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VC Billy
15-02-2010, 18:35
Can a unit with the Scout rule be set up before characters?

If yes, where is that an option in the BRB or anywhere else? From what I can find it doesn't seem like scouts have an option not to scout. (deploy last)

Thanks for the help!

Ultimate Life Form
15-02-2010, 18:44
As far as I'm aware scouts MUST scout. That's what they're for after all. If you don't want then to do it, why take scouts? :confused:

15-02-2010, 19:34
scouts deploy after everything, but you can deploy them in your own zone with no restrictions at that time. If there something specific your are trying to achieve with them?

VC Billy
15-02-2010, 19:46
Where did you find that in the BRB? Or is it in an FAQ somewhere?

15-02-2010, 20:02
both the description of deployment on page 3 and the description of scouts on page 96 indicate that they are deployed after the rest of the army. on page 96 the details are given, such as 10" away from enemy, out of los, in/behind terrain/scenery, or else in plain view if in own deployment zone

VC Billy
15-02-2010, 20:16
That's what I found as well. I was hoping someone would disagree and be able to prove it.

Nurgling Chieftain
15-02-2010, 21:45
Well, hooray for wishful thinking. :p

VC Billy
15-02-2010, 23:25
Page 3 was what I needed, thanks rtunian. Figures...