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17-02-2010, 07:09
This is my List I think I am going to use against my Dwarf Friend. Game is this Weekend

Its 1999Pnts. Not 2k. So that means only 3 hero's 3 specials 1 Rare.

Beastmen 1998 List

Hero = 564
Slugtongue = 190
Gorbull/BSB/H-Armor/Shield/Gnarled Hide/Ramhorn Helm/SoB = 242
Wargor/shield/Pelt of the Shadowgave = 132

Core = 507
6x Ungor Raider's/mus = 39
6x Ungor Raider's/mus = 39
6x Ungor Raider's/mus = 39
6x Ungor Raider's/mus = 39
6x Ungor Raider's/mus = 39(Ambush)
6x Ungor Raider's/mus = 39(Ambush)
6x Ungor Raider's/mus = 39(Ambush)
6x Ungor Raider's/mus = 39(Ambush)
23x Ungor/FC = 130
10x Ungor/FC = 65(Ambush)

Special = 652
3x Minotaurs/AHW/Bloodkine + Blackened Plate = 217
4x Minotaurs/AHW/Bloodkine = 256
10x Harpies/Scout = 140

Rare = 275
Ghorgon = 275

Slugtongue and Wargor Will go with the Big Block of Ungor's, Gorbull with the unit of 3 Mino's

Oh, the reason for Slugtongue was for some Magic but also I wanted to try out his Special ability. I think It can cause some serious dmg with good rolls. Before the game even starts.

I have lots of Ambusher's to Mess with Warmachines and Gun Lines As well as 1 unit of Scouting Harpies.

I went with the Ghorgon because i like the Mino Look more and Dwarves aren't to magic heavy so i didn't need the

Any Criticism will be accepted. (:

17-02-2010, 18:12
I like the list. At first I cringed because most of your units are the 6 man raiders. While these guys probably won't kill any dwarf warmachine, it can silence them for a turn or two. For 39pts, I'm sure these guys will do fine for screening and engaging warmachines for a couple turns.

If your friend runs a list anything like my dwarfs (I'm both a Beastman and dwarf player) he'll have 2-3 hard infantry blocks with warmachines scattered about to hit the ghorgon and the minos. (Sound about right?) Are you planning on slamming the minos and ungor unit into the front of his units?

What does slugtongue do again? I know he can cause hits to units at the beginning of the game, but what else does he do? Unless he can rack up some kills, getting the ungor unit with the wargor and slugtongue into a grind fest vs. dwarfs won't go well in your favor. The unit of minos without the gorbull might also struggle vs a solid dwarf unit. Against a unit of longbeards, you'll get about 6 kills. While that will trump the static 5 he'll have, a dwarf character in that unit might turn the table against you. I assume the 10-man ambushing ungor unit will move to negate some of the static rez?

Timing will be crucial. If your ambushers don't come on in time, your heavy hitters will have to hide from cannons and boltthrowers. At least you have enough deployment fodder that he'll be done first and you can drop slugtongue in a good position.

17-02-2010, 20:27
Slugtongue is also a lvl 2 wizard.

I planed on the Non Ambushed Ungor's to be Screans, while the ambushed ones hassle Warmachines and Gunlines, The Ranked Ungor Ambush Unit will Try to Flank as will the Harpies.

The Reason I made them 6models is becuase its takes 2 deaths to cause them to panic, and then since they would be US 4 at that point they can't cause panic on the rest of my army.

17-02-2010, 21:31
Seems like a solid plan. The small bands of Ungors seem to be a popular choice this edition.

I take it that harpies will also go after warmachines? I don't know if they'll be much help against a dwarf unit. Sure, they get 2 attacks, but at WS3 and St3, I'd expect them to give away more kills than earn even if they charge in the flank. Perhaps you could position them to fly behind units the gorbull engages. He'll probably break the unit and the harpies will catch the unit in a crossfire. Instant panic.

I think Slugtongue will have a uphill battle in this game. With dwarfs packing as many, if not more, DD than you have PD, you'll be relying on luck to carry the magic phase. But, something tells me you're more interested in his plague abilities.

To refresh my memory, what does the Pelt of the Shadowgave do?

18-02-2010, 02:36
-1 to hit with shooting and -2 to hit with spells. for the entire unit. I am more or so Hoping Slugtongue's Ability will Take out atleast his points worth to begin with.

Each enemy unit in 36" has to roll a d6. 1-3 no affect, 4-5 d3 wounds no AS, 6 d6 wounds no AS. that can easily take out Elite units or hinder them before the game actually starts, Including Cannon crew's Single Models or just anything small. 6 wounds on a cannon crew before the start of a game or on a lone hero can be devistating.

Yea I probly won't get spells off Most likely. But he can't stop double 6's! And i don't think he will be taking any Rune Priests

Seth the Dark
18-02-2010, 10:08
You can't have the Pelt and Heavy Armor as the Pelt is light armor.

18-02-2010, 10:13
Oh yeah. I took it off my actual list, but forgot to Change it on here. Thanks for letting me know! going to update it now.