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12-02-2010, 02:45
Hi guys,

I am playing in a mini tourney tonight, 800pts a piece. I have come up with the following list based on what I have, I would appreciate any feedback on it.

Plague Priest
- Level 2 Upgrade
- Flail

Warlock Engineer
- Level 2 Upgrade
- Warp Energy Condenser

25 Clanrats
- Full Command
- Shields

25 Clanrats
- Full Command
- Shields

21 Slaves
- Musician

20 Plaguemonks
- Full Command
- Shroud of Dripping Death (Magic Banner)

1 Packmaster
10 Giant Rats

Total 801
Power Dice 6
* Warlock Engineer has a 33% chance of generating an extra dice.

I could swap the giant rats for a Warp Scroll on my plague priest, which would possibly help dealing with heavy armour.

Any thoughts or feedback?

Thank you.

bert n ernie
12-02-2010, 03:28
The list looks to me like a chunk of my 2000pt list,.
Every unit there, in my opinion, is at a great size.
Unfortunately the only thing which can get through armour is the plague priest. Even then he's only doing it on the first turn of combat.
The slave unit, monks and one clanrat unit can support each other well enough. You might want to leave out that other clanrat unit in favour of plague censer bearers (fantastic!). They can deal with the foes that you currently can't deal with.
The plague monk unit with the shroud and the priest will be able to deal with small units of cavalry, but it won't be great against them, and if a basic character or a powerful champion challenges the priest he will die. If a few models in the unit target the priest he will probably die too. The shroud is good, but it is only 3 S3 hits. It also really comes into it's own when your unit runs, but you don't want them running.
Typically plague monks are great at taking out lightly armoured enemy units. Why not try and take advantage of that instead of making them the lynch pin of your army? You could swop the current banner with the banner of underempire so that you're more protected from flank charges, and can really put the hurt on lightly armoured foes.
Be careful with the priest. He has a short range for his magic, so it won't come into effect early in the game, leaving your warlock to do duties by himself until you're really close. In your situation I'd consider swaping out one magic user so you have iehter two warlocks or two priests. I often run a priest on a pox rat running with a block of giant rats, but I don't know your model limitations.
Apart from the plague censers you could either squeeze out some points for another slave unit, or you could add a master moulder to your giant rat unit. He goes in the front rant so if you give him a great weapon, and he hits the flanks you'll do a lot of damage to any unit.
Good luck, let us know how it goes.

12-02-2010, 03:49
thanks for the feedback but i am very limited to what i can take, as im just starting fantasy.

all i have thats not in this list is an assassin or some rat ogres, or some more slaves.

I will eventually be able to afford some plague censors and more heroes, but for now, i will habe to play with what i have.

I am considering swapping the giant rats for a warp scroll on the plague priest, which has 24" range and ignores armour, what do you think?

The downside is that i may not be able to pull off flank charges. very easily.

One list I am determined to beat will be about 6 chaos marauder horseman, and 2x 5 knights or something like that. Any tips on taking this down would be appreciated!