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12-02-2010, 12:37
1. if a unit of Wild Riders, (3" away) charges a unit of skinks, the skinks flee and run away 12", landing them behind a unit of saurus warriors, do the skinks count as caught or are they saved by the warriors. (=is it handeled the same way as a pursuit move, considered to have rolled for 16" and then the values are just compared?)

2. if it happens that two characters ond a monster, (e.g. noble ond stag and spellsinger on unicorn) have joined a unit that gets charged an wiped out, including the two characters, leaving only the two monsters, and one of those becomes unbreakable (monster reaction), do they still count as one unbreakable unit until the combat is over or are they considered two separate units?

3. if a unit passes its terror test at the beginning of a turn, does it still have to pass a fear test if it wants to charge the terror causing unit?

4. if the skink priest and stegadon are in a challenge, can the crew still attack/be attacked?

12-02-2010, 12:41
1. Fleeing troops move before chargers do. It is not the same as a persuit move.
2. Decide amongst yourselves, there's no specific answer.
3. Yes, as it stills Fears the terror causer.
4. No they cannot, nor are they allowed to attack. Although some items can still hit them if they are in base contact.

Necromancy Black
12-02-2010, 12:46
Agree with theunwantedbeing on all accounts.

12-02-2010, 13:48
1. You move fleeing units in the compulsory movement part of the phase. The chargers only catch them (in the move chargers part) if they move to (and through) the fleing unit.

Since the skinks have fled through a unit of saurus it is likely that the chargers will be unable to reach them simply because their path is blocked by an intervening unit.

2. The rulebook does not cover the situation. No compulsion exists to break up units that are composed of models that, if separated, could not join up. Most take it for granted that the unit will split up, however.

One way to do this to separate them at the end of the phase.

3. Yes. The unit still causes terror, which means it also causes fear. Even though your unit has taken its single required terror test for the game it still needs to take fear tests for units that cause fear or terror.