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15-02-2010, 00:05
Ive put together a 1000pt Ogre Army. Supposed to be all comers. Im gonna expand it when the all the new stuff is coming out a bit later... For now im using models that i wont need to update and will fill out the list with new goodies later on. Let me know what you think. Im going for maneuverable and should be able to play in all phases.


-Bang Stick

3 Bulls
-LA, IF, Bellower

3 Bulls

3 Ironguts

8 Trappers

2 Leadbelchers


15-02-2010, 02:04

A few thoughts:
- a dispel scroll is always handy.
- you are spending alot of points on bellowers and other flashy stuff. Generally, I like having a single unit at 1000 points that is a genuine hammer on the table.
- Trappers, while cool, are not essential

here is what I would do to squeeze more out of the list.
- drop the trappers, run just one unit of bulls naked and drop the bellower in the unit of leadbelchers and the ironguts
- add three Ironguts with banner, warbanner, bellower, a dispel scroll for your butcher and heavy armour for your bruiser. (Warguts)

Total 997 pts

Run the Bruiser in the unit of Warguts and now you actually have a unit to be feared.

Carlos the Craven