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08-02-2006, 04:34
Hey everyone, after playing 40k mostly since getting into Warhammer about 9 years ago, i thought it was time to get into fantasy. Most tournies over in Oz are around 2000pts, i think some are moving up to 2250, but this will be the base of the force either way.

Its an undivided army that contains elite untis devoted to khorne. I have still stuck true to the undivided nature. There are 2 units that are each patron numbers of each god and the general is undivided.

Exalted Champion of Chaos Undivided: 254pts
Flail, Shield, Armour of Damnation.
Rides: Chariot of Chaos Undivided. 120pts

Exalted Champion of Khorne: 291pts
GW, Shield.
Rides: Chariot of Khorne

Beastlord of Khorne: 157pts
GW, HA, Enchanted Shield.
Joins Khorngors.

8 Chosen Knights of Khorne: 480pts
Full Command, Warbanner

7 Marauder Horsemen: 125pts
Throwing Axes, Musician.

7 Marauder Horsemen: 125pts
Throwing Axes, Musician.

6 Warhounds: 36pts

6 Warhounds: 36pts

15 Khorngors: 243pts
Musician and Champion, HA, GW.

Beast Herd: 124pts
9 Gors, 9 Ungors
Gors: Musician and Champion, 2 hand weapons.
Ungors: Spears.

Beast Herd: 124pts
9 Gors, 9 Ungors
Gors: Musician and Champion, 2 hand weapons.
Ungors: Spears.

Casting Pool: 2
Dispel Pool: 7
Models: 90

08-02-2006, 04:50
An honourable first attempt. About the only comment I have is one you'll hear a lot - optimal sizes for cavalry units.

Heavy cavalry really needs to run five or six wide to be effective (anything wider can get unwieldly). With an optional back row, that makes the magic numbers five, six, ten and twelve. Eight isn't all that hot* - a single arrow can negate a rank bonus you're paying hundreds of points for, and meanwhile you're only hitting with four models.

In the case of the notoriously expensive Chosen Knights of Khorne, five or six should be the limit. :)

...Fast cavalry traditionally stick to the minimum unit size of five for maximum manouverability. A block of ten with spears to act as "medium" flanking cav is ok, though.

With points to spare, your best bet would then be a small unit of Furies for that extra harrassment. Or three-four minotaurs with great weapons, if you can afford them, as armour-cracking specialists who can run around behind the Warhounds.

*This is presumably why it's the default size for the plastics' boxes. :cool:

08-02-2006, 04:54
I'd most deffinately drop the Beastlords equipment in favour of a Daemonsword of Khorne, Enchanted Shield and Heavy Armour and then fling him in the middle of the Herd, making sure that he wouldn't be drawn away.

I'd also drop down the size of your Marauder Horsemen to 5 with Musician and Flails, Horsemen aren't as good harassers when it commes to shooting as one would want them to be.

And what do you need 8 Chosen Knights of Khorne for? Especially with a Warbanner? I know, they might be the chosen number of Khorne, but drop them to six, this frees up enough pointsto get another Khornegor so that you have 16 Khornegors (though they should still be deployed 5 wide).

Now, just be careful with the Chariot and give your Exalted Champion of Chaos Undivided a Hallberd instead of the Flail, seeing as if the Chariot doesn't break through the first round, you don't want to be striking at strength 5 when you could strike at strength 6.

08-02-2006, 05:15
Ok, this'll sound sad, ie: "I've read way to many Warseer posts". But optimal levels for your troops works well.

Drop 2 horsemen and throwing axes. Add flails. A strength 5 charge is worth it, a st 4 shot isnt (you'll be hitting on 5+ with no panic modifier). +44pts (+88 for two)

If you really want chariots for your heroes, take them. Otherwise, you've got 240pts up your sleave.

Drop 3 chosen knights. Give one of your heroes a horse. Run this unit into something. Have fun. :) errrrr -135pts+16? = 119pts

Urrrrgggghhhh. My head a bit stuffed from the booze, but I reckon you could get another unit of 5x khorne knights + khorne exalted and blood hunt horn for this. Will add new levels of terror to your warband.