View Full Version : Newb Daemons Being Slaughtered by Dark Elves in 750 pt match... badly need help

17-02-2010, 07:28
oof! Just got creamed by dark elves in a 750pt match.


1 x Masque

18x Bloodletters (w/full command)
10x Pink Horrors (w/SB)

5x Fleshhounds

3x Flamers



1x Dark Elf Assassin

18xDark Elf Warriors (w/Full Comm)
10xDE Repeater Crossbowmen (w/FC)
10xCorsairs (w/FC)
09xCorsairs (w/FC)

05xCold One Knights (w/FC)


Basic Set up:

My Right hand side Flamers and hounds

Center: Bloodletters

Left hand side Masque and Pink Horrors

Dark Elves

My Right hand: corsairs w/Assassin and the Cold one knights

Center: Warriors and Repeaters

Left hand: Corsairs

Basically, I was able to start off by taking out a number of his knights with the Flamers, but charged in prematurely with my hounds, so they got double charged and flanked in the second turn. They were able to fight off a number of the corsairs, and eventually finished off the remaining coldone rider. The center found a clash between the warriors and bloodletters before the repeaters could shoot.

Over on the left hand side, the horrors made a few successful attacks, but were stopped when the masque rushed in. The masque was taken out pretty quickly. The hounds showed a lot of staying power, but being outnumbered took a huge toll on them. Same with the bloodletters, who were constantly being banished in combat res.


I think i should have kept my units together, DEFINITELY should not have rushed in with the masque and the hounds so early without support. Also, I just keep losing my bloodletters to bad combat res.

Anyone have any tips on dealing with being outnumbered? Any tips on how to use bloodletters, or how to deal with dark elves in general?!

Also, while I'm here, wanted to as a technical question about casting the Pink Horror Fireball and Flamers Flames of Tzeentch:

the attack description would say something along the lines of: "do d6 Strength 4 attacks/hits." What does that mean, exactly?! Do I have to roll a D6 in order to determine how many hits?

ie: 3 Flamers decide to shoot at Cold One Knights. Now, must I then roll 3d6 to determine how many shot attempts/hit attempts will be made? could I theoretically attempt 18xFlames of Tz attacks?

How about the case with the fireball, do I roll a d6 for each powerdice used in order to determine how many hits I attempt? Sorry for the newb question, but I need to know.

Thanks for your help!

17-02-2010, 07:37
Each Flamer shoots d6 shots. So 3 flamers will be ranging from 3-18shots. I believe you then have to follow it up with rolling to hit and then roll to wound. They usually make there points back fairly quickly.

For Fireball you just roll what it says. so its like 1d6 +1 or something like that. I don't have the book with me at exact moment.

I would generally use the Bloodletters to Flank. They are only t3. So in straight combat yes they can dish it out. but they can't take the hits either.

And instead of the Masque. if your going named. Take Skulltaker. He should be able to go in either the Bloodletter or Horrors Unit since he isn't "Marked" But I would honestly go with a herald of Tzeentch or Khorne for the Unit bonus to go with them. +1 to Ward for Tzeentch of Hatred for the bloodletters.

sharky 10
17-02-2010, 10:43
Your freind needs an army general as he cant take a assassin as a general

17-02-2010, 16:00
its cuz you took the masque - shes no good v's them. should have taken a khorne herald

his list is also not legal - the assasian cant be a general for his army


Flamers - roll a D6 for each flamer model, thats how many hits you have. Now roll to hit for each one, for every hit roll to wound. DO NOT FORGET - you do not -1 to the 'to hit roll' for the flamers as with most mutli-shot users.

Spell - Roll a D6 + 1, this is number of hits. Roll another D6 + 1, this is your strengh.

If you are giving the horrors a standard bearer than you should also find 15pts to give them the icon that allows them to add +1 to the casting roll - essentially you now only need a 3+ to pull the fireball off.

Bloodletters - they are a great unit but they really need a HErald of Khorne to lead them - he allows the entire unit to reroll their hits in combat thanks to hatred -THATS what makes them lethal. IDeally he would be on a juggernaught wearing armour of khorne - he now has a ZERO plus save :D Even on foot you can give a 3+ save, so do that. He can also take firestorm blade but at 750 pts id save the points

On tackling dark elves - 1st few turns soften the more dangerous threats to your armie - in this his crossbows and corsiars as they can shoot at you. Charge his smaller units with fleshounds - crossbows or corsairs - and if you do have to charge the big unit he has, try flanking them.

Keep the flamers out of his charge range at all costs, try not to let the horrors get into combat.

Rush the bloodletters forwards like crazy to make him shoot at them - we dont care if that unit dies, you just want to keep the horrors and flamers alive for as long as possible to smoke his army into dust.

Your list is a very, very powerful one compared to his - with a few games you'll be able to get the hang of the game.

I strongly suggest though you play more games at 750pts before making a decision on expanding the Deamons army - they were my 1st army, i went crazy with them, and own a MASSIVE horde. But as time went on I realized that they were tooooo hard, they could beat everyone, adn the games got really boring, really fast for me - and now im stuck with all these deamons :(

So do try before your buy more models

have fun!

21-02-2010, 00:50
Thanks Jind, great help! i had just gotten a skull taker and herald on a juggy. i think i will scrap the masque and a few blood letters, and throw the herald+jug in.

I played a game recently, and won! BUT, his cold one knights were able to survive, and REALLY scared the hell out of me. not being subject to a volley of tzeentch flames, they met head on with the flesh hounds, and boy were they vicious! 2+ armor save?! how do i get around that?

a lot of people are telling me that missles deal well with strong armor. what does that mean? is there a rule i'm missing? have any tips on getting through tough armor?

21-02-2010, 04:19
yeah - dont face them! the best thing about this game is always ignore anything you cant do anything about - and then try somne tricks to neutralize them.

in this case a flank charge by fleshounds does the trick nicely - you can get i think 4 hounds attacking 1 cold one - he's as good as dead!

otherwise distract them with a throw away unit

i still say the best bet is a fireball from tzeentch - if you get lucky and roll at least a 4+ for strength value they should be dropping quite quick!

21-02-2010, 04:20
oh, the herald of khorne and bloodletters will also destroy the cold ones providing you get to charge them! give herald firestorm blade

warp powered madman
21-02-2010, 15:28
For 750 points have 2 Tzeench heralds with a few toys and 2 large as you can blocks of horrors say around 30. 4+ ward save and much magic, maybe chuck the changling in ur generals unit for a bit of combat ompf. Seen it played loads of times and usually wins.
If you want take a few horrors out and add hounds to flank any unit charing your horrors.