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16-02-2010, 15:05
Da Frogg Mann’s throne lurched into the air as the Dark elf army approached. Itchy Bumm agreed to hold the eastern half of the city while Da Frogg Man held the west against the invaders.

My List
Focused Rumination
Becalming Cogitation
Focus of Mystery
Bane Head
Rod of Storm

Scar Vetran
Light Armor
Enchanted Shield
Piranha Blade
Cold one

Skink Priest
Level 2
Plaque of Tepok

Scar Vetran
Light Armor
Great Weapon
Jaguar Charm

16 Temple Guard, Standard, Music
4 Terradons
5 Cold ones

1 Salamander Extra Handler

18 Saurus, Spears, Stanadard
10 Skirmish Skinks
10 Skirmish Skinks
10 Rank Skinks
10 Rank Skinks

My battle with Malorians Orcs can be found here.


My first fight was against a different, and harder, dark elf army than Malorian faced.

The rules for the fight were that all ward saves where 1 point worse and that every magic phase you rolled all power dice and all dispel dice and traded any roll of 5 or 6 to your opponent. This generally had the effect of increasing the dispel dice on any given turn.

Terrain was heavily in my favor; all water terrain was impassible except to aquatic. The walls of the central pool were considered hard cover and a water feature to boot.

My opponents setup from my left to right.


2 Bolt Throwers.
A Hydra
10 Cross bow men
A 2nd level Mage with dark riders.


20 Black guard
Another mage with 10 crossbows.


10 spears
A BSB on a peg (he had a high rate of fire magic cross bow of some sort)
A 4th Level Sorc on a Dark Peg.

Not in these images were his infiltrating unit of shades with an assain.

On my side were


5 cold ones with a Scar vet on cold one
10 rank skinks
Slann in temple Guard
Skink priest on EOGT
18 spear saurus.
2nd unit of rank skinks


10 skirmish skinks
4 Teradons.

Not in the picture were 10 more skirmish skinks I deployed in the jungle infront of the Teradons.

Turn 1
I win to go first.


I immediately start to work on a denied flank. Moving everything on my far right towards my center. At the same time I move all my skirmishers and salamander towards the Walled Swimming pool in the center of the board. Taking and holding this position was the center point of my strategy for the game.


On my left I advance my Coldones to try to get to his Bolt throwers before they can do too much damage.


My magic phase is largely shut down but I do manage to kill 2 dark riders with a fire ball.

Dark Elf Turn 1.


My opponent moves his black guard right up towards the swimming pool. He moves his Dark Peg BSB on my right flank and his Sorc towards his center behind his lines.

He Suddenly realizes that the swimming pool will give me a perfect fire base against his black guard and so moves his Hydra towards the center of the board.

I shut down his magic phase.

His shooting phase sees him try to kill my Skink Priest on EOTG with his bolt throwers. He manages to do one wound to the Steg.

Lizard Turn 2


My Cold ones fail stupidity and stumble forward 3 inches. My Jag scar vet joins with the rank skinks to advance on the enemy crossbows.


In my magic phase I wipe out his dark riders and put a wound on his Hydra.


In the center I move everything I can fit into the swimming pool and unload on the Black Guard.

My Salamander gets a perfect hit and kills 5 Black Guard in one shot!

Elves Turn 2


My opponent moves up his hydra to flame the swimming pool.


He moves his shades out of the woods to advance on the swimming pool.


His magic and shooting kills 5 rank skinks and 5 skirmish skinks whom are now chilled and can not shoot.


His bolt throwers concentrate on my EOTG and accomplish nothing.

Lizard Turn 3

I move my teradons out and drop rocks on his Black Guard.

I unload with 10 skirmish skinks 5 rank skinks and a salamander taking the BG down to 4 men.

Magic kills 2 or 3 shades and puts 2 more wounds on his Hydra.


On my left my cold ones fail stupidity again!

My Scar vet on foot has his jag charm dispelled.

Dark Elf Turn 3.

Sorry missing some photos here.


My opponent Charges my skirmish skinks who hold and are wiped out.

Hydra terroises my rank skinks

Shooting kills my Salamander and my blue skirmish skinks

His Sorc Lord flies to my left flank (not in picture).

His bolt throwers kill 2 cold ones.

Lizard Turn 4

My rank spears charge the flank of his Black Guard.


My Jag Charm vet gets in with his Cross bows.

My Cold ones charge and wipe out his bolt throwers.

Though not in picture My Slann and EOTG move up to wipe out his Sorc Lord on Dark Peg with magic and burning alignment.

You can also see that my Jag vet takes a wound from the crossbows.

Also the Black guard lose one man and hold in combat due to the BSB peg hero nearby.

Not in picture My rank skinks rally to turn and hold against the hydra.

Dark Elf Turn 4


Hydra charges rank skinks as he can not fit to assault the flank of my spears.

No magic from my opponent and shooting is minimal.

Lizard turn 5



My slann and EOTG move towards his Hydra and wipe it out with burning alignment.


Magic kills the all but one of the shades and kills the Assassin.

My spear sarus kill one more BG who hold.

My rank skinks on the left charge the flank of the crossbows beat them and run them down.

Dark Elf Turn 5 -6

My opponent has very little left, some minor shooting kills my teradons and his Black guard hold with 1 model left! (Damn Black guard are tough in CC).

In the end it was an 876 vp victory for the Lizards!

My fight against Vampire counts I did not take pictures. My opponent took a very soft list and the game was not too interesting. I got a massacre win against him and a massacre win against Malorian who did a U tube report here.


This gave me the best general award and runner up for cheesiest army.

Over all a great day of gaming!

16-02-2010, 15:44
That's a lot of pictures! :eek:

I really don't know why people like the sorcerer lord on a peg for DE. I mean it makes them flexible but then again very easy to take out with magic and shooting.

It's too bad that I didn't get to play that player for my third game (if I used lizardmen again).

Thanks for the report :)

16-02-2010, 15:51
Thanks for the report Bjack and a good result for sure, well done on narrowly avoiding most cheesiest army ;-)

16-02-2010, 16:32
Oh yes I forgot to mention. My Dark elf player was very excited to meet Malorian in the flesh, having been a big fan of his battle reports online.

Seems Malor is getting groupies now. :p

16-02-2010, 18:51
I am groupie!

16-02-2010, 20:29
lol, groupies for the win! :D

warlord hack'a
18-02-2010, 05:31
thanks fpr the read, sounded like your opponent did not plan ahead a whole lot..