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08-02-2006, 07:39
I have read many posts from many different forums and they all basically recommend the same thing. Take an overwhelming number of magic levels for your sorcerers, or level one scroll cadies.

Why is it not a viable option to take a low to medium (like 4-6) number of magic levels if so many armies are running around with only a few dispell scrolls to stop your magic? Even if your opponents army is magic heavy, wouldn't the benefits of gaining more dispell dice and having a greater chance of getting some spells off make taking a medium number of magic levels a worthwhile option?

08-02-2006, 08:10
It's to do with points cost vs. effectiveness. And remember a L4 wiz only generates 2 dispel dice, so a high level helps for casting more than stopping.

Lets simplify things into three levels of magic: low, medium and heavy. There are 6 possible matchups...

Low vs. Low - Not much magic gets through on either side.

Low vs. Medium - Though low wont get to cast anything, with a few dice and some dispel scrolls it's not too hard to stop all the vital spells the medium player casts.

Low vs. Heavy - The low player has to weather the storm as best as possible, saving scrolls for those game winning spells.

Medium vs Medium - Will tend to nullify each other, though a few spells may get through.

Medium vs Heavy - The medium player will not get many spells off, the heavy player will get a few.

Heavy vs. Heavy - A number of spells will be cast on both sides.

Overall a 'low' player has spent relatively few points, points which can be spent elsewhere on helping them in other phases of the game. The 'heavy' player has spent a lot of points on magic but is getting spells off every game. The 'medium' player has spent quite a few points but is mostly nullified by the low player and easily stopped by medium and heavy players.

08-02-2006, 11:12
6 Levels in 1.5k format - that would mean all mage army - but that has potential
8 Levels in 2K format - 2K armys most often have the same amount of magic defance that 1.5k armys - ( a caddie ) so using 4lvl + 2x 2Lvl is usualy enought and saves you points - magic is wfb is not overpowered or cheesy the only thing that should be changed is the rumored - mage uses dices he generates thingy - good fluffy and would shut down a lot of week players moaning about how inefective amgic system is :/

10-02-2006, 06:05
I constantly use 2 mages with 3 or 4 scrolls in tournaments, so that means I almost always have 6 P.dice to use.

Usually I keep its simple and go for heavens to re-rolls, fire basic hitty stuff or light to support.

For I reallly like having that support magic phase, its important to get the most out of your turn as possible even if it is just a reroll or 2 its still giving you advantages.

10-02-2006, 06:11
I go for medium which swings towards heavy later on. WAAAAGH! rules!

10-02-2006, 06:47
Big Waaagh magic is the best in the game (personal opinion). That being said my preference is to use low levels of magic, except for with high elves. Magic has too much of a hit-or-miss feel for me. Sometimes it wins the game, sometimes bad things happen (miss critical spells due to dice/scrolls, enemy manages to wring your mage's neck, miscasts). I prefer to stock my points up in other areas and try to hold out against my opponent.