't choose.

I once got a unit of salamanders in the flank of a skaven army and they simply caused havoc, it was a fitting end to the rat scum.

Guard of Itza
18-02-2010, 15:39
Rather than make a new thread I decided to just make the changes I needed here. I have to drop the dispel scroll due to tournament restrictions, this leaves me 31 points to toy around with, suggestions. I would hate to waste such a unexpected but pleasant change.