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15-02-2010, 21:20
Hi all. Have looked back a fair few pages and can't seem to find a Dark Elf tactics thread, so decided to ask a few questions here instead!

Being a High Elf player, I decided to sell my soul (partly!) and pick up a small Dark Elf army to use for times when I feel like being a bit more evil. I don't want to go down the Dreadlord-Dragon/Master-Manticore/Double-Hydra monstrosity list that I have had the misfortune to play against at a local tournament....That one was seriously nasty for my Chaos Warriors....But I do like the idea of a fast-hitting mostly Cavalry list with the odd Warmachine for shooting purposes.

The Dark Riders I am converting from a few boxes of Glade Riders and I think, like most Fast Cav units, I have them sussed - Crossbows and a Musician in each unit of 5?

However, I managed to pick up 3 sets of as-new Cold One Knights off ebay for a bargain price and have yet to decide how to assemble them in terms of command and whatnot. I am also undecided on whether 2 units of 7 (plus using the left over one as a Master/BSB) or 3 units of 5. Do they need Standards, and how much of a pain in the **** can stupidity be at Lvl8? I've never relied on Stupid units as my Hammer before so am unsure as to what sort of level of faith I should put in them actually doing what I want them to. Or would a single unit of 7 suffice for now?

I also managed to acquire 15 Shades and 2 RBT's for a very decent price, yet am unsure whether a single large unit of Shades or 2 smaller ones is the better setup.

Obviously given the limit on 4 Special units at 2K, I will need to decide hw best to run the Shades and Cold One Knights.

Any tips would be appreciated :-)

15-02-2010, 21:39
Yep, for dark riders units of 5 with repeater xbows and a musician are the best way to run them.

When I use knights, I tend to run them in units of 6 with a champion (carrying a null talisman, or the Ring of Hotek) and a musician. I take 6 so that the magic-item bearing champion gets a look-out sir, and so that shots can't scatter onto him.

I don't usually bother with banners, as they should rarely end up in a situation where they charge and need that one extra combat res point, and if it goes wrong it's an extra 100pts gone. If you do want a banner with them, it's worth going all-out and giving them the Standard of Slaughter for +D3 combat res when they charge, or the Banner of Murder for armour-piercing attacks (this is especially useful if you foresee the unit getting charged). Usually, I run 2 of these units- this way, I can use them both to crack a hard unit, or as tastier bait in a flee trap (only very occasionally). Also, with LD9, there's a 1/4 chance that a unit will fail its stupidity test. If you take 2 units, and line them both up on what you want to charge, you'll almost certainly pass at least one Stupidity test.

2 units of shades will work better IMO, my reasoning behind this is that it lets you pick 2 targets to shoot at, or you can combine their firepower. You'll often find that you want to scout them into tight spaces (due to having to be 10" away and out of LOS), and you won't be able to get 15 into these small areas. It also means that your opponent has to take down 2 units instead of 1. I find the optimal way to run shades is in units of 6-8 with great weapons. The bloodshade is not as good as taking another shade, and I only use one when I'm playing in comped tournaments with caps on the unit size and the amount of shooting I can have.

So, I'd say run 2 units of shades and 2 units of COKs. I ran a cavalry list very similar to what you seem to be aiming for at a recent 2250 tournament under the SCGT comp with some success (3rd out of 18), if you're interested I'll pm it to you (don't want to clutter up this thread with comparative army lists.

2 RBTs are brilliant, but they do need to be used in pairs.

Just a couple of thoughts.

15-02-2010, 22:00
Well unforunately stupidity is a big pain if you suffer from it at the wrong time, such as intending to deliver a charge. Once in combat you don't test for it. The good news is the Cold One Knights are Ld9, not 8. The odds are well in your favour to pass. If you are running 3 units though you will have to accept that it will happen, and the failed stupidity test will invariably occur at the worst possible moment. Such is the fate of the dice.
If you were to run all your Shades as one unit then you will have enough special slots for 3 units of CoK's. Though 15 Shades is a big unit, 30 shoots per turn is pretty darn nasty. With their BS5 you will get alot of hits even if you move or are at long range.
I would look at 2 units of CoK myself. At 2000pts you still need to pay for 3 core choices. Dark Elves are costly and you maybe surprised how quick those points chew up (maybe not coming from a High Elf army). I think 2 Units tooled up will be better than 3 basic ones. I would opt for 5 Knights plus a Charcater. Your General must go somewhere after all. Go for the Dreadlord and you will be testing that stupidity on a 10. Definitely take full command. You need the standard and musician as alot of combats you will be starting behind on the SCR.
Take the oppourtunity and give the champion a magic item. Crimson Death will allow him to fight with str6 when the lance bonus wont apply, and the killing blow of Deathpiercer is a nasty surprise. And make use of magic banners. The Standard of Slaughter is very useful for combat res, and The Standard of Hag Graef if useful insurance against being charged.
No talk of magic casters. If you are looking at a scroll caddie consider giving her just one scroll (for an emergency), but also the Ring of Hotek.

15-02-2010, 22:35
Wow. Thanks for the excellent advice guys.

I was already veering towards the 2 units of CoK and 2 units of Shades but I think you have just confirmed it for me. I think that a Null Talisman on a CoK champion is the way to go, and then the Hotek on my BSB, whom I will probably put in a Chariot.

tmarichards - Feel free to PM me your list, and I will reply with the idea that I have going for 2250pts.

nzdarkelf - For my general, I was actually considering a Lvl4 on a Pegasus with the Pendant, Tome/Focus and also Lifetaker. I'd back her up with a Scroll Caddy on a Steed.

Once again, thanks for the advice :-)

Don Zeko
16-02-2010, 01:39
If you're taking Cold One Knights, get a cauldron of blood. You get all of the hitting power of the hydra banner, plus a ward save, plus buffs in subsequent rounds of combat, and you can switch the buff between units as needed. Beyond that, I agree with tmarichards and nzdarkelf