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15-02-2010, 07:01
Revision 1 (dropped 4 spiders, 1 fantic for 4 bases snotlings)
Hey all,

So just won a doubles tourny on the weekend - I used 1000pts all Gobbos with my mates 1000pt all Orc list. We faced Dwarf:Dark Elf, Empire:WoC, Dark Elf: Brets.

In all 3 games it was my Gobbos that faced the enemy, they died in droves, and they won us the 3 games. Game 1 - for the first FOUR turns my 1000pts took on 1700 pts of Dwarves & Dark Elves and I mauled them!

So heres a 2500pt list for your consideration for the tourny end of this month:

Skarsnick & Gobbla
Night Goblin Shaman, level 2, Staff of Badum, Mushrooms
Forest Goblin Big Boss, Light armour, BSB, Rowdy Grots bannor, Gigantic Spider
Night Goblin Big Boss, Light armour, shield, martogs best basha, Brimstone bauble, Giant Squig

5 Spider Riders, musician, bows
5 Spider Riders, musician, bows
5 Spider Riders, musician, bows
5 Spider Riders, musician, bows
6 Spider Riders, musician, bows
5 Wolf Riders, musician, bows
5 Wolf Riders, musician, bows
20 Night Goblin Archers, full command, bows, 1 fanatics
30 Night Goblin Archers, full command, netters, spears, 2 fanatics
30 Night Goblin Archers, full command, netters, spears, 2 fanatics
29 Night Goblin Archers, full command, netters, spears, 2 fanatics
2 Snotling bases
2 Snotling bases

Spear Chucka
Spear Chucka
Rock Lobba
10 Squig Hoppers
Wolf Chariot

Doom Diver
Snotling Pump Wagon
Snotling Pump Wagon

Army Stats

4 casting dice
3 dispell dice
192 models!

Lots of cool stuff, but I obv suffer in magic defence

I really want to use Skarsnick - he's a great model!
I really want to use my Spider BSB - another great model!
I have to take 1 shaman at least
I really love the dude on giant squig - but may be forced to take another level2.....

I still have other units:

another wolf chariot
3 Squig herder teams
7 trolls
4 spear chuckas
2 rock lobbas
2 giants

and lots of skull pass night gobbos

Let me know what you think?! Thanks all!

15-02-2010, 14:20
ps - sadly i dont have NG with hw/shld, just spears from the skull pass sets

15-02-2010, 14:37
Looks like a very storng list, a few things I would change is dropping the Shaman down to level 1- 2 scrolls, chariot. With only 4 Pd you'd be very lucky to get any spells of so might as well just make him a scroll Caddy. Drop the Full command on the smaller archer unit and add a few snotling bases for re-directing + few models on the larger units.
Just drop the spider riders down to 5 each for the extra points.
Also maybe consider replacing best basha with the Sneaky Skewerer on the Cave squig boss for Cavalry hunting, but then again, that is just personal opinion.

Guard of Itza
15-02-2010, 15:28
Only so much of a scroll caddy you can do because there is only one dispel scroll per army. This list itself is pretty terrifying against elite armies. I know you probably like the BSB you have but I have rarely seen them accomplish anything but make the unit they are in a target. If the model looks cool keep him jut do not expect him to provide to much extra staying power, SCR will win the day by a margin or the opponent will shred right through (only my experience with my lizardmen vs a similar list).

15-02-2010, 16:48
OK - I'll drop 4 spiders (1 per unit) to free up 70pts. I could even drop a fantic to give me 81pts. That will get me 4 bases of snotlings

Reasoning behind some of my choices - but open to change

1) v's magic heavy even a level 1 with single scroll is pretty much wasted...by being a level 2 he can throw 3 die into a spell and I can hope for either double 6s or the opponent gets double 1s..slim chance but better than a single level 1! Against normal magic armies I now have my level 2 and bound spell from skarsnick - he is bound level 5 i think.

2) On the BSB - he's just a drooling model and hey, even if 1-2 units per game succesfully re-roll their panic he's worth it! he needs only stop 1 unit per game on avg to make his points back.

3) On combat - we either just win or we lose orribly! Its the gobbo way of life!!!

4) On full command on archers - it just looks pretty! And I found it to be pretty handy, most people ignore this unit so by turn 4/5 its my only standing unit, having that command allows me to make some decisive charges! Also as the game goes on, the unit itself becomes a target for the enemy spells, missle fire so it keeps other units alive.
Most glorious games with them - v's WoC a Spawn charged me, I held it off (thanks to static res) and slowly killed it over 3 turns! V's Dwarves, only the command group was alive by turn 4 - they were shot by organ gun, and the command charged the crew. No kills either side but I won by virture of standard! He passed his ld. Turn 5, kill each but again I won by standard. He passed his ld. Turn 6 the remaining std and champ killed both remaining crew! huzzah!

Thanks for the tips, keep them comming!

Guard of Itza
15-02-2010, 20:38
The problem is not that if the BSB save a unit he earns his points back, it is that he looses more points than he is worth if he gets caught (my list for this tournament will be able to catch and kill him pretty easily), still keep him if he looks cool (I prefer rule of cool over maximizing potential) but know that he is being kept mostly for that reason.

I like the list though, will be fun if unpredictable.

15-02-2010, 23:10
Yeah, things that look cool made me go aaahhhh more than practical.

If I want to be brutal (for a Goblin that is) my specials would be:

4 spear chuckas
2 rock lobbas
10 Squig Hoppers

Or even drop the squigs for 2 more spear chuckas or another rock lobba.

characters would have been Skarsnik and either 2 or 3 level 2 shamans with as many bound items as I could squeeze in. In fact, I'm still looking for a way to include the pipes of doom into my list - making all cav units take a panic check is epic!

But problem is the bloody giagantic spider is epic looking, as is the bad ass NG big boss on giant squig - and nothing more boring that horde of war machines when theres the oh so sexy wolf chariot - infact if I could get away with it I'd drop the rock lobba for another wolf chariot that I have :(

Ah to be cool or hearltess - that is the ages old question!

16-02-2010, 00:22
I'D add mork's spirot Totem on the bsb for 3 more dispell dice,very nice items

16-02-2010, 00:49
I'D add mork's spirot Totem on the bsb for 3 more dispell dice,very nice items

The only problem with that is that Mork's Spirit Totem is Orc exclusive.

The list seems very cool, you seem to be very good with all goblin armies. Have you ever read all goblin army Tacticas? I could use one or two. :P

16-02-2010, 01:19
The only problem with that is that Mork's Spirit Totem is Orc exclusive.

The list seems very cool, you seem to be very good with all goblin armies. Have you ever read all goblin army Tacticas? I could use one or two. :P

lol, i dont think there is such a thing as goblin tactics are there? Tactics imply we have some kind of control over our army, and as a goblin general i'll be lucky to control my bladder during a game!!

Heres a few tips for budding Goblin wannabe generals....

Under estimate the foe....

This is by far our biggest weapon - EVERYONE writes off the Goblins to their own peril - but they all forget that its the Night Goblins for instance that have reduced the proud strongholds of the much hated stunties...

Take a unit of 30 Night Goblins with full command, netters, 1 fanatic. On paper they suck -everything with the exception of Gnoblars and zombies will hit us on 3's - but the additon of netters means the unit is essential toughness 4! Average str value is 3, so they all need 5's to wound you. You still get the 6+ save (which has been known to work from time to time) your packing a hefty plus 5 for full combat res, and hey - you may even kill a model or 2!!

The biggest trick is when your charging or rolling any die you have to shout...


I have to start my 1000ps game v's dark evles!

16-02-2010, 01:40
my sugestion is cut the spears and make the conversions into hand weps, its not that hard and its almost mandatory. even the repainting will be worth it when you make that frist 5+ and laugh at the cunningness of your gobbos

16-02-2010, 04:10
er ok I knwo it sounds cheap but.....a realy tall gobo for Mork's totem? It really does rock and at 2500pts you gota worry about magic. I know my VC would stomp a mudhole into the army with the lack of magic defence you have right now. Not to mention if you runinto a slann,tzeentch or a skaven magic spam.Oh did I mention high/dark elves ok ok I'm ranting now but seriously you NEED MORE MAGIC DEFENCE! OK That was a big rant but hey,2 scrolls wouldn't hurt.....

16-02-2010, 05:23
Its not that I dont agree with you Gorak - Infact my love for Goblins only came about about 4 weeks ago, before that I ran Orcs & Goblins - and I full well know the lovely nature of Gorks spirit totem....but an orc is an orc is an orc!

I never did go for the 'counts as' - have this one player in our store who has a 'pure Night Goblin army'....

1) His Warboss is a normal Goblin - but he uses night goblin model
2) Shaman is Goblin shaman on chariot, but again uses night goblin model
3) Crew for warmachines are night goblins

Yet he uses the goblin leadership stats....to me they are common goblins in an otherwise Night Goblin heavy army! It is what it is!

Magic will for sure tear my butt hole apart! Another solution I have is:

Skarsnik AND 3 Night Gobbo shamans, level 2, all with bound items....

It would rock out the magic, but it means I'd have to rethink the entire army - maybe do a gobbo gunline??? has anyone faced a gobbo gunline? what do you think - its millions of fanatics, warmachines, lotsa spells....

Guard of Itza
16-02-2010, 12:03
The gobbo gin-line is fun on paper and in practice but not reliable in any sense of the word (even for gobbos). Believe me you will have an incredible time playing it but you will struggle to keep the opponent off you and when they hit your line it will crumble. That sounded more ominous than it should have but I have seen the list do wonders and destroy an enemy before they get a decent charge off and then against the same army get rolled over by two units.

16-02-2010, 15:46
yeah my worry about fanatics - even 2 per unit - is that unit need only fail a single panic test before launching the nutters, and the nutters are crushed as their mates flee!