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15-02-2010, 05:06
I played two games in the last week with Orcs and Goblins. Both games ended (w00t), and they both ended in a massacre. The first game was against lizardmen, and I will post it in Malorian's thread if I somehow manage to get a dwarf game this month. If not, then I will probably write up a report for that game sometime in march. The other game was against Bretonnians. I was playing against our local Daemons of Chaos player, who recently purchased a bretonnians army, because he felt that the daemons lacked some punch...he also happens to be the unluckiest player at our club, and even though he plays cheesed out Tzeentch lists, he usually gets massacred due to lady luck.

I decided to try new things in this game. For 1, I had 2 lvl 2 mages. I'm not a fan of the arcane items and so it's very hard for me to equip orc and goblin shamans. I also tried having two expensive terror causers in this game, a wyvern and a giant. I also wanted to try Arrer Boyz, and finally, I put in the Horn of Urgok, which I considered practically useless as it only lasts your turn, and wanted to test it to see if it's as bad as I thought.

Here was our lists:

Blorc W-boss, Armour, Wyvern, Screaming Sword, Kickin' Boots, Enchanted Shield, on Wyvern
Blorc BSB on Pig, Umm's Best 'at, Nibla's Ring
Orc Shaman, Horn
N gobbo Shaman, Pipes of Doom

2 X 23 Orc Boyz, Shields, Jazz and Banner
10 Arrer Boyz, Jazz
2 X 5 Wolves, bows, spears, Jazz
2 X 5 Spiders, bows, Jazz
25 Night gobbos, nets, 2 fanatics, command

2 Chukkas
2 Wolf Chariots

Doom diver

Lord on steed
Paladin on steed
Paladin on steed
Damsel on steed, dispel scrolls

10 skirmish Archers
10 Archers

2 X 12 Knights of the Realm, command, spear formation
3 Pegasus Knights, champ
9 Grail Knights, command

The terrain remained reletively open. We wants to give way to a blood bath, something not possible with 100,000 forests. Each deployment side had two hills, there was a building on the right, and a forest on the left. He deployed first, and put his archers on the hills, his knights in the center, and his pegs on the side to get my war machines. Unfortunately, I had almost double his drops, and was able to play my Wyvern lord on the right side to prevent his knights from getting too close to my war machines.


Pre-game thoughts lots of heavy cavalry and high movement troops, my big-block infantry army night have issues with this. The plan in the case was to set up traps for the knights using my fast cavalry, and hopefully get failed charges on his part to bring his knights within charge range after eith a lucky WAAAAAGH!!! Plan B was to get my Wyvern Lord to sweep the flanks, but those Pegasus Knights might give me a hard time.

Turn 1 Orcs and Goblins

He prayed, which meant that the first turn was mine! Animosity blocked off my left wolves and my left block of Boyz, as well as my Arrers, which meant they couldn't threaten the Pegasus Knight's position. The left most spiders moved up just out of the forest to retain their cover from his archers. My center moved up around 8 inches, as I calculated that this was the charge-safe amount that I could move given his charge range and placed my wolves on the right in the way to incite a charge. Magic he let the horn go through, thinking that it was a retarded spell as it ended en of my turn. Not bringing up my esteem of that spell so far... Then the ring targeted his left paladin, and he failed to dispel on 1 dice, so his character started with 1 wound. Rest of magic was a bust. Shooting had the diver kill 2 knights out of the damsel's unit.


Turn 1 Bretts

The only movement that took place was the Peg Knights moving behind his lines to dissuade my Wyvern Rider to get close to his battle lines. My dual wolf chariots waiting for the charge on my wolf riders dissuaded his knights from moving at all. Magic did nothing, and all his shooting killed 1 wolf rider.


Turn 2 Orcs and Goblins

Animosity brought my spiders on the left out of the woods, in charge range of the left archers, and the arrer boyz were fighting again. I charged my spiders into his archers, and an awesome stand an shoot reaction eliminated them all. The left wolves moved center to block his charges from that side too, and the left Boyz lined up with my battle line. The right chariot moved next to the building to flank anything that dared come through, and my general moved forward close as possible to the knights on the far right, hoping to terror panic them, but fel 1 inch short. Magic had Horn go off again, but the ring and everything else was dispelled or failed. Shooting snapped too grail knights and two knights from the damsel's knights unit.


Turn 2 Bretts

His Pegasus Knights decided to try and attack my general, and charged through the terror. Everything else stayed put for fear of my chariots and the cumbersomeness of my wolves. Magic did nothing. Shooting was insane, and his archers completely destroyed my two units of wolf riders! In close combat the Pegasus Knights fluffed their attacks, and the pegasus' couldn't get through the generals toughness and armour. My general responded with his 6 str 6 attacks, killing 1 knight and wounding the champion. Winning the combat, the Peg Knights rolled insane courage.


Turn 3 Orcs and Goblins

Animosity had my arrer boyz surge straight forward, everything else acted normal. With no more fast cavalry, and being in no hurry to get charged, I just left my battle line put. Magic had horn of urgok go through no problem again, and the ring and the rest drew out a scroll, and my N-gobbo mage forgot the foot of gork spell due to a miscast. Phew, miscast freak me out with this army! Shooting killed 3 more grail knights and about 4 knights from the damsel's unit. A big part of this had to do with piercing from bolt throwers, and his static game play leading me to perfect my guess ranges for maximum impact, as well as two direct hits. Break tests had the damsel's unit stay, but the Grail Knights fled, all thanks to the Horn, as they were just 1 down! They nearly escaped the edge of the table. My General finished off those Peg Knights.


Turn 3 Bretts

With no wolves left to prevent his charge movements, he moved his troops forward to organize a turn 4 charge, but assured that my blocks could not charge him. The Grail Knights rallied. Magic had him cast bear's anger on his damsel and dealt 2 wounds on my center chariot. Shooting had hopes to end my chariot but did zip.


Turn 4 Orcs and Goblins

Waaagh was declared. My left most Boyz block ran forward 6 inches, in charge range of his knights. The Damsel unit got dual charged by my two wolf chariots. My Wyvern flank-charged his General's unit. Terror test failed, and a weak flee roll later and my Wyvern General made the block and general disapear. Everything moved up forward in case the dual chariots failed. After the Grail Knight incident he spent two dice to dispel the Horn of Urgork bound spell! I then successfully cast the WAAAAGH spell on 12! With only 2 dispel dice left, he failed to dispel it, and my General made it into the Grail Knights unit, the giant made it into the damsel unit, as did my block of Boyz on the right. The crew from my war machine and the arrer boyz just moved forward, and the night goblins moved forward enough to shoot out a fanatic in the damsel unit, and the other just moved forward 3 inches. Close combat had the chariots kill all but the damsel, and the giant thumped her with his club (twas brutal). The flanking chariot over ran into the left unit of knights in combat with my left Boyz, and the other chariot held back succesfully, and the giant also moved forward. My General slaughtered the Grail Knights, and the remaining 2 or 3 models fled off he board as the Wyvern Rider held back. At this point, with a chariot in his last bock of knights set up for next turn, and nothing but archers, he just threw in the towel, giving me a.....




Post Game thoughts This was his first game with bretonnians and my War Machines performed extremely well. I think the game would have been something different had he played a more aggressive game, although my traps and use of Waaaaagh worked extremely well, exactly as planned. Horn of Urgork has a new found respect for me. Cause Panic tests and it's really powerful. Spell 6 for the Big Waagh, Waaagh, is extremely powerful. It finished the game, basically, and cut out his only chance of getting the game back. Very nasty spell. I am still not convinced about the Arrer Boyza though, they did nothing during the game, although I suppose I can attribute them to protecting the war machines from Peg Nights. On the other hand, my Wyvern guy was probably the biggest turn off. I did realize after this just how hard it is to deal with a Wyvern Warboss. I thought that the Wyvern with only 3 attacks was a turn off, but the Warboss on top is so insanely powerful! With the Sword and Boots, he can get up to 9 str 9 attacks with 3 str 6 attacks. Enough to break ranks and sweep an entire army that isn't prepared for it!

warlord hack'a
15-02-2010, 09:52
congrats on the win, but a knight heavy bret force waiting for 3 turns? come on, why on earth? By the looks on your diagram he should have moved forward on his turn 1 as although your wolves were in front of your troops to block him from getting to your main battelline, they were also in front of your troops blocking your own troops (notably one wolf chariot) from charging them. So he should have moved closer to those wolves, but stay out of the 12"charge of the giant. Next turn you could have charged him with one wolf chariot only, a block of knights can easily handle that! Throwing in your wolf riders would have made maters only worse for you.

SO then on your turn 2 you would be stuck there behind your wolves, and all you could have done was either moe them out of the way, or angle them some more. However, however you angled he would always hit something on his overrun.

Whatever he was going to do, standing still for three turns is NOT a good idea if you have a force that is almost exclusively (except for some ACE archers!) made for CC. Talking about the archers, he should have shot your lord the first opportunity he had. there are 10 skirmishing archers on that hill, they might have even hit him!

looking forward to you other reports!

p.s. he did remenber his ward saves right?

15-02-2010, 11:31
Yup, that was definately some missed opportunities on his side, he was really afraid of not getting his strength charge bonus, although I get the feeling he doesn't appreciate static combat resolution enough. I did try to help him, as this was his first time playing with the brets, and told him he should be more aggressive, especially with my war machines in the picture, and I was definitely expecting him to come over some more, which is why I was trying so hard to get some terror panic going on turn 2.

I made sure he didn't forget his wards. Those bolt throwers were so on, both were hitting pretty consistently every turn, but were stopped equally consistently by his 5+ ward. We'll have a rematch in 2 weeks if nothing goes wrong until then.

15-02-2010, 12:51
thanks for a good rep, I agree that your opponent should have been more aggressive but still congrats on the win :D

15-02-2010, 14:25
Very nicely put together report, nicely played game, boxing him in.

Grail Knights are ITP so they dont take panic tests

15-02-2010, 14:48
This sounds like the most perfect performance you will ever get with greenskins. (with some help from the enemy^^)
But sometimes, just sometimes the stars align...

15-02-2010, 16:48
I wish the Bretonnians I fight against would wait to charge me ;)
Bretonnia is all about the sledgehammer

16-02-2010, 14:08
I wish the Bretonnians I fight against would wait to charge me ;)
Bretonnia is all about the sledgehammer

I wait until turn 2... :angel:

Nice battle report. The diagrams were perfect.

16-02-2010, 15:55
If I bring 2 trebs, sometimes I wait til turn 3