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Warhammer Madman
16-02-2010, 17:37
Ok just got home from the last torney with my skaven.

Win 1(solid)/ drew 1 / lost 1(solid

So now with two month's till the next torney I want to choose a list to use for the next one, be it a new army or a adaption on an old one.

so I will start with my skaven by running through what is in there and why...

Grey seer
2 Power stones
Lvl4 wizzard can fesaly cast 13th twice

Doom rocket

Plague preist
Shadow magnet
goes with censors or monks depends on deployment

Plague preist
Plague Furnace

30 Clannies
Champ Mus

21 slaves x3

27 Monks
Full command
Storm banner

7 Censors x2

Doom wheels x2

Pros: Magic heavy on some of the dirtyest lores
Mostly paited (only one doom wheel a plague preist and seerto buy + paint)
Pretty hitty

Cons: Similar to previous list
not as large as last list
twice as much spent on characters comared to last list

May be a little to sparse in numbers but thats why I want your oppinion

And for the vampires I want a competetive yet theamed list and as a bret player I love the Blood keep. I find bunkers and complete death stars dubious so I thought "Lets write a list and take it from there" so here is my first try tell me how it isand how it could be improved.

Vampire lord
Dread Knight
Walking death
Dread lance
Red fury
Sceptre de Noriot
Idea is a caster who raises zombies who hits like a ton of brick in CC

Dread Knight
Drakenhof banner
Idea is a guy to keep my lord alive

Whight King
Barded skeletal steed
Sword of kings
Night shroud
Idea is secondart combat guy who eats characters

20 zombies

20 zombies

20 zombies
aiming for units of 40 by combat

5 Black knights
Full command
Banner of the Barrows
Whight king here

6 Black Knights
Mus, Banner

6 Black Knights
Converted zombie Knightly orders whohave challenged the knights of the blood keep

5 Blood Knights
Banner of dead legion
General and BsB here advance behind zombie screen raising as I go

Pro's: Very different
relitively small number of mini's to paint
Con's: not much magic for raising
Hard to master in two months
General in frenzied unit.
lots of work raising funds... though I have 60 zombie-like slaves...

I dunno what do you think I should change in both lists and ultimately which should I take to the torney?

scar face
06-03-2010, 17:33
No replies.... rejected :)