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16-02-2010, 14:18
Hi folks,

Two quick questions:

Where can I find the rules for creating a Deathwing army list?

Are any of the Deathwing Terminator units considered "Troops" choices for the purpose of claiming objectives?

I ask because in a game last night, a buddy playing Dark Angels "Deathwing" couldn't show me the Deathwing army list he used to create his force (One HQ, two "Troops"), and used Assault Terminators out of a Land Raider to claim an objective and said they could because they were Deathwing.

I'm not saying he was incorrect, I simply don't know, and would like to see the list. Thanks!

16-02-2010, 14:36
Will probably have more luck with this in the 40k forum.

Deathwing are in the Dark Angels codex, taking Belial as a HQ allows you to field them as troop choices (with all that implies)

16-02-2010, 14:37
My mistake. Thought this was the 40K forum. Mods, please move.

Thanks for the response Bartali.