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14-02-2010, 00:57
I was asking myself some questions about the super Hellcannon...

First: When it charge (with full unit (3 dwarfs) PS: not in rampage!), does he charge 12'' away or only a fast as the lowest movement carac. (meaning 6'')

Second: In normal movement (not rampage), his units is like a skirmisher unit, so they are not blocked by difficult terrain, right?

Third: And in that normal movement phase, they can move only 6'' or 12''?? If its 6'', why it could charge 12'' away then??

Thnaks a lot for your answers. And please don't just give personnal toughts, but more rules speculations;)

and again, thanks for your reply!

14-02-2010, 01:48
I believe it counts as a monster and herders, and there are specific rules for them. As far as i remember it charges and moves 6" unless rampaging. It ignores difficult terrain unless charging, herded monsters don't count as skirmished whilst charging (i think this also means it has a 90 degree arc when charging, rather then the skirmished 360).

14-02-2010, 02:59
When charging, the handlers are ignored. Thus, it charges 12" and does not ignore terrain then. Note that the handlers rank up behind the cannon then. Normally, it moves 3" (and can march at double speed) as a skirmisher.

14-02-2010, 09:16
Indeed. The Hellcannon is "treated as a monster with handlers" (Warriors of Chaos, p.66). The rules for mosters and handlers are found in the rulebook (p. 67) in the section detailing skirmishers.

Personally, I found this slightly confusing since I would expect this would more properly be detailed in the monsters rules.


15-02-2010, 04:41
The answers to your questions can be found both in the BRB and the WoC FAQ on GW's site.

The hellcannon and its crew are a monster with handlers, and as such move as skirmishers for normal movement/marching. When marching or moving, a unit is only as fast as its slowest model, so the cannon and crew may move
3" in the movement phase, or 6" if marching (in any direction) unimpeded by difficult terrain.

If you wish to charge, the hellcannon (monster) may charge at double its movement rate; the caveat here is that when declaring a charge, the monster suddenly develops arcs of sight and may only declare a charge against a unit visible to its front arc. Contrary to normal rules, the dwarf crew may move further than 6" to rank up behind the hellcannon, unless the distance charged was small enough to allow the dwarves to reach the enemy with their own movement.

Lastly, when rampaging, the monster moves 3d6" towards an enemy it can see (with any sight benefits afforded to both skirmishers and large targets.) This movement is unimpeded by difficult terrain. If the movement results in a charge declaration, the declaration can be made against visible enemy units that were not in the hellcannon's front arc before movement began. Again, the dwarf crew will adjust their movement to rank behind the hellcannon.

15-02-2010, 13:27
Thank you all! Theses answers are great, it's pretty clear now.

Only one thing still subsist in my mind. I've read that the Hellcannon, when he's making a rampage move, he is ''unimpeded'' by terrain. Does that mean unnafected?

Because, at first, I thought this move was not affected by skirmish rule. But, if I understand, if the Hellcannon is making the rampage move, this mean he's not making a ''legit charge'', so he's keeping the skirmish rule, right??

15-02-2010, 14:25
Shakedown47, the only things you stated that hadn't been said before were that the hellcannon has 360 line of sight, which is false, and that the hellcannon rampages towards the nearest visible enemy, which is also false.

The hellcannon is not a skirmisher. It's a monster with handlers that moves as a skirmisher.

Rampage goes towards the nearest enemy, irrespective of LoS.