View Full Version : 4k Beastmen-What would you do?

16-02-2010, 00:44
So the deal is that on March 6 there is a tournament hosted by good ol' MrMalorian ;).
Some rather wonky rules which always help to shake things up a bit and 3 different army sizes...4k. 3k. and 2k.
The 3 and 2 I believe I have covered but, sadly, I have never actually played a single army at 4,000.
I'm looking at a fairly competitive but not uber hard build and would like some advice. Fairly sure I am going to go with the following build for the General
-Beastlord w/Ramhorn Helm, Gnarled Hide, HA, GW-193
Resonably cheap and keeps with Rakkashi's developing fluff line. As for the rest....
Breakdown of what I have available:
Whackload of characters including 2 Minotaur character conversions (thinking Doombull and Gorebull)
80ish Gors
43 Ungors (old style spear kind, with 3 new Ungors as a command group)
17 Ungor Raiders
5 Chariots(all Tuskgor, looking to make at least 1 a Razorgor Chariot)
10 Warhounds
10 Minotaurs (6 New, 4 Old)
18 Bestigors
5 Centigors
3 Razorgors (Wishlist atm. Hoping to find someone with some extra piggies and convert them)
5 Spawn
2 Giants
Shaggoth (probably use as a Ghorgon as I love the model)
Also toying with ways to make a Jabberslythe but no set plan yet

So there you have it. As the date gets closer I will post some potential lists but mainly what I am looking for is advice on how I should proceed or your own list ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated :).