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13-02-2010, 19:32
Heavy armour, Shield
Gnarled Hide, Slug-Skin, Brass cleaver, Ramhorn Helm, Shadow Hide,

1+/0+ Save, 3-4 attacks on S3, 8-9 attacks on s6, + attacks from the armour saves that are on 0+ on CC, + impacts max 3 = max attacks on one round = 16 + the save attacks if someone is alive to hit back!!

Bray Shaman: (goes either alone or in gor unit)
2lvl, Jagged Dagger, Steel Claws,
Tuskgor Chariot

Bray Shaman: (goes with the big gor herd)
2lvl, Hagtree fetish, Dispel Scroll

Wargor: (Goes with Bestigors)
BSB, The Beast Banner
Heavy armour,Shield,

20 x Gor: Add. hand weapon, full command: 185pts
15 x Gor: Add. hand weapon, full command: 145pts
5 x Raider: 30pts
5 x Raider: 30pts
6 x warhounds: 36pts

20 x Bestigor: full Command, Banner of Rust, Stone of spite, 345pts
Warhounds and raiders run around the unit, they don't need the saves
and they block the unit from missile fire, with the bsb on the unit they hit s7, making any high toughness army tremble when they attack, especially chariots etc. the stone of spite is used if there is very magic heavy army against this, and so that own shamans are atleast 20" away from the gougehorn who carries it.

Cygor: 275pts
Cygor: 275pts
2 x stonethrowers for the game + screws up with others magic a bit
also works as missile lures from the beast units and doombull
Doombull might be running behind one of them..


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