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Art Is Resistance
17-02-2010, 16:38

Let the discussions commence...

I must admit, I've nto read it in detail, but it seems pretty tight compared to years gone by - I guess that it's to try and raise the bar on the table submissions - someof last years were a bit ropey...

18-02-2010, 13:47
Let's see........

Oh yes, let's restrict the tables so that fun is not to be had unless it's acceptable company indoctrinated fun as tightly controlled by GW.

That's what it looks like to me.

Attendees already know how the games run, how GW want them to run in their own way, and don't deviate from the company line.

Seeing as the viewing public pay an arm and a leg to get there and get in, why not just relax a little and give them some amusing scenarios to play.

Shame on GW - I know many from my club were VERY disappointed with last year's offering and will be thinking very hard about going again - this will, I think, make their decision SO much easier.

the overlord
18-02-2010, 14:42
I think that everything is negotiable with Bek. You just have to come with a good idea (preferable with a plan to handle).

If your group has a great idea for this scenario for that and that system GW may be open minded. It is just that within the document certain examples are given. More importantly their sources are not -to the contrary of the general believing- finite. The document states what can and can't be done if you expect certain help (be it man or materials).

Furthermore I do think that the organizers (Bek and others) need to know what they can expect. It is a shame to see the best ideas not realized (due to time, materials or other reasons). As a company it logical that they want to empathize on their core systems. This is where their sales come from, this is the reason their business model. They need money to make money. They need to earn money so they can spend money (be it on events or on product development). Games Workshop is after all still a business. At the centre there is the amazing hobby, but a business nonetheless...


18-02-2010, 15:58
That looks like it will produce the most crushingly boring, vanilla games I've ever seen.

The best Games Day club events I've taken part in have been those which have strayed as far outside the standard setup as possible - anyone remember the three-up 3D necromunda setup? A specialist game on a non-standard board and a ton of home-made stuff, it breaks these guidelines into tiny pieces and is still probably the most memorable club board they've had.

Eugh. This level of blandness offends me.

18-02-2010, 21:21
Hmmm to be honest, that doesn't read like one of Bek's things. I wonder if someone else is running GD this year. I know there are changes afoot in the UK business so I wonder if this has had an impact.

I suggets before everyone spits their collective dummies out of their prams an email/phone call to Bek might be in order. As I won't be there, have fun boys and girls :)

18-02-2010, 23:53
If you have red marines they must face green orks

Marines must always win!

No free thinking anyone caught having a good idea will be called a veteran and asked to leave.

Sorry about that!

I quite enjoyed last years GD not exceptional but passable - no sneak peaks, little informtion on new items, no event release exclusive or not. But lots of great games, imaginitive and well thought out a real good mix.

This year will be so bland and uninspiring.


19-02-2010, 13:33
gamesday going downhill a bit as of late it would seem

each year it does seem to get a little worse

19-02-2010, 16:16
I can't see what you are all moaning about. Having re-read the document the only true restriction I can see is that this has to be done on the citadel gaming biard.

Doesn't say anything else. Doesn't even say what to do with the board. So where are the issues?

Partisan Rimmo
19-02-2010, 16:31
'All games must be played on a Citadel Gaming Boards' - What? At least spell it right when you're crapping on us. The best part of the GD games was always seeing what fantastic landscapes the clubs had sculpted for that year. This is just pathetic.

'A game run on a Citadel Gaming board'
'Where possible use Citadel Terrain'
'Make the person viewing your table aspire to make a similar game for themselves'
GW you subtle devils...

'No glib titles'
'Don't be clever'
'Avoid wacky ideas'
I may as well just shoot myself :p

19-02-2010, 19:41
If you are going to shoot yourself please use the official Games Workshop measuring tape to check the distance between the weapon and your skull before determining if the bullet hits you.

In your suicide note please stick to official guidelines and don't use any glib, flippant or otherwise controversial wording that may be detrimental to the company.

While bleeding please attempt to keep the splashes to the large template size as unauthorised expansion of the fluid area may contravene acceptable board coverage (Citadel Gaming Boards only of course).

20-02-2010, 00:01
after shooting yourself please use the GW dice to see if you wound and take armour saves as needed

20-02-2010, 12:00
Sky falling much? All I can see is
"A game run on a Citadel Gaming Board – either one owned by the club or a borrowed one
• Terrain, where appropriate please use Citadel scenery..."

Nothing stopping you, as far as I can see, from using all the flat bits from a Citadel Gaming Board and one or two of the expansions. "Where appropriate" means use their hills and forests instead of basic scratchbuilt ones . If your theme is Warhammer Skirmish in the middle of Athel Loren, then Citadel terrain isn't appropriate (because they don't make massive treetrunks and elven settlements), so where's the issue?

As for "no jokey and glib names", they want the demo games to fit the universe. Fair enough. The "no wacky themes" might restrict things like Goblin Squig racing, but that might be OK - they don't want Space Marine space hopper races, I suppose.

20-02-2010, 20:23
The point that we are making is that they are continuing the trend of more and more stringent rules and guidelines. I am not saying you can't make a good demo game from these rules or even 20 odd.

Trouble is the scope for variation (which I love) is severly reduced. I understand why they are doing it but last time I was there, there was some truly inspirational boards and scenery. This year it is likely to be GW boards and GW scenery only.

Last year I ran a Necromunda board (Game show style) mostly my own scenery very little GW stuff (No alternative).

This year I won't be there as I feel I am not welcome!

I don't feel like creating something that can't be special.

As for jokey, wacky and glib titles/concepts surely they can be rooted out in the application phase.

Very deppressing state of affairs!



20-02-2010, 22:58
Nothing in those rules preventing you entering the table you entered last year. And surely it's better to say upfront you won't be accepting joke concepts upfront, rather than just rejecting them later on; that wastes everyone's time.

21-02-2010, 00:11
Kit, you are being an ****. Try calling Bek with your proposal.

In fact its the same for everyone. There are 2 things here. First GW are saying use their boards - but aren't even forcing you to buy them.
Second, the community team (not you guys) are expected to produce 24 core gaming boards before anything else.
There are no other restrictions. As usual there is an over reaction that is entirely, unnecessarily negative. Get over it.
Before you all start crying foul, try desiging some ideas and calling Bek eh? You might be pleasantly surprised.

21-02-2010, 20:47
I hate the citadel boards with the fire of a thousand suns, especially since its becoming standard for every table in a store to consist of them.

Makes me glad I dont go to Games Day really